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  1. Each Coachman caravan is built to our exacting standards using state-of-the-art construction methods and materials and finished with the highest levels of specification and features. We strive to move forward in our quest to create the perfect caravan. Visit Coachman.co.uk for further details. If the above statement is correct why did the window of my 2020 Lazer 650 fall out on the second time of using it. That was in July when they denied any knowledge of receiving the warranty claim dut to Covid. I am still waiting for the claim to be given the go ahead. They also deny that th
  2. I purchased a 2020 Coachman Lazer 650 but could not use it until July. After a couple of day I went to open a side window and it fell out. The windows are attached to the side of the van using double sided tape that had become detached. No screws are used. I examined the other windows and saw that one other had started to come away. Has any other person had the same fault
  3. Hi Beetee I see that you have found the USB port on your radio, but it has limited use. If you wish to play your music from your mobile phone and connect the phone via the USB as the instructions state in most cases it will not work. I have a Samsung Galaxy and contacted Pioneer when it did not work. It works well with an ipod or iphone as it is designed for these products. Other phones are hit and miss even when you download the Pioneer App Most Samsung phones do not work due to the system installed
  4. I received the e mail with the survey attached. Completed the survey, but what a load of rubbish just giving a score of 1 - 10 on a number of issues most of which were not relevant. There were no provisions to add any script and add comments on faults or bad design of products. Most manufacturers do not bother to take any notice of their customers anyway
  5. I had the same problem and solved it quite easily. In the rear of the radio are two feed wires which connect to the red and yellow wires on the radio. In stead of connecting the red wire to the master switch on the control panel and the yellow to a permanent live they run the 2 wires down to the back of the main electrical board in the bed box and then join them together in a connection block. If you trace the wire connected to the yellow one on the radio to this connection and cut it and connect it to the battery connect on the solar panel control box it gives you a permanent feed to the r
  6. In March I purchased a new Coachman Laser 650/4 with an Avtex aerial fitted. The first time I used it I got no signal using the aerial, but it was in a poor reception area and the site provided aerial hook up points. I had a good picture and plenty of channels. The next time I used it I got zero channels and no picture even though the next caravan using a Status aerial got a perfect picture. I contacted Coachman who said the fly lead I was using was not any good and they would send me a new one. I waited and waited but it did not arrive. I contacted Avtex direct and spoke to someone who
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