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  1. Hello, I ve had a CMC Esso card for a while. We are off to France in a few weeks. Has anyone used their card in France ? Does it work the same and is it worth using ? Just looking for feedback if not we will just use our usual method of payment. Thanks
  2. We had our 2015 Swift Freestyle 6TD written off in October last year due to a slight coming together. Anyway we had new for old with Towergate, who I must say were brilliant. Once it was decided to write the van off they gave us a cash payout value for a brand new 2018 version of our van including the price of a motor mover. In all it took about three weeks. We used the cash to negotiate a really good deal on a new van at the NEC. The sad thing was the insurance renewal came in at £678with a £2500 excess this year with Towergate, however we went through Camping and Caravaning Club Care and paid well less than half that price with £100 excess new for old on the new van.
  3. Hello just after a little bit of help please. We are waiting to collect our new Swift Eccles 635 2018 from the dealer. We were wondering what the maximum size /weight TV, the TV Bracket in the lounge can take near to the door, if anyone knows please. Thanks for for your answers in advance.
  4. Thanks Borussia, we might give the ferry ago, Portsmouth to St Malo, then to Bordeaux, overnighter there then down to Las Dunas. Do you know of sites round Bordeaux. ..cheers
  5. No I stuck to a steady 55-60 mph, but we left Le Mans at 7am and arrived in Spain at 2300 that night. A few power naps on the way, it was a killer drive which I shall never repeat, pushed to the limit. Never again.
  6. Thanks guys, Las Dunas can be a bit Butlins in the sun but its great for our 8 year old, and we found it reasonably priced, strangely not over crowded and it was really clean, and that was in August, this year. Trust me Steve W77. .....370 miles is a small journey compared to 624 miles we did from north of Le Mans to Las Dunas in one day, because of my modification to the van that we had (no longer have as a result)....... Will have a look at the stop overs later, thanks again.
  7. Hello We will be travelling down to Spain next year. We went this year and had a nightmare as I decided to take a gate post with us from England. As a result we were delayed and our plans went a bit to pot. We did a monster drive from Le Mans to Las Dunas in one day, something I don't want to do again. Can anyone recommend any sites that are easy to get to (and have wide entrances, as I don't want to take any more gate posts with me), the route we will be taking will be different from last year so we are looking from Calais, to somewhere around Tours, then down around Toulouse, before we go into Spain. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks
  8. We purchased a Tomtom Trucker 6000 last year, you put your measurements in Height, Length, Width, weight and it calculates the route for you. You can set it to avoid tolls. You can load Archies POI's into it, however I have found most campsites are there anyway. It has free lifetime maps. We used it to get us all the way from Nottinghamshire to Sant Pere Pescador in Spain and it was brilliant. They have a new version, which is wifi so you never need to update it with a computer it will just update when your connected to wifi. Tomtom also do a smart route planner that you plan out at home on the computer and then "send it" to the Tomtom and the route will appear on it. Really pleased with it.
  9. I purchased a maxiview weatherproof socket with twin F connector, B2007 £16. 49. This is fitted to the front outside offside of the van near to the battery box. From the rear of the socket (inside of van) I have two pig tails that run to the back of the Sky Q Box which is located under the front chest so the wires are routed out of view. I then run a HDMI cable up to the tele that sits onto of the front chest. This allows me to watch all channels. I get all the premium channels movies and HD. Whilst I was away recently I had cracking 4g on my mobile phone, and could hotspot the phone the connect Sky Q box and get the demand services. So it can be done however you would need a good data plan !, If it helps I will take some photos and post them.
