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  1. Correct Mr.Plod,over a period of 55 years I regularly towed exhibiting caravans,private vans!commercial trailers with heavy ish machinery on board ,agriculture trailers, I tried where possible to comply with laws,but I admit it wasn’t always possible ,so I drove with extreme care,all over whole UK, and Ireland. I was never ever stopped by anyone,except customs and excise in Ireland,
  2. We have just spent our first winter in U.K. for 17 years,forced on us by covid, we survived better than we thought we would. Did we miss it? sure as hell we did ! But we had to adjust, spent an absolute fortune on heating,but off set by not paying Ferries,campsite fees,etc.etc. sadly,due to age,health,we will never be able to go abroad again. using the van for few more trips,then sell it later on this year or early next.
  3. Quite interesting,reading all this. I live near Bewdley,Worcestershire. A campsite close to the Stourport road has had caravans and motorhomes coming and going all this year, I only pass it once a week and notice the new comings and goings. I live near the b4194 and a steady stream of caravans and motorhomes go up and down often, especially throughout Easter. They must all be going to the dealers I suppose for service! We are hoping to go to Wiltshire to a small site 16/19 April for a start
  4. I have heard that there is some anti British feelings running high in France at the moment,what with Brexit!the vaccination mess up and the French press stirring things up. Hope it doesn’t spoil anyone’s holiday,we love France as well,but 2019 was the last year we can go abroad due to age and health,very sadly.
  5. A long time ago on my way to Heathrow the cruise control on my Carlton didn’t seem to work,so stopped using it, dropped off passenger,back on M4. it suddenly decided to work again and I shot foreward at terrific speed and just about touched a golf in front before I managed to cancel it! Needed new underwear when i got home!
  6. I have a Tucson two ltr.diesel se, 2017 model!I am unaware of that instruction but I have towed caravans thousands of miles ,on cruise, without a problem, Must read the instructions when I get time! Fabulous car by the way.
  7. That’s what I was advised two weeks ago re.my driving license renewal,so I applied online,it came back four days later! Not due to mid April but starts now and runs three years to original renewal in 1924.
  8. There is a term in the medical profession known as sympto symatic, excuse spelling, If your body expects something it will get it! my cousin suffers from every thing, cause she expects it! she had the Pfizer vaccination, felt so ill for days,as I expected! Her daughter a nhs podiatrist was in bed,off work for two days!after hers. just saying like.
  9. I made my living from servicing small power engines, IE, lawnmowers , up to about twenty horsepower,I always stipulated the importance of regular oil changes when I sold them, but it always astonished me when often I would get one in to service and the customer said it hadn’t been changed in years! Some claiming to be up to twenty years old! and still running good as new.
  10. I have just moved from Aviva to LV, same cover was seventy pounds cheaper and included Comprehensive Europe cover,not needed any more,plus U.K. Europe breakdown cover with Brittania rescue, neither was included with Aviva so reckon I saved up to £140.00 .
  11. Yes,probably! It’s the thing on the panel above the door of my van that you press and it tells me the condition of my battery,clever clogs!😇
  12. We missed winter in Spain last October by literally hours as Spain closed and our ferry to Bilbao was cancelled. The best we hope for this year is to get to small private sites in Wiltshire!Dorset,Cheshire,and Wetherby to see family,some we haven’t seen for eighteen months now. Then I reckon we will have a caravan for sale end of this year sadly,as we are sure that will be it for us! For me it will be the end of sixty years of caravanning,almost continuously,sad day coming! But we have fabulous memories.
  13. My van charger failed eighteen months ago, I hardwired an AA smart charger and battery maintainer and it’s stays on continuously. Ammeter always registers about 13.4 amps, Cost £27.00 don’t know if still available.
  14. We bought a sat dome once!advised it was better than a dish!worst thing I ever did,it was next to useless,I am no expert but have had conversations with lots who agreed,hardly met any dome owner who was satisfied.
  15. Can’t find the link I read early January, but I think I googled something like, Can I drink alcohol before and after having covid vaccination. looking now it seems to be many opinions as usual, Myself, I had small glass wine night before,because I forgot!! Then a couple of very small,yes small! glasses afterwards with my meal.
  16. Ivan,it’s a bit confusing,I looked on gov.website before my jab for advice, it clearly says no alcohol two days before and about a week after ,because it’s claimed it reduces effectiveness. My wife asked senior doctor when he gave her injection,he said it’s ok to have say glass or two or wine but don’t binge. In Russia you can’t drink for three weeks!😩
  17. Hi Joanne,as i posted somewhere here last week, We both had sms mobile text, easy to book,went like clockwork, but ten days later we received a letter full of information,in many languages,asking us to book vaccine! Wasted money again.! Just be aware of scam emails,texts,and letters,I have read of lots going on.
  18. Same as us,you’re reply could have been written for us!! only differences are!we are going to keep our van and hopefully have a couple more weeks away in UK when it’s safe to do so,if we can get in anywhere decent. Hang on in there a bit longer Benfica.!
  19. Closed tight when not in use. open when in use. never use public toilets. never ever have smell! use correct amount chemical additive.small amount water ,swished. empty every other day,two people!nil smell when emptying .
  20. I have been very optimistic all through this pandemic, but an hour reading the news today! I’m faltering, First hotels,guest houses,campsite getting massive bookings,good for them,they need it, None or few foreign holidays expected this year . millions more forced into stay cations. High percentage of some communities refusing vaccine. I think it’s going to be a bit crazy everywhere in UK this year to say the least! Finally,two caravan dealers have emailed me today,saying they are desperate for new and used vans to sell,am I interested! Makes me think!
  21. We are not booking anywhere yet due to all the uncertainty,we only go on privately owned sites!never failed yet and because we know so many I honestly don’t believe we will have a problem,except in maybe July,we always wait until about a week before so we have good idea of the weather.
  22. A friend of mine and his wife lived in France until few years ago. They bought some government savings bonds, Many years later and a couple visits back to their bank, after filling in dozens forms, emails,phone calls,the bank actually allowed them their money back last year. Ask them about French bureaucratic ways!
  23. Best price on the road for 1600.00 Premium Hybrid was £27,260.00 metalic £665.00. Only had one quote, Tow max 1650 kgs,not enough for heavy van but suitable for ours at max 1320 kgs. but the px is far too low for my current car,so, I’m out! for the moment!
  24. That’s our attitude,just got to be very optimistic,positive,keep laughing and smiling or we will all go bonkers.
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