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  1. I’d look for a secondhand Isabella Magnum or Ventura Marlin. Lightweight and simple to put up, top quality materials, the fibre/carbon pole system is the best on the market.
  2. My worry would be that they introduce a "Mk2" with different fasteners or profiles making the earlier version obsolete. I'd be inclined to make sure you have all the options to hand to future proof it.
  3. Glad you’re pleased with yours, we weren’t. I don’t think we’re alone, but the subject of the quality of Kampa awnings has been done to death here and elsewhere.
  4. Usual Kampa problems. We had a Fiesta Air Pro 420. Poor quality materials, incredibly heavy to feed onto the rail, condensation, rainwater leaks. Ironically the only time I have suffered any kind of damage to my van caused by an awning was when the Kampa collapsed in a strong wind (as they all do) knocking over furniture in the awning. Check out the Facebook group “my Kampa awning leaks”
  5. Been down both routes and firmly back with poles..Bad experience with Kampa awnings both poles and air. If you've decided to go air, best of luck. Electric pump is a good investment . The hand pump works ok as long as you're reasonably fit.
  6. Stick with the Ventura. Only a couple of poles to worry about but a better product by far. Like all Isabella/Ventura awnings they are very simple and quick to erect. Don't worry too much about it crossing a window.
  7. I've been using Greased Lightning for many years. Can only agree with BOAC, does exactly what it says on the tin, no scratching. I use it when I arrive on site to clean the whole sidewall where the awning is going then clean off the front before refitting the towing cover when leaving. More often than not I'll do the rest of the van and the pickup when we're on a longer break if I get bored. Takes so little time.
  8. But it is a problem. The design causes rainwater to track back underneath the floor instead of dropping clear.
  9. This seems to be such a common fault on Baileys. Someone must have come up with a fix by now?
  10. The BMW Coupe has got to be the best looking car they ever produced. 😘 That and the 5 series GT3.0 are the only BMWs I'd ever consider owning.
  11. Oh its going to be used, very few of the cars I build get tucked away. Because I see a lot of them in for service some get used and enjoyed to the full!
  12. Newest 'toy' to arrive in the toy box is our latest customer GT40 mk1. Should start on the engine and transmission install early in 2021.
  13. I fitted a 60 watt white rail into our 2010 Challenger dried the towels well and significantly improved the temperature in the large washroom. A Chrome equivalent will dry your towels but won't be anywhere near as effective at providing background heat.
  14. I would look at another Elddis if they adopted the Swift Smart construction as I agree their interiors are better than the Swift's.
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