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  1. 'Just' the three now. Isabella Capri, Magnum and Commodore plus Shadow canopy and annexe. Also had a cut down Commodore, now on a seasonal in Spain. Had a Kampa Fiesta AirPro for the grand total of three outings, quickly ditched.
  2. Couldn't tell you whether these are a good price or not but Roundstone Caravans in Sussex have a pair of older Baileys which are the last two vans remaining on their forecourt. They've been kicking about for at least 6 months, maybe longer so might take an offer to get shot of them?
  3. Isabella Capri or Ambassador with tall annex at each end. Youll probably find a well cared for preloved one out there. Looked after they last forever
  4. Kumho are a favourite of mine. Good quality mid priced tyres.
  5. Thanks for that, take your advice on board, what would you suggest please?
  6. T Cut, in straight lines followed by AutoGlym Fast Glass or Vuplex
  7. Check on the Isabella website for the correct A size for your caravan and go with that.
  8. Always worth checking main dealer prices. I needed a sensor for a 5.0 Ford Coyote, Euros listed it but couldn’t supply, Ford had it overnight £8 cheaper plus OE part. Needed brakes for my sons Primera, genuine parts cheaper than factors, not by much but always happier with OE, particularly brakes. For VAG parts find a local TPS dealer. It’s the parts division of VAG and their prices are very competitive to the point where pattern parts become unattractive against OE stuff. Personally I use OE wherever possible. Wouldn’t like to add up the hours I’ve wasted doing the job twice usi
  9. We're thoroughly enjoying our Musso which also has the Steyr 2.2 motor. OK performance isn't startling but more than adequate, fuel economy is acceptable. Tows our Conqueror 645 capably and comfortably, my back is more than grateful. Being the pickup version of the Rexton its interior is extremely well finished, equally as good as the horrible Tiguan it replaced. Load space is huge, seats 5 comfortably . Gkt z free towbar and electrics being CMHC members and another sizeable discount as we're country dwellers. My pal has a nearly new Tivoli which is what switched us to the brand when the
  10. We used Fabsil sprayed on with a garden spray on our Fiesta Air Pro to try and stem the leaks, improved a little but of course had no effect on the terrible condensation, On our 12 year old Isabella I've only ever needed to spray Isatex periodically on the inside when doing a little spot cleaning. Spray it on the zips too periodically. Dont know if it would work spraying Fabsil on the inside of the Kampa to stem the leaks as you spot them, it may not wick through.
  11. Isabella Magnum. Up and down in very short order and doesn't look like a blow up bus shelter. Buy a preloved one and save some money over a new one. Looked after they last forever.
  12. Coming from Brighton and Hove (actually) City Council it doesn't surprise me. What I did find amusing is that the locals are up in arms about it, after all they voted for the Greens. If I recall correctly its one of the Greens who is proposing a curfew on all men after 6pm.
  13. Unlikely you'd get it on a CMHC site. Nice awning though
  14. Me too, Isabella Magnum every time over a pop up bus shelter.
  15. Either a 'green' toilet chemical or a non bio washing liquid will do.
  16. Not bashing, just statement of facts. I'd love to see JLR doing better, British jobs etc. Before semi retiring into the job j have now 30 years as an independent mechanic I watched JLR turn from a prestige brand into what it is now. Let's hope its fortunes change.
  17. Interesting you cite the Velar , we had a prospective customer turn up in a brand new one. At going home time the only door that would unlock was the front passenger door. " how much did I pay for this?" was heard as he clambered over the centre tunnel.
  18. Interesting article about JLR in America's Automotive News (4th March 2021).Briefly, Head of JLR reckons poor reliability issues are costing them 100,000 sales per year. Chief technical director says that JLR are planning to reduce the complexity of the current range in an effort to improve reliability .Follows on from one of the motoring magazine whose long term test Defender suffered engine failure after 167 miles.
  19. Having owned both a VW Tiguan and a Kia Sorento I'd go for the Kia every time. Far more comfortable for me, longer warranty and not as bland as the VW, the Skoda is likely to be blander still ( is that a word) and the DSG box was just awful.
  20. Unless your pitch is perfectly level it will always look a bit squiffy. I've heard people cut up foam kneeling pads to put under the legs. I've also seen people put these pads between the end of the roof beams and the caravan to try and reduce the amount of pooling on the roof when it rains. There was someone on here a while back who used pieces of plastic waste water pipe between the legs to try and keep the legs parallel to each other. Personally I like my awning to look all "ship shape and Bristol fashion" another reason why I ditched our Kampa and went back to my Isabellas.
  21. It would be as long as people abide by whatever rules are still in place at the time. Unfortunately some sections of the community as before will flout the regulations so stand by for an upsurge in cases after April 12th. Listening to the briefing this evening as I understand it the government and their advisors seem to be expecting such a surge?
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