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  1. Thank you for the input guys, I will have a look at the suggested awnings and have a more detailed hunt on the net to see what else I can come up with. Cheers, Glen
  2. Hi again, Sorry for the radio silence, but I have been travelling with work! Ideally I would like an Air Awning that is as big as possible and would fit a 2005 Bailey Ranger 500/5. Thanks for your help, Glen
  3. Hi, This may be a really stupid question from a complete newbie, but it would appear from my web-searches that I can't get a full awning for my Bailey Ranger 500/5. Any suggestions or help would be most appreciated. Cheers, Glen
  4. I am a real newbee here, so this may be a really silly question, but can you get a full air awning forms Bailey Ranger 500/5 or do they only work as porch awnings?
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