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  1. Hello and welcome. It is the right time to buy a caravan. You have good money to spend should get a good one for that. But you will need to find what works for you . So as has been said go to a dealers and look around. The nec show is good but also has been said is crowded.
  2. hi, i have a nice folding one for camping
  3. Hello and welcome. Glad you had a great time. Still looking for the right dream machine for me
  4. oh heck . Not quite done that but did have a car i was forever doing the wheel arches on.
  5. Hello and welcome. Nice to not be just lurking now.
  6. Hello and welcome. I say go for it
  7. Hello, I am not far from avebury myself.
  8. Oh thats wonderful change . No rushing around to take awning down . Stow everything then run off all flustered. Great restful just how it should be.
  9. Hello and welcome. I am sure you will find many good sites. My brother is also autistic so i know how hard it is.
  10. think there is an nec show soon . So may be worth a trundle there . Instead of going all the way up north.
  11. Hello and welcome. So you can give us some advice back
  12. Would say this is definitely not fit for purpose.
  13. Hello . i have a tepee bipper 1. 4 diesel and can only tow 600kg braked. So i choose an eriba puck. It is older but is only 500kg. The eriba range is a bit pricey. But they are great little vans and loads of different ones to choose from. As the guys on here say you need to know what your car willl safely tow.
  14. So i understand it i illegal to wild camp. There are many rules and reg about it. So find a local farmer land owner who is approachable and see if you can pitch on a bit of land now and again
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