  10. That's certainly an option if you want/have your old box, and far simpler !!
  11. Just to let you know, I ve had Sky Q working for the past two weeks in the caravan. I get all the Sky channel etc, I don't get any of the interactive bits, however if I had a good 4g signal, or wifi I could connect it and I am sure I would get a full service. To get it to work I purchased a new wideband LNB, from eBay, Sky branded, although I believe some shops are getting them in now. I set up my tripod and dish (same dish I used with Sky+ HD) in the normal way using the Sat Finder app on my phone. I then connected a normal LNB and used my sat finder to get a signal. At this stage I used my old Sky HD to confirm the signal. Once I had a strong signal, I removed the normal LNB and replaced it with the new one and connected the Sky Q. Once the box started I had a full strength signal, and Sky Q worked as normal apart from the interactive stuff as I have no wifi or 4g that I could hotspot on my phone. At first I couldn't get Sky Movies or Sky Sports however after about 10 mins it all worked fine. The second time I set the dish up, as we moved sites, I again used the app, connected the Sky Q and the normal LNB. The Q box provided power to allow the sat finder to work, once I got a strong high pitched squeal I changed the LNB's over and it worked fine, giving me full strength on the Sky Q box. I know this is a fair bit of messing around, however I am sure as Sky Q becomes more popular more kit will come out that will make the process simpler. So in short Sky Q works fine, record, pause, fast forward, however the on demand stuff doesn't unless you have a wifi or 4g connection. Hope it helps.
  12. It's a shame about co pilot, I lost so much confidence with it I ve ended up buying a Tomtom Trucker 6000 Satnav, free map updates, live traffic updates, only thing is you can add your own POI however the icon don't show up in the map street.
  13. Thanks to everyone for the replies. I contacted co pilot and yes you need to enter the full outfits dimensions. In relation to using it I found it rubbish in France. It tried to take me up a two tonne restricted road, then a few times off a main road down some ancient cobbled street. The routing seems at time to have no logic. In all compared to my old TomTom this isn't as good, which is a shame. Yesterday a new map was released so I shall give it another ago.
  14. Hello, I ve got a bit of a stupid question here, and I am hoping someone on here has used the app who can help, so here goes. Can anyone tell me if I need to enter my whole outfits details, ie total size, weight etc (car and caravan) or just the caravan details into the caravan measurement bit of the app ? on my Tomtom system I had to enter the totals for the whole outfit. If someone could enlighten me I would be very grateful. I going to be using the app for the first time going to France in couple of weeks. thanks
  15. Hello Forester72 Re the POI files was really easy. If your Start 60 uses the TomTom myDrive Connect. ..its very easy, as that's what I have. If it'd the Tomtom Home. .well I haven't a clue !! TomTom myDrive Connect. First of all. Create a folder that you can find easily on your computer. Maybe on the desktop and call it something like "POI" You don't need to make separate folders for say CC and then one for CCC Then. Go the CC and CCC websites and look for their POI pages. For the TomTom maps download the files that are "whateverthefilescall".OV2 To do this right click on the file and then the option of "Save target as" will appear. Now look for the folder you created before (POI) and save it in there. Also download the Icon files as well to the same folder (POI), these might be listed as Icon/symbol/ or a very small image file (the name does vary), using the same method. You need these so they show up on the Satnav Then Connect your TomTom to computer. Right Click on the little TomTom icon on the right side of the Taskbar - This should say your device is connected. It should also display "Manage Community Content" - Click this link That will launch a new screen that will give you a number of options such as "Add POI" - Click this link That will then bring up a box that says "File Name" and a white text box with a blue "Browse button" - Click Browse Now locate the POI folder you created at the start, Open that up and then highlight all the files in there. You will see that text box to the left of the "browse" button has now been filled with bold text (this is all your files you have highlighted) You should now, next to the "browse" button have a blue "Install" button - Click that and follow the prompts on screen and on the device. Once loaded onto the device you will be able to select your up loaded POI's via the POI menu. It seems complicated but once you have done it once its easy. Please feel free to modify this guide if its not right. Traffic Cable Its a charging cable that has a little unit on it that receives traffic data and charges your TomTom I have no idea how it works or if its any good, but I know it should work with my TomTom Start 25. You can get cheaper on ebay. http://www. currys. co. uk/gbuk/phones-broadband-gps/sat-nav-systems/sat-nav-accessories/gps-sat-nav-traffic-receiver-for-tomtom-start2-one-xl-xxl-via-10746976-pdt. html Hope it all helps.
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