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  1. Tuningdrew

    Musing over new tow car next year?

    The Shogun is bombproof, Golf will go on for another 140k, the MINI however needs to be moved on as the power train is French!
  2. Tuningdrew

    New Rig

    All looks a bit marginal to me. Whilst on paper it will manage and you say you’ll be ok with a less than lacklustre performance in reality you will find towing with an underpowered rig tedious, tiring and quite stressful. Friends we regularly holiday with had a Lunar Clubman they towed with a Freelander 1. 8 petrol. Weight wise it was ok but well short on power and torque. On a long tow down to the Loire I noticed that our average speed had dropped from usual 45 to 30 and if we came to any kind of hill by the time our ‘E Class 320 Merc estate tugging an Elddis 630/6 TA arrived at the top not even breaking sweat they were a dot in the distance rowing it along in second gear. They arrived totally shattered and after two trips like this the Landy was ditched in favour of a Kia Sorento.
  3. Tuningdrew

    2018 nights away

    Add my total for this year of 35 nights so far takes it to 289
  4. Tuningdrew

    Swift Alpine2 Caravan 2017

    Literally waiting outside the dealer collecting my van after a service and a software upgrade to the control panel. Might even be able to pair it now. Got used to using just the basic functions on the panels now which for us are perfectly adequate.
  5. Boxall and Clinch at littlehampton. (They have moved from Ford Aerodrome)
  6. Tuningdrew

    Wanted carri chef urgently

    No longer available unfortunately.
  7. Tuningdrew

    Wanted carri chef urgently

    What is not working? Igniter or burner? Have had to fettle ours regularly in recent years, maybe I can help.
  8. Tuningdrew

    Swift command app

    I'll give it a go!
  9. Tuningdrew

    Musing over new tow car next year?

    Hi Lozzy, just done a quick look on clutch replacement on the XTrail. Shouldn't need one yet unless you slip it like mad and rev the bits off it but as someone has sown the seed of doubt in your mind. .... Labour is just under £360 (at £60 ph) and a decent clutch kit is around £400 add £175 for a flywheel if needed and the VAT tips it just over the £1k. No one in our workshop has ever replaced one, we rarely see them other than for routine servicing, bit like Hondas really, service loads but repair few.
  10. Tuningdrew

    food to take to france ?

    We only take the sort of thing you'll struggle to find in France like ketchup, M&S caramelised onion mayonnaise, marmite etc. Everything else is available locally plus a lot of new things to try!
  11. Tuningdrew

    Rigid wheel arch cover

    Yes we had one, came with our Lunar. Made of the corrugated plastic used in packaging with a fiddly Velcro elasticated strap to try and thread through the wheel. Not overly impressed with it. Bought one of the Isabella ones. Slim Aluminium channel that sticks above the wheel arch, slide their cover on then it has a Kador strip which fits to the draught skirt with a figure-of-eight channel. Subsequently fitted them to my next two caravans.
  12. Tuningdrew

    Swift command app

    Do let me know if this works. My Command has never worked, refuses to pair with any device. Android or iOS. TBH to my mind it's technology for technology's sake so I've never bothered with it.
  13. Tuningdrew

    Trolley jack

    I carry a similar jack to Griff, all made in the same factory I guess just with Clarke or Sealey, Draper et al labels on them. Mine's actually emblazoned with RAC. Good little jacls for occasional lifting. Mine came with a rubber pad and I lift my TA on the reinforce where the axles bolt on. Remember you only need to lift the van just enough to get the wheel off and on, always makes me wince when you see the car or van jacked up to the limit of the jack just to change the wheel.
  14. Tuningdrew

    Awning or not

    How about a wind out awning such as a Fiamma. Arrive, fit the winder and extend it, drop the legs and peg down, attach a couple of guy ropes, job done in about 5 minutes. I use a roll out Fiamma Caravanstor for overnighting, so easy.