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  1. Any one knows how to fit led lights in a coachman 545 above front chest i have one not working thanks
  2. I had the same problem with my pump then I laid my aquaroll on its side and had no more problems
  3. My 2020 VIP has the wrong blind on one window from the out side it has no foil on but looks the same on the inside
  4. Sounds good but I think I have one fitted at the factory as JTQ said it's a lot of hassel thanks for all your replys I have been convinced thanks again
  5. I was going use the solar panel only when in storage and would be fitted in the vans large top window .so no holes Just stand alone then taken down when using the van
  6. Thanks to all i will check when I get it to see if there's one
  7. Any one knows if the 2020 Coachman VIPs are solar wiring ready so I can fit aftermarket panel
  8. Has any one got a good word to say about the dometic toilet I pick up my new 2019 van in a week or so but feeling I have done wrong in buying a Coachman
  9. Thanks all I will give a go Monday
  10. Any one know how to remove the covers on the evolution auto mover .I have taken out the rubber grommets but can't see where it's Holding on need HELP please
  11. I know how they work and they work fine in daylight but not when dark I said it was funny I asked my dealer's top Tec and he said haven't got a clue
  12. No not that I can see you say a dimmer switch may be set low how's that
  13. I have had problems with the led lights in my 2016 VIP 545 from new and I've just found out that the lights over the copbords which all so dims they will only work in the day time and not at night the rest of the LEDs are ok any ideas sounds funny ?
  14. Dealer called back and said results have been sent to hyundai and when they send them back they will take car in . and fix i hope
  15. Thanks for your replies . The dealer sent me a fault form to fill in and i should know the results and whats to be done if anything tomorrow fingers crossed .
  16. They done the fitting and it's been back 4 times
  17. I've been having problems with the towbar wiring harness. It keeps triping the blind spot detection alarm even when I turn it off and I am trying to see if anyone else has had this problem. I'm wondering if a dedicated wiring harness would stop this and also turn off the rear parking sensors. It was fitted at a Hyundai dealership they are telling me they can do no more so I need to see if what they say is correct, they said it is a dedicated harness. Thanks
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    thanks for your views
  19. frontend


    thanks the new tucson 185 hp is up to 2200 kgs limit and the smaller 139 hp is 1900 kgs i think
  20. frontend


    its not there thanks
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    Hi all does any one tow with a hyundai tucson and what caravan do tow and your thoughts please sorry not very good with computers
  22. frontend


    Hi all does any one tow with a hyundai tucson and what caravan do tow and your thoughts please
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