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  1. I have the same one and been using it for nearly two years now, very impressed with it, nice big clear screen and the dash cam is also very good even at night, great bit of kit.
  2. Personally I can't see what all the fuss is about, if you don't like windbreaks simple don't use one, if you don't like dogs on site simple, pick a site where they are not allowed, moaning about something that is allowed within the site rules is pretty antisocial in it's own right. If a pet owner wants to use a windbreak to contain the pet(s) to avoid tethering then I say good on them for thinking more for the pets welfare, if someone wants to erect a windbreak for privacy reasons who cares, they are not on holiday with me and I am not on holiday with them. If you don't like the style or colour of someones awning/windbreak or whatever, no need to pass judgement besides you can always smile inwardly in the knowledge that you haven't bought it anyway so does it really make any difference?............
  3. Had our 2016 Lexon 560 Ultima from new and not a single issue with it to date, I think you may have just been very unlucky.
  4. All great advice above, you will notice everyone talking about draining down the water system(s) just be aware there is more to this than just opening all of your system valves/taps to allow any water to drain out naturally, if you only do this you will still end up with residual water remaining in the pipework/system which can and will freeze if the temp drops low enough, leading to burst pipes and leakages etc. So to ensure this does not happen you have to ensure that all water in the system is expelled, easiest way to do this is by pressurising the system with air and blowing the remaining water out. There are quite a few kits available that will allow you to do this easily (just google 'caravan drain down kits') others will advise on how to make your own kit etc. below is a link to a good explanation and method on how to use one of these drain down kits: Draining down the caravan for winter Hope this helps.
  5. Don't forget to do a proper drain down of the water system to avoid any cracked pipes due to freezing, or are you just referring to the outside surfaces?
  6. Hoddy, you sir are a star, I have been searching for nearly two weeks now for the correct part with no luck at all. Thank you -:) Bryn.
  7. Can anyone point me to where I can buy a replacement battery compartment door lock for a Lexon 560 (2016 model)? I have tried the dealer where I bought it from but they have had absolutely no response from Lunar at all (poor show Lunar) Thanks Bryn
  8. Should just be a case of removing the screw (where it says Lab Craft) can't tell from the pictures but there may be a similar screw at the other end, should be easy to remove as it is designed to be, otherwise how would you replace the existing tube if it fails
  9. Very surprised not to see the Aguri model in the thread, I have been using one for the last two years and can't fault it at all, nice big screen and superb mapping, not put me wrong once whilst towing.
  10. We have just spent a long weekend at Lickpenny touring park and were very impressed, Fantastic views, Great sized pitches (most have privacy hedges between them) Plenty of fully serviced pitches, Dog friendly with a good sized walking area, Not adult only but plenty of playing space well away from the pitches so not really an issue, Lickpenny Caravan Park
  11. As segapod says wash them, do not use fabric conditioner/softener on them as (it will make them repel water) then air dry them (no tumble drying) which should sort them out. Failing that'd if you want to go for exceptional quality take a look on any of the car detailing forums for recommendations of which ones to go for. I have a couple of these https://www. exceldetailingsupplies. co. uk/klin not cheap but boy do they do the job well
  12. Thanks, I will check the Superb to see if they are the same.
  13. Can anyone towing with a Skoda Kodiaq recommend some good fitting towing mirrors? I like to have use of the vehicle mirrors te the same time so looking for a set that does not impede the movement of the Kodiaq's own mirrors Which one are you all using?
  14. One piece of advice I would give is, if you do decide an air awning is for you check to see what is included with the awning package, not all brands provide everything that is needed to use the awning out of the bag, some like Vango provide everything apart from the floor covering, others do not supply things like awning skirt (needed for draught proofing between the bottom edge of the van and ground) some also do not supply the poles and pads needed/commonly used for sealing the space between where the awning sides meet he van side) So that air awning that looks to be a great price can be deceiving once you start adding up the extra costs for the additional bits that are not supplied as standard. PS. we have an air awning and love it
  15. I would be tempted to leave the M25 at the M11 junction, go north on the M11 and pick up the A120 at Bishop Stortford which will spit you back onto the A12 at Colchester slightly further (maybe an extra 10-15 miles) and mostly new dual carriageway on the A120 from Bishop Stortford to Colchester and the short bit that isn't is good A road. Birchanger Green Services with easy parking and access for caravans at the M11/A120 junction
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