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  1. What are you attaching your cylinders to? Is there another regulator fitted to the cylinders? The yellow tap on the regulator in the picture is wide open and there doesn’t look to be anything preventing the gas escaping. There’s real danger of fire/explosion. More pictures would help.
  2. It’s a bit of an old school type construction now. Most manufacturers use GRP and composite materials for the walls and roof. I’m pretty sure that Compass still use the old method of a thin aluminium skin supported by a wooden frame.
  3. As my wife is currently on furlough from her job and when she does return is unlikely to be travelling so much, we took the opportunity to return her contract hire Tiguan 11 months early and get shot of the wretched thing. I’ve spent most of the day getting our stuff out of it and preparing it for collection which includes a deep internal valet, touching in any stone chips and compounding out minor blemishes from the paintwork. I’ve been amazed just how scratched and marked the paintwork was after washing and de-tar spotting and it seems that the resilience of the clear laquer is almost non existent. Just rub your thumb over the freshly polished finish and you have to get the polish out again. Wondered if it’s a one off or typical of modern VWs? Certainly the clear coat was much harder on the Navara I’ve just recently returned and the Sorento before that.
  4. I’m quite happy with what I have. The Ssangyong has proved to be every bit as good as we’d hoped and we already have our dream caravan. EP self levelling would be nice though and an upgrade to the powrtouch, not AWD, just a little brisker.
  5. How are you now? False alarm or just a mild reaction?
  6. Why bother with an Avtex? So expensive for what they are, a mediocre tv with poor sound. If you’ve permanent hook up just use a mainstream tv. Really disappointed with ours, preferred our previous Samsung, now residing in our kitchen at home.
  7. We’ve got 16 nights booked at Port du Limeuil,Dordogne in June into July. Been booked since November so deposit paid. I really don’t hold out any hope of getting there but I’ll risk the €100 in case a miracle happens. As others suggest, plan your trip but don’t part with any money.
  8. I use Tesco for home delivery and click and collect. At the moment the earliest slots available are well into April so academic really. Now shopping little and often in store for us and my elderly father. Anyway, Tesco have a basket charge if you order less than a set amount (£40 ish from memory)so in theory you can order a small amount but they charge for picking as well as delivery. Order over that minimum and the pick is free. You can buy a monthly delivery charge packet for a set sum which helps if you have more than 3 or 4 deliveries a month. Sorry I’m not more accurate with the figures.
  9. We’re away from tomorrow and will be using our on board facilities rather than the site loos and showers. It’s not as bad emptying the cludgie as you might imagine. My top for No2s is to flush the loo briefly to wet the pan before you perform.
  10. Pop the faceplate off when you’re not using it.
  11. The acrylic roof windows are bonded in. They aren’t the most accurately formed items. The one on my Swift has a definite flat spot in one area. You don’t really notice it from ground level and as it’s not an opener water ingress is unlikely.
  12. Surely it’s just the vinyl black wrap which has shrunk and pulled off the caravan panel, then split and torn. Reason it looks so bad is that dirt has stuck onto the remnants of the adhesive. Purely cosmetic.
  13. Thank you both. Just checked that critical dimension of 56 mm and I’m ok.
  14. Beat me to it!! another daft feature on our ‘orrible Tiguan.
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