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  1. Afraid we do. Heating and hot water on 24/7/52 just turn the stat up or down to suit. Boiler is now 24 years old and working perfectly. Had 2- 3 way valves one pump and one flue fan.
  2. No option on an Isabella. I think the skirts outside look odd. Always peg down the mud skirts inside to stop the wind lifting them then carpet over the top
  3. I’ll stick with my two decking boards and a pair of SAS clamps then. The AlKo locks went on eBay years ago.
  4. I supply Ctek chargers with all the cars I build as many spend a lot of their time in storage. I could easily supply cheaper ones but I wouldn’t be confident in leaving them connected sometimes for weeks at a time unattended or resetting themselves in the event of a power cut. The thought of a client going to his £170k toy and finding it with a flat battery.......
  5. Having looked at these I was trying to work out the modus operandi. If you separate the two parts will just the red ramp fit between the wheels? If so once your wheels are at the max height of the red part is there room to drop the black part in for the last lift?
  6. Anything over 45mph and I’ll take my Isabella down. It’s been up in stronger blasts but why risk it.
  7. Were there any fault code numbers listed (P codes) as this can help in narrowing down which area to start looking. I doubt whether the failed glow plugs would have caused the problem but would make the engine reluctant to start. My money is on the water leak has led to an overheat and partial seizure. This can result in a loss of compression as the piston rings jam in their grooves therefore a no start situation. the failed glow plugs would not be seen by the PCM as a reason to prevent starting by the way.
  8. Just buy an awning that has a proper pole and pad arrangement to seal against the side of your van. Another reason we ditched the Kampa.
  9. This is why I like being a “softee ” living in the South, we like to measure our summers in months rather than days. No matter how pretty the valleys and hills may be, if it’s raining you can shove them, experienced first hand a few years ago when we wasted two weeks splashing around in the rain at an awful site near Haverfordwest. When on holiday I prefer the sun on my back thanks all the same. Can’t understand why anyone would be a martyr to grotty weather, isn’t it?
  10. Had a Kampa Air Pro, ghastly thing. Went back to an Isabella Magnum. Goes up almost as quick. Seeing all the problems people have had since with water leaks, condensation, exploding beams etc I’m glad we got shot of it. Case in point our neighbour at Polmanter had a brand new Kampa on his brand new Bailey during some pretty awful weather. Ended up having to do this:
  11. Don’t need to colour code the poles, they only go one way round.
  12. Roughly level is good enough, doesn’t need to be perfect. As long as at least half the spirit level bubble is in the zone side to side thats ok for me. Fore and aft levelling is easy to get right.
  13. The only thing I do differently to Steve Biggs is to undo the zips on the front panels next to the end legs. Makes it a little easier to fold the front panels onto the roof. Carefully straighten the curtains across the windows as you fold the thing up. Taking the curtains on and off adds about 5 minutes either end of the operation so no great shakes to remove them. It’s not a race though!
  14. This was ours last time out, from opening the bag to fully up was 40 minutes, earned a round of applause from the campers opposite. I leave the panels and curtains in when I pack up which saves so much time.
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