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  1. I know Severne camp site has 8 chalets to rent. Indoor pool. Looked at chalets 2 years ago and were well equipped. Site is approx 20min walk into town. Obernai site is also very good. We have visited in many occasions but have not been in past 2 years. I know chalets have been erected for rental. Can't comment on them but knowing site I would expect the spec to be good. One of our favourite sites. Both are in the ACSI book. Both sites are good simple municipal sites and not all singing dancing sites. Cheers
  2. Thanks Tesco car park it will be. As we arrive on Sunday (I think) expect a quiet and peaceful night. What time she we aim to head off ? As usual good info from this forum. Another thing now off my list. Cheers Jim Quick check sail 17. 15 Sunday 8/7 arriving 20. 45 on the evening of the 9th. Will expect car park to be busier but will probably arrive after 10. 00 so will hope there will be space. Cheers
  3. Hi Folks, Currently in Spain and just booked ferry back to UK for 8/7. Having travelled through France on our way South we have decided to take the long crossing back to the UK. Our plan was to take 2 weeks to travel through France as we limit distance to a max of 250 mls per day. Change of plan and we will now take 10 days to head to Santander. Shorter journey and not too bothered by the additional cost which we don't think is huge. Only problem is that the ferry arrives 20. 45 and we are not sure if there is anywhere we can put our head down on our way to Scotland. In the past we have stopped for a few days at Kingsbury Park near Birmingham. We will probably stop there again but unsure where we can stop on our way North from Portsmouth. Other people must have had a similar problem. Any suggestions? And it's raining quite heavy here in Bolneuvo. Rain forecast for two days before returning to 27. Many Thanks in anticipation to any suggestions Regards Jim
  4. Due to unfortunate circumstances we have had to reschedule our planned ferry crossing Plymouth/ Santander to Plymouth/Le Havre (Dog friendly cabin a requirement). Now scheduled to cross 4/4. Note there is now a cancellation 16/3 on the Spanish route with a dog cabin. Looking for stopover recommendations on route Tours, Poitiers, Bordeaux, Spanish border, towards Madrid, towards Murcia. We have an ACSI card. 4 stops envisaged. Near Poitiers, Urrugne (already recommended), North Madrid, South Madrid. Municipal type sites. Bar/restaurant would be a bonus. 2 day stopovers as we are in no hurry. We have travelled this route in Feb before stopping near Poitiers, Urrugne, Riaza, Aranjuez but this was off season and now looking for a couple of options. Another route might give us further options. Many thanks Jim
  5. Anyone aware of web site to access cheap/reasonably priced hotels through France and Spain. Travelling South to Southern Spain without our caravan in September/October. 2 adults and a dog. Unable to secure a pet friendly cabin for sailing from Portsmouth to Northern Spain. So it looks like a journey through France with possibly 3 overnight stays in a hotel. Many thanks.
