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  1. Marquis of Surrey

    Called in again today to pick up our friends new MoHo. Stock in the shop very depleted, awning prices very good on what they have left in stock. If they had come down a little bit more on price we would have bought a 1050 Ambassador Seed. Quite a few bouncy castles in stock and very good discounts on wheel clamps etc. few bits of Isabella furniture and chairs, windbreaks and tables. Surprisingly we were almost the only people there today between 11 am and 2. 30 pm. I know its close to Xma, perhaps thats why but there were long faces in the shop, they seem to be very uncertain about the future. The shop is to become an indoor showroom aparrently.
  2. Driving an auto

    Give yourself a few days with it and youll love it. I made the mistake of ordering my new Navara as a manual to save a few quid on the monthly rental. Biiiig mistake, its a lovely car/pickup/truck and tows our Twin Axle like its not there but on a trip down to the Alps last June I realise dhow much better an auto would have been. The wifes replacement for the Sorento arrives in February, thats a Tiguan DSG, not using it to tow so it should be ok. Once her little runabout lays down and dies (if it ever does, Daihatsu Sirion) its replacement will be either electric or an Auto. Never have a manual again.
  3. Nose Weight

    Similar experience witht the only Lunar Ive ever owned, a Quasar 425, took everything out of the front locker and set the awning to the rear of the axle. Far from ideal but surely a company like Lunar should be able to get this right. Our previous Elddis did not have this issue, even with two gas bottles. hookup cable pegs and water hoses it was still only 85kg on the nose.
  4. New JLR Defender

    Thank you.
  5. New JLR Defender

    JLR’s actions over this project seem very petty. What have they got to gain by preventing this? They obviously have no interest in that sector of the market and those that mourn the Defender have little or no interest in the product that JLR churn out now. I wonder whether Sandero is still going? I know their version was a warmed over S2a but it could be brought a little more up to date possibly, enough to satisfy modern regs. Must confess its a vehicle I’ve never had a lot of interest in.
  6. New JLR Defender

    I think JLR have missed a trick here they could’ve produced a utilitarian type vehicle which would appeal to the workhorse brigade and become a fashion icon in its own right as well as being a true go anywhere 4 x4
  7. New JLR Defender

    I don't think it will satisfy the afficionados of the 'Meccano with attitude' diehards. Looks like just another JLR product with a confusing range of name swapping designer soft roaders.
  8. Should I move it?

    Park it where its most convenient to you. If the parasitic nomads want it, they'll have it. Just make sure it has all the 'security' devices on it as demanded by the insurance company.
  9. Frozen up windscreen etc. this morning.

    Don’t use any kind of spirit in VAG screenwash, the nozzles crumble to nothing!
  10. "Which" sat-nav reviews - anyone read them?

    The 770 Garmin camper is no better than a standard one. Even with my outfit entered at 40 feet long and 9 feet wide it still sends me down cart tracks. .......😡
  11. Mercedes-Benz X Class

    Nothing wrong with the Renault twin turbo engine. . oodles of grunt and reasonable fuel economy. Wish it had been available when I changed my work/tow vehicle. Maybe in 2 years time!
  12. Living With A Sun Canopy - Any Tips?

    Essential bit of kit for us during our long French holidays. use as a canopy only on overnight stops and as a sunshade once we're on site. During the day we roll the side panels right down to the floor while not actually removing them and hang the front panels over verandah poles.
  13. Newbie to caravanning.

    You are correct, 2130 is the Gross Vehicle weight, the next line is the maximum train weight which is car and trailer combined and the next two are the front then rear axle loading weights. In theory you have about 10kg in hand. Bear in mind that you’ll have to be very careful when loading car and caravan not to exceed these weights. Everything that you load will need to be weighed because in the unlikely event of you being pulled over if you are overweight you’re in trouble with the law, but more importantly an overloaded caravan is more likely to become unstable particularly given the caravan and its suspension aren’t in the first flush of youth.
  14. Help!

    Just did a quick lookup on the CMH matching service and the Abbey is simply too heavy for the car. It will probably drag it along, (literally) but stability and safety are compromised.
  15. Nose weight

    I wouldn’t assume that with Al-Ko. If you look at the number of incidents reported with Bailey axle failures I got the impression that there is too small a margin between the MTPLM and the axle limit selected by Bailey. Given that a lot of people don’t have a clue or care how much payload they have I’m guessing that the failures are caused by overloading an axle with little reserve capacity/ safety margin. Just my theory and happy to be proved wrong.