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  1. Never been an issue to us so far but then I’m only using the mover to square up the van on a pitch or place it across the pitch where there’s not enough room for van and tug .I suppose people who have difficulty reversing or manoeuvering their van anywhere near a pitch or choose to pitch on rough ground then AWD is a must. A mover is an enhancement for me that makes life a bit easier, certainly not a necessity.
  2. We too only have a single mover on the rear axle of our Conq. Works fine for us as we only use it for final placing on a pitch or nosing the van into its storage spot. Doesn’t screw up the tyres and suspension like a 4WD system either.
  3. Please no more Talk about Scotchloks, spawn of the devil. Do it properly, soldered and shrink wrapped.
  4. Agreed. The times between caravan holidays is just waiting...
  5. That’s exactly the route we’ll be taking in June, overnighting in Tours.
  6. Unfortunately they are the sole importer I believe. Same as Caravalaire?
  7. We looked at a Disco 3 when shortlisting cars but the huge contract hire difference between the LR and the RAV4, CRV,Kia, Hyundai and Mitsubishi we were considering was a major factor. After test driving I felt that unless you regularly needed serious off road capability the LR had little over the Kia as an everyday car. Certainly we found the Kia more comfortable. Also didn’t like the snotty attitude of the salesmen in the LR dealership but that’s another matter....
  8. They’ll be prepared for any eventuality anyway. They would see them as soon as they knife the awning off and pull out the draught skirt. I’m not naive enough to think anything I fit to my van is going to stop the nomadic parasites when on site. If they want it, they’ll take it. In storage it’s a different matter 😈☠️
  9. Our friend bought a Benimar Tessoro from Marquis in Surrey. The aftersales and servicing has been terrible from them. Communications are abysmal. The year following her purchase we went to the Marquis stand at the NEC to try and get some help for her. When the salesman from the Surrey branch caught sight of her he tried to run away. She recently had the vehicle in for its habitation check at the East Sussex branch. The offside rear lights were not working. They told her it was sorted but when she got home after dark she discovered they still were not operating. She also asked them to tighten up the galley sink tap which was loose. They did that but then knocked off a blanking plug from the sink outlet so the first time she did the washing up she finished up with the cutlery and pots and pans drawers full of soapy water. Both things I managed to sort out for her in a very short time fortunately. It’s a shame because in all other respects it’s a great vehicle. Mrs TD would love one if we ever go across to the dark side but with our friends experience I’d probably buy the equivalent Chausson from someone else.
  10. Definitely look at the Sorento/SanteFe. We ran a 2014 KX2 Auto. Other than a radio aerial it was truly faultless for 60k miles. Comfortable and roomy even with one of the 3rd Row seats in use. Self levelling rear suspension and the reversing camera made hitching up a doddle. Reasonably economical too, towing and solo. Once my current vehicle comes to the end of its contract and I slip into retirement I will be buying one.
  11. Ditched the AlKo locks sold them and bought two SAS wheel clamps. Negligible increase in premium and take seconds to fit ( and probably cut off!) Can be fitted to either side for max visual deterrent too when the awning is on.
  12. Very bad news for those affected. Would I be right in thinking that it’s more the campervans side of the business suffering as a result of the increased VED charges?
  13. Hi. It’s a good layout for just the two of you, we did a similar thing with our Elddis 630 after the kids rebelled at caravan holidays before we bought a fixed bed. Only compromise with the Bailey is the cramped washroom might find it a better bet to look for a fixed bed layout with end washroom (if it’s an issue, would be for us) As with any van that age damp needs to be considered. Some do leak, some don’t . It’s a pre AluTec model so doesn’t suffer with the inherent leaks of the system in its early stages but needs to be borne in mind, a full written damp check report is absolutely essential. The motor mover does eat into the payload a bit but unless you are very competent at reversing what will be a reasonably long rig accurately a mover is a very useful tool. good luck with your search. TD
  14. I’d second the clay bar and AutoGlym glass polish. Also use Bosch wiper blades (but only genuine ones). I’ve had not had good experiences from Valeo blades. The juddering may well be that the screen just needs thorough cleaning. Hand car washes and automatic ones will use a dewatering fluid in the final stages. I’ve found this can cause the blades to smear and judder.
  15. Another vote for Moulin Fort. Get a riverside pitch if you can. Short stroll along the Cher to pass Chenonceau on the ‘other side’was a daily walk for us with the dog. Lots of beautiful chateaux to see in the area. Tours not far, Amboise a must visit, Villandry with the vegetable formal gardens, the list goes on.
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