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  1. Hi Rob, which aerial do you have on your van. The flying saucer type is omnidirectional but the flat one on a post needs orientating to line up with the nearest transmitter. There are a few apps you can use in conjunction with a compass. It can be a real faff sometimes. On site I just look where other folk have their aerials pointed. Take it the status box is all plugged in and turned on? May need to retune your tv.
  2. Not with any domestic car or commercial but a small lorry or American pickup maybe. There was a couple , Dutch I think, at Camping L’Eperviere towing one of those horrible great American 5th wheel jobs with a small Volvo artic tractor unit. Made an impressive entry. Saw it later parked outside the local LeClerc
  3. I’d say you’ve punched the steadies through the floor. Have a squint at the floor where they screw on. It may well be rotten.
  4. Only the length and weight. What are you planning on towing this 30 foot 3 ton monster with? I don’t think it would be legal in the UK
  5. Hi Howyrd, little more info please, age of the caravan and do you have a battery fitted to the caravan?
  6. Had one of these on both our TAs. I used to be really careful to get the fold in the right place to keep the draught skirt nice and straight across the wheels Then I discovered you can straighten it up afterwards, there’s enough free play of the cover in the slotted rail to allow you to level it up.
  7. Usually the flush tank filler is above the cassette door. Alternatively Your van may use water drawn from either the outside water container or an on-board tank if fitted.
  8. The guy I use is one of the rare breed that takes his job seriously. Spends a lot of his time correcting faults that occur on brand new cars and the hash ups caused by the big company muppets. Carries the diagnostic equipment to reset proximity and rain sensors on newer cars and is known as an expert in his field. He also is in demand from various film companies for special effect glazing on stunt vehicles so yes, he is up to date with 2020 models. Also knows what’s about to be launched as well.
  9. Just asked the guy that fits all the glass into our cars. Hyundai windscreens don’t have the coating that blocks the tag signals so fit it anywhere that suits you.
  10. Hardly rocket science to resolve. Firstly remove the drum and wash out any dust. any point of contact between the shoes and backplate should be generously smeared with a copper or aluminium anti sieze paste/grease. With 120 grit emery cloth deglaze the contact surface of the drum and the face of the brake shoes, then file a generous chamfer on the linings at each end of the shoes, wash and dry the drum, wipe the shoes with a cloth dampened with brake cleaner. Give it a couple of minutes to evaporate then reassemble using new one shot nuts. Adjust up the brakes in the usual way ensuring they are not binding at all. Binding serves only to glaze the shoes and make the brakes run hot leading to squealing. It also means that as the rig decelerates in any way the van brakes are applied rather only when braking.
  11. OP seems to have disappeared. I do hope there’s been a good outcome.
  12. Without seeing pictures of the damage I’d imagine the damage is slight. In that case it would be repaired with a little fibreglass paste, filler, flat and local respray. As long as none of the decals are not damaged they won’t be replaced. They certainly won’t be respraying the whole side. But without seeing the damage it’s only speculation on my part.
  13. Looks like the 12N plug is wired directly to the lights. You could do as you suggest and fit a junction box nearer the front. However you may have a wiring issue in the caravan or car that needs addressing first. I’d attack it like this: Check the adaptor for loose or broken wires, dirty connector pins and fix if required Check the 12S/N plugs for the same especially the earth connector pins. Check tow bar plug for bad connections again pay attention to the earth pins. Check that you are getting 12volts plus at the relevant pins on the towbar plug. If you still have a problem you need to check the light fittings for bad or broken connectors. Once you’ve established that and everything is working as it should then cut the 12N cable close to the plug and feed it through the floor with the 12S cable and fit your junction box inside the caravan. Before cutting this cable dead to length cut it a bit longer and strip off the insulation on each wire and make sure the conductor inside is bright shiny copper. If it’s black the wiring needs to be renewed. Don’t use Scotchlok connectors. If you use crimp connectors use a proper tool that crimps conductor and insulation in one operation. Ideally solder the wires together and shrink wrap.
  14. We decided to give it a miss this year. The site has given us a credit note until September next year. Just as well as Mrs TD has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently undergoing chemo which would have meant cancelling anyway. Looking forward to a month in the Dordogne next June and July. Good luck if you’re going.
  15. We’ve lived with this layout for four years, it’s not an ‘issue’ for us. Just a sideways shuffle if you wish to get past the bed fully extended. Because neither of us is particularly tall (4’11” and 5’6”) we don’t need to extend the bed necessarily but it’s nice to have the extras space when sharing with two dogs!
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