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  1. Absolutely right Wildwood. With insurance I shopped about for the first couple of years then when we bought a more expensive nearly new van went onto the CMHC cover. The premiums do generally go up year on year but I always break the increase down to a daily rate, usually only a few pence. I figure it's worth it being with the best. Their requirements are simple and sensible regarding security. Peace of mind is more important to me than saving the cost of a couple of meals out and worrying if you're going to have a fight on your hands should you need to claim.
  2. Spent an enjoyable , very hot, two weeks here about 5 years ago. Easy access off the autoroute but take care for the last kilometre or so, satnav takes you through the hamlet with some tight corners, there's a better route, check out Google Earth. Mozzies a problem at times.
  3. Leaky roof straps and wet floors have been a feature of Alutec right from the start. Roof straps are an easy fix, wet floors less so. The reason we walked away from a new Unicorn Cartegena as it was already leaking.
  4. I can only think that somehow the poles and clips aren't engaged properly. Once the poles are correctly hooked in to the clips on the awning beading and the canvas is tensioned I can't see how they could drop. If you could post a photo of the clip and pole end that would help.
  5. I've just replaced all four tyres on my TA Swift, the original ditchfinder tyres weren't worn, just aged. I replaced them with a set of Kumho tyres and although the same size the movers needed moving slightly as they were too tight on the tyre. There's adjustability there if you need it.
  6. When you say "that kind of site" to what do you refer? We're looking for something well run, neat and tidy, serviced pitch if possible as we use all our own facilities. Going at that time of year to avoid families ( been there,done that) Don't want a restaurant/ bar or entertainment thanks.
  7. Having made the decision to forgo our long break in France next year due to the uncertainty of Covid we have set our sights on the Lakes next June and July. Castlerigg Hall appeals to us, has anyone experience of this site. Also as the distance from the Sussex Coast is too far for a single trip we would be looking for a stopover around Liverpool. Again Aby recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks TD
  8. Agree with Rovinmad. Well done on getting your original van back, lucky escape there. What make and age was the rejected caravan out of interest?
  9. Watch the Isabella YouTube video Ambassador Assembly. Your fittings may be slightly different but the principles are exactly the same. You can see then how ridiculously easy it is to put up a poled awning correctly even on your own.
  10. While away three weeks ago a MH pulled onto the next pitch and fitted an awning which had straps that went over the roof. It was an airbeam one possibly a Sunncamp, looked very flimsy and needed repeated repressurising but I suspect it threaded into the edge of the closed wind out awning. Would it be possible to fit a suitable length of awning rail horizontally to the sidewall of your vehicle. Opens up a whole raft of possibilities then.
  11. Sounds like an ideal solution as you only need it for that particular instance. Purpleline did a hand powered version, the "Hitchdrive" I very nearly bought a few years ago but then we changed the caravan and our new van came with a mover and the moment passed.
  12. Possibly lost the permanent 12v feed to the socket. First thing check the additional fuses you'll find by the battery which supply the towing electrics.
  13. Get the universal joints on the two propshafts checked for excessive wear. Also the suspension mounts on the rear axle fir corrosion.
  14. Towed our Swift Conq 645 at 1900 kgs no problem with a 2014 KX2. Still the best tow car we've ever had.
  15. I'd take it up with ProTec. I'm sure they would be only too happy to sort out this problem, can't be unique to you..
  16. Aluminium bolts..............
  17. Who are you with now?
  18. Be interesting to see what mods they've made to the Alutec system to address the wet floor issues. Certainly much better looking vans than previous models.
  19. Bearing in mind the issues Bailey have had with the axles being under specced and failing prematurely look carefully at the tyre treads for signs of uneven wear across the tyre which could indicate that there's some side to side movement in the hubs or swinging arms causing the caravan to self steer. While you're under there check all the axle mounting bolts for security.. a neighbour had a similar situation on his car with sudden instability. Turned out all the rear beam bolts on his Peugeot were loose where some lowlife had obviously been interrupted in the act of stealing the rear axle as they're a common mot failure.
  20. Second one was rejected soon after it was delivered, the third never left the dealership. One of the technicians cut through the wiring harness fitting a winch so hardly JLRs fault.
  21. Have a look on TFL studios on youtube. They have a Defender on long term test. Difference is most reviewers are given loan cars, these people actually bought theirs.
  22. OK Andy , back on topic.... We had experience of a Kampa Fiesta AirPro. Like most things Kampa, quality is mediocre to poor. Had no end of problems with pooling, condensation and inability to sit squarely on anything but a perfectly flat pitch. Subjectively we didn't like the intrusive feel of the airbeams or the lack of headroom towards the front of the awning. The many guy lines needed to pull it into shape were a real annoyance as we have two dogs on tethers who were constantly getting tangled up. Not used to guy lines they were trip hazards as well. We then borrowed a Bradcot Aspire Air. Far superior quality to the Kampa but we had the same issues re headroom and the intrusive airbeams. Also when pitched between the door and front side window the top of the door fouled the adjacent stream. That's when we went back to our Isabellas, both secondhand but in good condition, both less than £500.
  23. Poled awnings are not hassle if you do it right. We've had both air (Kampa and Bradcot) and poled (Isabella) and believe me, the Isabella is most definitely no hassle at all. A Magnum would fit the bill perfectly and will outlast any of the air awnings currently out there. Might take a few more minutes to put up but it's not a race and from experience it's a nicer place to spend your time than a pop up bus shelter.
  24. Interesting site, looking at all the topics on faults and fixes makes worrying reading...
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