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  1. Hi can anyone help , I have a 2013 swift challenger, the string has come away in one of the front blinds, how easy is it to re thread, its not broken , ive looked on you tube without success , anybody ever done one?
  2. Hi guys I have I think but don't know a fault! ive had swift before having a Conqueror 645 2011, and the heating was fine no problems, I think my question is this although my Aldie is switched off when I go in the caravan a swift challenger 645 2013, on cold days parked in my drive its lovely and warm when entering ? how if the heating is turned off? does it have a frost thermostat? that's the question
  3. Hi guys I pick my swift up Saturday, its a 2013 so what do look out for highs and lows please, please don't upset me as the wife didn't want to get rid of the conqueror 645 2008, I had to bend her arm. So come on give me the low down
  4. Hi my thanks, firstly on 2kw with gas and fluid level 1/2 inch above max, it was changed last year for new fluid, my thanks for the help
  5. Hi I have a swift conqueror 645 2008, the aldi heating system is warm but not hot as it was, I tried it this weekend when the weather was cold, I put the thermostat to 30C and waited, after 6 hours the heating was warm but not hot, does anyone know where the bleed valves are so I can make sure there is no air in the system. any other idea please put your 5 penith in
  6. Hi question? What would be the best bike rack for 2 bikes on my Nissan Pathfinder ? We normally take 3 labradore away with us and need to stop for exercise etc . I think it will be putting the bikes on top of the car but don't know how secure, any thoughts
  7. hi yeh found it, thats great guys thanks i appreciated the imput
  8. hi does anyone know how to bleed the internal tank? i know about the bleed valve in the left hand side wardrobe but that doest empty the onboard tank. i changed the valve settings under the seat and ran the taps but its still a quarter full, so does anyone know how?
  9. Hi does anyone know the best way to get small dents from my caravan side, i have tried the pdr method{ view youtube} but being aliminium its not always succesfull. Any ideas i have 3 about an inch in length 1/4 width?
  10. Hi we have our new toy and would like to find mainly a cl withing the peak district, we live near Holmfirth and travel to the Yorkshire dales a lot so we want a change. We have dogs so pets are a must, i have looked on the site and there are a few so i'm open to suggestions Thanks
  11. i have used the glue sytem to get out the dents, look on youtube at dent removal, it took a little longer than it showed but it works realy well,
  12. hi this seems to be the question of the moment doesnt it? i/we go to cl sites we have a loverly caravan and shower which we use. but on one of our breaks away became very amused by the people across from us, they would take their dirty cutlery with bowl across to the washing area where it is pressumed they washed up? they used the loose and showers no matter how late or even how early so one would pressume after seeing the lady of the caravan trotting to the loose at 23:00 hrs that they also didnt use the toilet in the van. So intruiged as my lady wife was was determined to find out more, she went on to explain to my wife that they didnt conect the water, electric or gas to the van !!! why would they she said when the site had everything that was required. the van wasnt a brand new one but no more that 3 years old so i have have come to the conclusion that "theres nowt so queer as folk"
  13. Hi, its up to you of course but the new cadac is far lighter and a bit smaller than the chef, we use our cadac most nights from the grill to the wok, we do breakfast on it and that cannot be bettered, have a look at the new one its the same thing only lighter and i think better
  14. Hi i was on a site last year where a caravan had the outback, i had the cadac he had no end of problems keping it lit, so much so he came over to ask me about my system the cadac, i explained what it was and he seemed impressed so much so he purchased one the following day, i have never used one but do have the outback large BBQ at home which is great so i cannot comment on the smaller version i'm afraid. hope that helps
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