  6. Just to let everyone know. Ferry, journey South could not have been better. Arrived Urrugne yesterday around 5. 00pm. Ferry crossing was excellent. It was the economy crossing departing 23. 30, arriving 8. 30. Excellent for the dog and gave us a good start. Arrived in Poitiers just after 3. 00pm. Site was good. Good clean facilities, hot water etc. Around 10units on site - all parked on the road within the site, keeping off the pitches. Although pitches seemed ok but damp sandy surface would have made a mess. Very friendly owners. Journey South to Urrugne was problem free. We like the site and walked with the dog this morning to coastal resort of Socoa and picked up a couple of bottles of wine from Lidl on our return. Staying here for 3days before heading to North of Madrid on Sunday. Picking up our original planned route. Weather good. Blue sky warm in sun but cool in shade. Thanks again to everyone for their input. Holiday now back on schedule
  7. Finally re booked from Portsmouth to Le Havre for Tues 7th evening 23. 30 sailing arriving 8. 30. Plan to reach Poitiers (Wed) then on to Urrugne (Thurs). We have a note of Tours site and a site near Bordeaux (Camping de Bordeaux Lac) as an option. Quite happy now. Brittany have refunded us with £207 which will just cover fuel, tolls and overnights. It proves that Spain ferry is not too expensive in comparison to haul through France. Can relax in Keswick. Move on to Kingsbury Sunday and intend travelling to Portsmouth Tuesday. Cheers and thanks
  8. Thanks everyone. Checked ferry crossing availability for next Tues 23. 30 Portsmouth - Le Havre - and its ok Stop overs going through France - Tours - Les Acacias 193mls is ok but Urrugne is 347mls which is too far. Could attempt Poitiers 257mls leaving 286mls to Urrugne. Ideal would be Tours, somewhere around Bordeaux and then Urrugne. 3 stopovers. Stopovers in Spain are well planned and should have no problem. Unexpected stopovers in France are the problem. Sitting in caravan in Keswick attempting to plan holiday. Regards Jim
  9. Thanks to everyone for their comments. Yes I agree cancellation probably a blessing in disguise, putting everything into perspective. We hope to travel next Tues after visit to my son in Sutton Coldfield. Will stay at Keswick for an extra few days whilst discussing matters with Brittany Ferries. Still slightly uneasy at travelling through France at this time of the year. Thanks for your route recommendations and stopovers. Will look to plan B over the coming days without returning home. Cheers Jim
  10. Excellent. Started list - Les Acacias at Tours, camping Larrouleta and Poitiers(been there many years ago when used to go to the Dordogne). Ship I understand is in Spain and is not returning to the UK on Friday due to weather in Bay of Biscay. Next question is best route. Thought Tours, Poiters, Toulouse, Narbonne and then South into Spain. Maybe Poitiers to Bordeaux towards Bilbao and picking up my planned route South to Madrid Routes and sites might just save our trip. More positive now than lunchtime today. We had not planned for this and only have ASCI books and French and Spanish atlas. Staying at Keswick for another 2 nights. Off to the pub. Best route and possible overnight stops much appreciated. Regards Jim
  11. Thanks for info Alan J. Whilst the travel through France is very inconvenient we might have no option. Convenient stop overs are the problem. We do not come back until 6/6 so we have loads of time. Open all year caravan sites through France is what we are looking for. May contact caravan club. Regards Jim
  12. Help required. Currently at Keswick and was heading to Kingsbury (to meet my son), before heading to Plymouth. Plymouth crossing on Friday cancelled due to bad weather. No dog friendly cabins available for Feb!!!! Alternative route could be Portsmouth to Le Havre. Require route to Spain with planned stop overs. 200 miles per day. Heading for Bolneuvo, SE Spain. Need to make decision whether to cancel and do U turn home. 3 hrs. Attempt to re arrange March if possible. Wife insists on a dog cabin for our dog. Many thanks Jim
  13. We also arrive at Santander, Sat 4/2 - 5. 30pm from Plymouth. Like last year we intend heading the short distance to Virgen del Mar. Whilst not the greatest site, it is very convenient. Last year we were pitched on the entrance road. We have a dog but it was not a problem. Although the price was on the high side of around 26 euros it was worth every penny just to chill out after crossing. We moved on to Riaza - 2 nights, Aranjuex 3 nights, then Mazerron. 2 nights . Very relaxing journey. No problem and intend doing same this year.
  14. Thanks for info everyone. Obtained quotation from CC this morning through LV - cheaper than current renewal quotation and with 270 days cover abroad. Policy has similar cover to renewal quotation. Our renewal quotation has always been done through Masterquote who normally provide us with a competitive quote which we normally just go for. Strange in that they could not assist with the appropriate cover abroad. This year's quotation was through ABC Insurance which I am told by CC is part of LV!!!!
  15. Booked and heading to Spain again in February returning June - 124 days. Last year we were abroad for 104 days and had to pay an additional premium of £44. Insurance Renewal has arrived again limiting cover abroad to 90 days. Does anybody know of insurance coy offering cover for say 6 months abroad. Thanks in anticipation. Jim
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