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  1. Air awning

    Have you thought of converting a full awning to a combi? That way you decide where the awning will drop. I agree, having an awning across a window looks naff, scratches up the window and you lose the use of that particular window. .
  2. Aldi caravan accessories

    We’re away this weekend so I’ve ordered 2 packs of the rock pegs and the freshwater container to use with a hose/float filler. Smaller than a water hog for serviced pitches. Delivery scheduled for Monday or Tuesday.
  3. Awning Advice

    Always put the groundsheet down first. Don’t fret about putting up your awning, they are very simple and with s little practise can be put up single handedly. Watch the Isabella videos on YouTube, you may not have an Isabella but the principles are the same for pretty well all framed awnings. The only people who call awnings a “divorce in a bag” are those who have never taken the trouble to find out how to do it properly Plastic pegs and mallet for grass and rock pegs with a BIG hammer for hard standings. Invest in a claw hammer as well for getting pegs out again.
  4. Awning support poles clips c

    On my Isabellas they use a clamp type clip
  5. Water connections leaking.

    Hi, first use of van after the recent cold snap and on setting up the water system had water running out of the van under the shower. Took a few panels off and found one of the pipes had popped out of a three way connector slightly allowing water to dribble out. I’m assuming it could be due to ice forcing the pie out as I’ve pushed all the hoses in firmly and it’s not leaking. Should I replace the joiner anyway if it has succumbed to frost?
  6. New caravan awning

    We didn’t have a particularly good time with a Kampa Fiesta Air pro, condensation a major problem, difficulty in pitching on sloping pitches and the trip hazard guy ropes. Went back to a traditional Isabella.
  7. Zafira vxr

    Had too many smoky ones through the workshop. Oil control rings.
  8. Newhaven port

    Give them a call. IIRC theres a decent size car park as you pull in. TBH Newhaven isnt the pleasantest place to be, Have you thought about overnighting at the CMH site in Brighton, about 25 minutes from Newhaven.
  9. I tried one of the plastic ones but the tyre just collapsed under the weight. My fault as I have a TA with a single mover on the back axle so I jack the front right up on the jockey wheel to take the weight off the front axle. Changed it for the all-singing AlKo one which is fine.
  10. Security check with dirty boots

    We always travel with towels on the floor. This is because we have a no footwear rule in the caravan on site so while we're travelling the towels go down so that if we do need to get in for a quick toilet stop or to get drinks etc we dont have to faff about removing shoes. At Calais Eurotunnel we had an inspection as per the OP, sure enough dirty clog marks all over the towels. ... A tip given to us by a port official was to travel with the blinds open, less chance of anyone stowing away.
  11. Anyone for chips?

    I used to be an installer for DPT tuning boxes before mellowing into semi retirement. One contract I picked up was with an operator of 180 VW T5 caravelles. They did their own testing and calculated they would be making a saving of around £300k pa in fuel using the boxes. Difference between these units and the £10 eBay units is that ours were programmable to only increase the fuelling at key points in the load/rev range. This had the effect of increasing the torque at the lower end of the rev range allowing the driver to hold gears for longer and drive at lighter throttle openings. Cheap boxes just up the fuel pressure right the way across the rev range. Ours carried a 3 year Powertrain warranty
  12. Where is the best place to sell an Awning?

    People shy away from selling on eBay because of the perceived hassle with couriers and postage. It's actually very simple and easy to do once you have a paypal account set up (also very easy) You simply pack up your item, I used builders rubble sacks for my awning, weigh it and buy the carriage fee on line from the most cost effective option which is listed when you enter the size and weight details. Print off the address label, If its Hermes I drop it at my local CoOp, UPS is the off licence round the corner (both open till late) and if Royal Mail is the preferred method you simply drop your package, with pre paid label at the nearest office. Most couriers for a small fee will actually collect it too. Tracking is set up automatically and the instant the item is scanned onto the system it shows up as dispatched on eBay together with the tracking number to the buyer.
  13. Mercedes X class pickup

    Nothing wrong with that even though it's a Nissan. Rangers I looked at seenmed very well screwed together and finished, just couldnt get as good a deal on them as I could the Nisa.
  14. Gulf de Morbihan near Vannes

    We've just booked two and a half weeks at Penboch, seems to tick all the boxes. Paid a bit extra and gone for super pitches so I can leave the 'hogs' at home.
  15. Where is the best place to sell an Awning?

    Just sold my Isabella Commodore on Ebay, painless, buyer even collected it.