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  1. Jingleman

    Weighing In

    I am looking to get an accurate bassline actual weight for my (single axle) van (I have done the sums but I would like to be sure). The public weighbridges nearby to me don't have great access, does anyone know of a (national) company that do this mobile - or even who might hire me something like the Reich ones which you can DIY. I am in Glasgow btw. Thanks in advance
  2. I was going to suggest you try FB, but it looks like you have already . ..
  3. As we have always used our shower as store for laundry etc - I have to say yes, I would rather have the room tbh
  4. Hey. Although this seems much discussed, I am finding it hard to get a definite answer for this question. ...... If I reverse my caravan using the motor mover alone, will the handbrake engage as soon as I apply it (once happy with where it is) or will I have to move it forward a little to re-engage the brakes and make them work properly ? The van is a Bailey Peg Ancona 2011 btw if it makes any difference. I'll take experience over theory on this one any day btw :-) Thanks in advance.
  5. Jingleman

    Van Man

    I should maybe have mentioned that I have a disabled child and the "van" is a silver 8 seater minibus with a blue badge . ..... thanks for all the helpful comments
  6. Jingleman

    Van Man

    Hey, I am going back to caravaning after a few years off. I have swb Renault Trafic minibus/van. Does anyone know if there are any specific drawbacks to towing with a van as opposed to a car ? Any advice based on experience would be particularly useful. Thanks in advance.
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