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  1. We found this to be a lovely site, very well run. Trawsdir caravan park, Barmouth, Yes,there is a drop of water underneath,just spotted it,I remember now,it was fixed ten minutes after I took photos
  2. Thanks,i am currently checking everything out with dealerships.
  3. TGDI Tucson premium SUV hybrid,petrol 1600. 150 ps 48 v MHEV Manual + IMT van, MTPLM 1320 kg. Coachman vision 450/2. 2016
  4. As I have a Tucson already,my dealer is pushing the new model just out. We will probably have to give up caravanning end of this year and I would like to indulge myself for my last car ever. Very Interested.but wonder if the premium hybrid model would tow our Coachman vision 450/2, if we were able to get another year or so vanning . I have obtained some spec. but not all yet..
  5. I am surprised to hear air awnings not as secure as poles type,I have had two good pole types and went over to air 2019 for extended Spanish holiday,far superior and withstood high winds no trouble. easy to erect on my own,I’m 79.
  6. As I keep saying , I don’t believe my wife would be alive today had i relied on the Spanish health care system. she was suddenly critical with sepsis,no prior warnings. She was in private hospital nine days,mostly in intensive care. I saw people on our campsite who could only get basic care on the state and discharged very quickly, far too soon IMO. And if she had to be repatriated,with no private insurance,I shudder to think!
  7. Listening to the news you would get the impression everyone over eighty has to go to one of these seven hubs, on bbc website scores of people are complaining that they have to travel dozens of miles,misleading as a they can request closer point if they find it inconvenient. Last week my 83 yrs,wife had sms text to book online slot for Wednesday! I wish the media would get their facts right. Meant to say six miles away.
  8. I was advised today that my partner who is 83 yrs plus,,disabled , must be patient , Can’t understand how , many friends we have all over the country have already had Covid vaccinations! Some are even younger than us,none have underlying health issues as far as we know. I heard on radio today of some having had second dose?
  9. Well as you know, we didn’t make to Spain this winter and as it’s turned out,it’s probably for the best. Been very cold in Spain for three weeks now,coldest ever night recorded in Spain couple days ago!minus 34 c in mountainous area. Heavy snow today in parts Spain. Covid on the rise again in most areas. Restrictions on travel locally and for travelers in and out of the country. It doesn’t appear too good at the moment,anywhere,sadly.
  10. We switched from driving down through France to Portsmouth,Bilbao route ten or more years ago,only 24 hrs on Cap Finistier , If you add in fuel,campsites, fatigue!its a no brainier for us and most times the ferry has been smooth and enjoyable, If you use the main restaurant,dinner and breakfast expect to add another 60 to 70 pounds,but hey it’s part of the holiday,and the kids don’t really need it!
  11. A BIT SHIFTY MR!PLOD. .? No sir, I ain’t done anyfing,honest!.
  12. From about 2012, to last year,every time we went through Portsmouth,and on our return through Bilbao we got pulled in for thorough searching , during this period we had motorhomes,caravan,different cars! We must have something on our database,cause they never found anything.
  13. Not surprised to see Hyundai up there,cannot fault my 2017 Tuscan , quality wise.
  14. I feel exactly the same way with bbc,itv,ch4, sky times,guardian,telegraph,so much rubbish and misleading opinion from all of them,every single day.!
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