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  1. Thank you all for your help, I will give Sikaflex a try, I’ve also been told Soudal fix all sealant and adhesive is also good, any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi, my second hand caravan (swift challenger 570) had previously had a roof mounted satellite system mounted on the roof, when I purchased it 6 years ago I didn’t realise, I covered the screw holes with non setting compound and silicone sealant to stop water ingress. Now some years later I have a small damp patch in the bedroom due to water getting in. I wanted to know if using eternabond adhesive tape will create a permanent repair ?, the roof does hold water (puddles) around the area of the leak, will eternabond be ok under water ? thanks all Tony
  3. Thank Paul and sorry Screenman for calling you five star (newbie error) - apprieciate all your help, the car paint and cocktail stick applicator sounds good. regards Tony
  4. Just one more question Five star, I've just looked up the UV resin you mentioned and it appears to be for attaching the fly to a hook for fishing, it cures using a UV pen light, is this a better option than the car touch up pen? Thanks
  5. Thanks Five Star, will buy a touch up pen and fill it in at the weekend
  6. Hi all, I have a small chip in the gelcoat on the rear panel on my Swift Challenger 570 (2010 model). The chip is about 3mm in diameter and is definitely just in the top coat. I want to know if there is a touch up pen or other means of sealing it up, I've looked at buying some top gelcoat but it appears to be sold in large tins which I don't really need. Can a car touch up pen be used or will it be solvent based and make the chip worse? Thanks in advance . Tony
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