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  1. I’d go for the Fiamma. I’ve needed spares occasionally for my old Caravanstor and had no problems with getting them. It’s 10 years old now and up to when I sold it a couple of months ago was still in perfectly serviceable condition. Anything I’ve had from Kampa over the years has not proved particularly durable. The cutlery set fell apart as did the chairs, the seams went on the Rosie cupboards and a disastrous affair with a Fiesta air awning was the last straw so I don’t buy anything with their label on now.
  2. No, Doesn’t go anywhere near Sussex either.
  3. Have been to Wells, Waterrow and Old Oaks. All highly satisfactory.
  4. Nope. Just all the big names round me are all within a few pence of each other.
  5. Can’t believe people get so wound up about a couple of pence per litre difference. If I need fuel I just head for the nearest BP, Shell, Texaco or Esso and brim the tank. Can’t remember the last time I looked at the price. Quality fuel costs what it costs. Supermarkets are for bread, milk and bog rolls.
  6. Don’t bother with the Garmin camper, it’s useless. Case in point: We have a Conqueror 645 and a Nissan Navara. Just over 40 feet long in total. We’re staying at Polmanter in Cornwall. Site directions advise against following SatNav and give clear accurate directions for the last few miles off the A30. The Garmin is set up for our outfit and has the latest map set in it. yesterday we went out for the day and,out of interest, followed the directions on the SatNav to get us back. The last three miles were down single track roads interspersed with double 90 degree bends and both wing mirrors were touching the hedges. I have no faith in it and always plan the approach using paper and google maps street view now.
  7. Could have been caused by washing the caravan from the top down allowing detergent running down the dry bodywork to mark the vinyl. It’s why you should always wash bottom up with gouts of cold water to first wet then rinse the panel. Dirty water running off the upper panels and roof will simply run off without marking.
  8. Up to 14-15 is normal, over 18 is worthy of further investigation
  9. Because the van sides are clean and still wet from the Autoglym caravan cleaner it runs straight off. If you wash the roof first all the shampoo runs down the dirty sides and causes streaks. I too got my info from a Rolls Royce trained chauffeur.
  10. If your caravan or car is really dirty and you start at the top the shampoo as it runs down will soak into the dirt and leave streaks which will need a lot of elbow grease to remove, cutting and polishing. Start at the bottom and work up, there’s no dirt to catch and hold the shampoo. It’s why I always wash the roof last.
  11. Sad comment..hope it’s not directed at me. Yes I’m one of those that in the winter months sit in my lovely Isabella awning with a heater just to take the chill off . Be happy to pay by meter for what I have used. We like a cold caravan at night (always have the window open) so rarely have the heating on at the same time . In the scheme of things I probably use less electricity than you. I also have a large IR patio heater at home as on those lovely crisp winter evenings we can still sit outside enjoying the floodlit garden with a glass of mulled wine.
  12. I’m going back a bit here but apparently if the van is nose up slightly the theory is that at higher speeds the air pressure builds up under the floor of the van and can reduce the noseweight significantly hence the instability.
  13. Thanks very much. So if I leave the master switch off the problem won’t arise if the battery voltage dips?
  14. Just don't understand this divorce in a bag thing especially with the Magnum. So simple to put up, 30 minutes from out of the bag to fully up on a grass pitch.
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