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  1. Can’t help but think that if it had been stolen by the Parasitic Nomads maybe the rightful owner doesn’t actually want it back.............🤫
  2. Measure the length of the rail from the back of the van at the point where it becomes level to the point where it starts to turn down at the front just above the front window. This will be the maximum size of awning you can fit.
  3. We do exactly the same, just alter the thermostat setting to suit what we need. Don’t use the advanced options or the Swift Command.
  4. Best of luck and a speedy recovery to you both.
  5. Our Fiesta Air Pro wouldn’t sit straight on anything other than a perfectly level pitch. The annex always had a twist in it no matter how it was pegged. I think unless yours has the famous twisted leg bladder you’ll have to live with it.
  6. My caravan is stored under trees so it’s essential to keep the bird doo-doos off the roof and the pine needles. Easy enough to fit, about 10 mins solo. Caravan is always cleaned before I park it up so no scratching issues. I think condensation may be a result of having damp issues with your caravan. I also fit a towing cover and again because the van is clean when fitted no scratching issues.
  7. One of the few sites we return to again and again.
  8. We took the problem up with Garmin, tried all manner of settings and still it sends me down unsuitable roads. It’s better than the one in my rubbish Tiguan which defaults to Vatican City if you give it anything tricky to do.
  9. We have the Garmin Camper. It has been very disappointing, often sending us down unsuitable routes. My Rig is 42 feet long so not easy to turn round and backing it up any distance is tedious. Case in point: en route to a site East of Cherbourg. On the map it looked pretty straightforward, head straight up North then turn East and follow the coast. Garmin took us off the N13 just north of Valognes and sent us diagonally across country on roads that got steadily worse until at one point we were driving along almost a dirt track with grass growing up the middle for about two miles. The Garmin was similarly unimpressive in Devon and Cornwall last year. We ditched it and reverted to a road atlas. We've tried everything that Garmin have suggested to no avail.
  10. I have a Fiamma Caravanstor Roll-Out awning I use occasionally. 3.6 metres on a Swift Conqueror TA No issues with it at all. If I were to buy a new one I'd buy the same again. Getting it into the awning channel is a two person job but after that its easy.
  11. Standard fit on Swift caravans after 2015 I think. Part of the Sargent control panel. We stayed at Monkton during storm Angus, death knell for our awful Kampa bouncy castle. Found the people very nice, kept checking on us as the power kept dropping out.
  12. The pegging point at the bottom of the door by the brown box should be angled towards the opening slightly rather than straight down. This will keep the side tight when you unzip the door. It’ll pull out that crease you have running across the window. As previously mentioned are the front legs properly in the corner seams with the ladders caught underneath to lock the canvas onto the frame?
  13. Hi Shirley I suppose you've tried an ordinary cleaner like flash spray or similar? I'm not familiar with the part you're talking about, maybe a photo would help.
  14. Like the look of that. Our Carri Chef is getting a bit long in the tooth now and thinking of a replacement. Take it it will run off the BBQ point from the van?
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