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  1. We did same as you sold 28ft.mhome for car van as mrs being disabled was stuck on campsite ,six years ago,oh and much older than you! problems? None! Down to Spain every winter for three months!away every two weeks until this year. Just go and enjoy and don’t worry about what will probably never happen and if it does just cope with it! These forums are invaluable for good advice!but they can also put the fear of god in you.
  2. I bought medical grade three layers disposable,50 for £30.00 off internet,no carriage, month later same company offered me same @£16.50 for 50, is it worth faffing around with home made or cheap ineffective ones?
  3. Mine is the same,I’ve swore more at that radio,same model,than anything else in my life,I’ve spent hours getting it right,switch off and it goes back to demo mode,it won’t as you say,always switch off and the only way I can shut it up is take off the front,we now mostly use the tele radio instead. Oh for the days when we had a round on,off button, that was also for volume, a tuner button,it was great. Progress ? ,booooooh.!
  4. I keep reading of the huge demand for used caravans at the moment,I predict in about eighteen months to two years they will be giving them away because the novelty wore off,just when we will probably have to pack it in! Due to age,But i would rather keep our van and use it till the last moment than sell now.
  5. Unrolled a windbreaker couple months after winter in Spain!a whopping great sand lizard ran across the garden into a hedge,very carefully a while later I unrolled the rest of it and a baby one jumped out and went after mum! I wouldn’t wish them to die,but neither do I want a plague in my garden.
  6. Can you see the black bits? Not easy to show,but that’s what you slide,opposite ways by the way.
  7. No it’s kinda tucked up under top,have a good look,it’s obvious when you see it,but there are variations.
  8. This years winter in the sun looks a bit unlikely now! We are a bit upset to say the least,but!miracles do happen.!
  9. On all the ones I’ve seen there is a slider up underneath,you may need screwdriver to move it. ps , I lost one last year!£40.00 , !! fixed with small cable ties now.
  10. It is correct for a AA charger,perhaps that’s why it costs £27 to £35 ,against about 80 for Ctec.but every review states just as good,some say better Don’t know,best to ask Ctec. From memory I think the AA does select voltage automatically,and is happy with 24 v.
  11. It is correct for a AA charger,perhaps that’s why it costs £27 to £35 ,against about 80 for Ctec.but every review states just as good,some say better!
  12. Only thing to remember is to tap ON button on charger after period of mains disconnection. Short disconnection and it has memory and switches back on itself.
  13. I fitted a AA smart charger and maintainer when my van one packed in and I couldn’t get it fixed, I leave it permanently connected whether in use or on hookup at home. its been on now over one year, it was permanently on three months in Spain over winter. I haven’t even disconnected the original inboard charger. Platinum battery company advised me it was perfectly ok to do. origial charger supplier to my Coachman Vision sent me a diagram of how to do it. battery is 110 amps and ammeter in van shows 12.5 to 12.8. Total cost from Amazon,£27.00 !
  14. Getting back on track,I went shopping very early today!at store 7.35am half full in front of me,and,every person wearing a mask ,including every member of staff sterilising hands,trolley handles .etc. It really was good to see,I just hope they don’t know something that I don’t!
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