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  1. Tuningdrew

    Sunncamp Swift Air Plus.

    I find my Isabella Magnum actually easier to put up than the Kampa Air Pro I had for a very short time. The couple of minutes saved inflating instead of assembling a few poles is lost getting the air one to “sit” right and seal against the sides plus faffing about with the myriad of trip hazards needed to hold its shape. Add to the mix the water leaks and showers of condensation which are a feature of these. ........
  2. Tuningdrew

    Touring Europe post Brexit.?

  3. We're going on Sunday not to look at Motorhomes or electric bikes. ............
  4. Tuningdrew

    Mane Gurenehe Golfe du Morbihan.

    Again Site no but area yes. Beautiful area, lots of beaches but tend to be coarse sand rather than the fine stuff. Not dog friendly particularly. Carnac and Vannes lovely to visit especially on market days. Took the boat trip round the Golfe, the surging water around the mouth is spectacular. Also had a nice lunch on the new quayside at Arzon
  5. Tuningdrew

    Sat Nav with a mind of its' own!

    Our Garmin ccamper has been a bit off at times sending us down totally unsuitable roads on several occasions but it beats the useless satnav in our rubbish Tiguan by a country mile. We set off to a known destination and used both to see what would happen. Garmin took us straight to where we wanted to go whilst the vehicle satnav would have added around 15 miles to the journey sending us into Brighton along the coast then back inland to join our intended route. It took a long time for it to realise we were ignoring it then recalculated to match the Garmin. Love the way it always defaults to Vatican City if its not sure where we want to go. .....
  6. Tuningdrew

    Extra bass from Caravan stereo

    Can always find space for my Bose in the car, in the glove box or drivers door pocket so it doesn't eat into the payload too much.
  7. Tuningdrew

    Rejecting a Caravan

    Command has been the only issue we've had with our 2016 Conqueror. To me its just tech for tech sake. Its never worked properly from day one so never bothered with it using a phone/tablet. The electrical system is quite clever with current limiting etc and once you've told it that it doesn't have an onboard tank and sussed out the disparity between the temperature sensors on the Sargent and Alde panels it all works well, just needs a reboot from time to time.
  8. Tuningdrew

    Extra bass from Caravan stereo

    I used a small 12v self contained bass tube with a built in amp in our Conqueror. Doesn't need to be so loud as it rattles the next door neighbours plates, just gives a bit more quality. We now use a Bose Mini Soundlink bluetoothed into the radio.
  9. Tuningdrew

    3500kg towing capacity cars

    We've been using a Land Cruiser for a few years now and its been faultless unlike the previous Range Rover which spent most of its time being fixed. Our transport guy was a dyed in the wool Discovery fan until he borrowed the Land Cruiser whilst his was being repaired and subsequently bought a rare manual diesel Land Cruiser. He reckons its in a different league to the Disco for comfort, economy and towing ability. His Cruiser spends its entire life travelling all over Europe and the UK collecting and delivering valuable cars and in 3 years has never missed a beat.
  10. Tuningdrew

    Isabella Capri Awning

    The idea is that rather than following the rail all the way to the end and tucking back under you can pull the back edge of the awning so it is the same angle as the front. The grey triangle can then be pegged down afterwards to close up the gap. Originally the cord in the beading would have gone to the very end but it has been correctly cut to allow the awning to sit right. Brilliant awnings, once you’ve got the hang of putting them up like Steve does in the videos they go up really quickly.
  11. Tuningdrew

    Exterior Caravan Tape (Roof) White

    It is purely cosmetic. Worth a call to Swift I’d suggest.
  12. Tuningdrew

    Specialised Accessories Caravan Cover

    Hasn’t done on my Swift so far. Keep it nice and tight.
  13. Tuningdrew

    Water ingress through mushroom vent?

    Our 2010 Quasar had a leak round the battery locker. The locker was taken out, cleaned off what little sealant there was then refitted it. . no further issues.
  14. Sorry, quite right, didn’t read the post properly.
  15. Tuningdrew

    Bailey Unicorn S4 - Damage from Kampa Air Awning

    I must be doing something right, in 14 years I’ve never damaged the side of my van with a pole setting up or taking down. Neither has the van been damaged by a pole in stormy conditions. Conversely the Kampa caused damage, albeit slight, to the sidewall, tipped over furniture and damaged a fridge and our drinks cabinet when the useless thing collapsed in a strong wind.