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  1. Just finishing our five weeks of testing tomorrow, we also aren’t bothered about getting vouchers,just hope the data collected helps to save a life somewhere.
  2. How lovely of you Luis to take the time to say good things on here about your experience! It often isn’t as difficult to get good service if you go about it in the right way,speak to the right people and be polite and reasonable,instead of firing away first,something so many people appear to do every time even with a minor hiccup. hope you can get your heating fixed ok.
  3. Hi Haribo, I bought an almost new van July 2018, had the mover changed from my other van,few weeks later a problem. Then I had exactly the same experience as you,promise after promise,then nothing,I then rang the dealership,Salop Leisure,Shrewsbury,by chance I spoke to the MD ,he took over and within two hours i got a call from the engineer who Salop used. The engineer came out and he was the most ignorant!nasty person I have ever had on my premises! He blamed me for the fact he had incorrectly done the change over,he was the one who had been ignoring requests to do a service call, I
  4. Gordon, I fully understand your fears and cautions and opinions over this terrible virus, in fact I pretty well agree with you, BUT, whether we like it or not, it isn’t going away any time soon, even Boris hinted at this yesterday, I feel it will be the same at Christmas! next June, even next winter, sadly, I don’t feel a vaccine which we feel is safe, to be of much use for a long while yet. Sadly I feel that nothing on this earth that will change the so called Covid idiots, any where in the world, sad but time will tell. I think the time is fast approaching when we have to decide
  5. Same rules in Spain,but masks all day outside not 6pm. My current impression of Spain is they are winning overall,but only if you exclude Madrid!1/3 of total infections and exclude Barcelona , Zaragoza,Seville, parts of Almeria. Then I believe the overall picture is much better than the BBC portrayed on news only last night?
  6. From what I have heard and read,there is a consensus of opinion among younger,and some older people,that If you get this virus and die,it isn’t the fault of the virus,it’s the fault of the person for being,Obese,Diabetic,Unfit,Old!and not isolating,this is just a few comments I’ve heard. It’s not the fault of the young or disobeyers! It’s us! Horrible thoughts.
  7. My method would be,WD 40!wire brush the screwhead very clean, use a small impact driver,if you don’t have one,use good fitting Philip’s screwdriver of correct size,push into screw ,tap gently,trying to turn at same time, it rarely fails.
  8. if it was me i would have rang the dealer by now,stating how urgent this matter is to you,I’m sure someone will be there even on a Saturday.
  9. Our Thetford will cook literally anything,not quite as fast as our one at home!but for two people,can’t fault it,use it several nights a week,especially when away for three months in one go?
  10. And there’s me thinking firemen were taught about the dangers of fire in a very confined,very combustible environment,not forgetting fumes etc. but no,this fireman boasts on here that he is not afraid of fire,and breaks all the rules. I just hope no one takes any notice and doesn’t cause a fire or get burnt. my photo earlier was not a fake?
  11. Yes Grandpa,it was a caravan and I was parked less than fifty yards away and yes it did start in the awning,not absolutely sure what caused it,but I saw the awning burning before the van caught alite, I think,but cannot be sure that a young woman I saw in and out of the van left something on either a bbq,or mini cooker. at first two of us thought she was in the van but thankfully she was in loo close by. We did all we could but the speed was unbelievable,in fifteen minutes awning!caravan,all gone,the motorhome next was burnt and the van in front also. Gas bottles,tyres all expl
  12. These maps can be misleading! We have lots of friends in Calpe and they constantly assure me it has been ,and is,totally covid free in that area,except when a crowd of young Basques took a villa five weeks ago and nineteen tested positive,but, it was totally contained in the villa and is now over
  13. Can I just add,be very careful with all these electrical DIY on caravans punless you are fully qualified. I saw this on a site l was on last year,it was very scary,I suspect from the info I got at the time,it was probably electrical,or DIY mod.
  14. I used to have one! same problem when i changed to new van with wider tyres,my solution? At the storage site i wedged it between big gate and the post!spread it apart a bit and it fitted fine!
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