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  1. Absolutely right about stock levels. Our local dealer Roundstone Caravans usually has 25+ Caravans in stock of all makes. Today as I came past he had 6, 1 Swift the rest Bailey’s. Everything else, Lunars, Adrias, Compass, Elddis and a very nice Bessacarr all gone.
  2. Fed up with making up the bed every night we bought a used twin axle swift with a French bed. After a while we decided that a transverse bed would be better as we both need trips to the loo during the night. Narrowed it to two brand new vans, another Swift, Conqueror 645 and a Bailey Unicorn Cartagena. The Swift won because it has a wood free construction, it wasn’t leaking through the infamous roof straplike the Bailey even though it was brand new and we couldn’t live with the big centre window, no front locker and hideous graphics. Didn’t like the centre washroom Swift as the dunny is o
  3. I’d suggest doing a search on this forum for further info.
  4. Think you’ll find it’s a common issue with Baileys. Have a search on line “Wet Bailey Floor” for info. Good luck.
  5. I’m with Andy 100 % on this one. Best tyres to the front. They do all the work. I rotate my tyres front to back every few thousand miles while I’ve got the wheels off to clean them and check the brakes. This way they all get changed at the same time invariably with whatever tyres were fitted by the manufacturer as OE. Worth making the point that if you drive a 4x4 certain manufacturers ( notably BMW) recommend no more than 10% difference in tread depth front to rear to avoid damaging the transmission. Expensive if you get an irrepairable puncture on one of a set of 1/2 worn tyres....
  6. Try ‘fallout remover’ a car valeting product. Removes iron oxide and carbon from car paintwork.
  7. The fuse in the main + lead from the battery is my guess pure and simple. is the control panel lighting up ok on hook up but not battery.
  8. I think your references to “big flashy car” suggests an attitude that is going to cause problems for you wherever you go. They’ve probably got a nice cosy little arrangement with the current occupier who is happy to have a car parked on her drive for security. Making them park their ‘rather large caravette(?)’ lengthways on their drive will make it even more visible to you and will be a source of irritation to you in the future. Unless you thrive on confrontation I’d look elsewhere.
  9. Could be a leak on one of the grey link pipes. Doesn’t sound like it’s the right bladder for the beam.
  10. I think it’s been ‘got at’‘
  11. Sorry to hear of your problem. We had a 2004/5 636 as our first caravan. Wonderfully stable tow and so much space. We had 9 sleeping in it one night waiting for a ferry. Good luck with your repairs.
  12. It is fine that we have a new member.
  13. We bought a 20 foot string of LED lights that go around the roof and canopy poles. Plenty bright enough, got them from Ikea, warm white colour.
  14. Sounds like your awning fits pretty well. I have to pull my awning sides out a fair way to achieve that gap with my awning although it’s the correct length.
  15. K Seal is very good, developed for the K series Rover engines.
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