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  1. Sounds like a really well thought out design. Same as the Kampa we briefly owned.
  2. Wasn’t it Bailey who said not to use Carnauba wax or am I mistaken?
  3. Only changed due to changes in circumstance. Started with a huge 2004 Elddis Avante 630 TA as we had three kids in tow, brilliant van. Once the kids had stopped coming we downsized to a Lunar Quasar 524. No problems with the van, brilliant washroom but got fed up making up the bed and didn’t enjoy towing a small single axle as much, too bouncy and didn’t feel as stable. Bought a fixed French bed Swift Challenger, brilliant build quality, very comfy, huge washroom but it’s the climbing over each other in the night thing that became a bore so looked at island bed layouts. Looked at a new Cartagena but hideous styling and the fact it was already leaking put us right off so went for another Swift TA which we’ve been absolutely delighted with. It’s had a few moments but the dealer and Swift have been great so no plans to change for the foreseeable future.
  4. Our Merc broke down in France. We had a Red Pennant breakdown cover. One phone call, they did the rest with no bother: collected car and took it to local dealer, we were offered a hire car while it was there to get around but didn’t need it. Called to say it couldn’t be fixed quickly so car was repatriated back to our house ( or anywhere else I wanted) and a replacement tow car sent out which was collected when we got back. Painless and no hidden costs.
  5. They are pop rivets but three legs splay out behind rather than just the rivet clinching up.
  6. I’d put them a little higher into the curve of the rail. Definitely no lower than you have them.
  7. I think Happy Daze just needs someone to show her the ropes. I’d be happy to but I’m a bit too far away from Bedfordshire. Sure there’s someone closer who could lend this lady a hand?
  8. All the Isabella awnings do this on all the panels, not just the fronts.
  9. Can’t agree with you on campsites but yes from experience French cars are pretty awful. My current Nissan Navara is basically a Renault. (On contract hire). Had a few silly issues with it which have left me stranded a couple of times and the dealer hasn’t got a clue so I fixed the problems myself. I like the vehicle as a whole, brilliant tug but you always have that little doubt in your mind re reliability. Will go for the Merc X type next , I know it’s still a Renault but I’ll go with the V6 Diesel as it’s the only version with a Merc engine, the others use Renault engines, same as the smaller Diesel Mercedes. With reference to the OP I’d recommend a Kia Sportage. It’s what we’re going back to once our dreadful Tiguan comes to the end of its contract.
  10. Been using it for several years. Absolutely brilliant.
  11. Spent last Christmas at Sumners Ponds. Got an Indian takeaway the night before and nuked it in the microwave for Christmas dinner .....bliss.
  12. With the plates in the plate rack.
  13. Good luck with your research. Glad I could help you with it.
  14. Towing for the first time can be a bit nerve wracking but you’ll soon settle into the way your car “feels” with the van on the back. Pay particular attention to getting the noseweight right as too light makes the caravan feel very twitchy. Too much and the car will be very low at the back. You’ll need to do your research carefully. YouTube is your friend here as there are many ‘how-to’ videos on every aspect of towing and setting up. As for navigating Google Earth street view will give you an idea of the roads you are going to be driving along when you approach your destination. Many sites will give you the best route to use and warn you not to follow your SatNav if it would put you in a difficult situation. Heed that advice , it’s based on local knowledge. For your first trip out, stay local. That way you’ll be familiar with the surroundings and not far from home if you’ve forgotten anything (you will!). Just concentrate on getting your van on the pitch, levelled and connected to the services. Then you can get the heating and hot water working, get your telly set up etc and get used to the way everything works. In the main we are a friendly bunch and very happy to assist if you are struggling.. we’ve all been there! As seasoned trailer tenters I’m sure you’ll be fine, particularly with putting up an awning! Above all, enjoy yourselves. TD.
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