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  1. its on a 2019 van, was just wondering if there are any structural supports in the roof around that area.......dont get me wrong im not looking to take my jigsaw to the roof anytime soon, I know there are warranty issues etc so id be sending it to a specialist...
  2. Hi Folks We've got a Sprite Super Quattro FB, and are wondering if there is any reasons as to why a roof light/ vent couldn't be fitted to the area above the fixed bed, because when the awning is up it crosses the middle of the side window so were not able to open it..... Cheers Mark
  3. Our van was new in march this year, and the brakes made a hell of a racket leaving the dealer but I wrongly thought they might bed in a and the dreadful noise might stop, how wrong was I..... caravan was returned for them to fit new updated pads/shoes from Alko, collected van this morning and guess what.... yes still sqealing... van was returned promptly within the hour, they now say new drums are needed but these are out of stock in this country. Very frustrating in deed, Alko know these vans are coming out the factory with defective parts fitted and as said earlier its costing them a fortune
  4. Hi Put a search on e-bay for (Swift Sprite caravan plastic bed slat runner profile L/H) its quite expensive for what it is.... relatively easy to replace with a few basic tools.. Mark
  5. 12 months from new with our 6Td, not had a problem with the LED bunk lights, but our oven has come loose, the screws holding it in keep on coming loose, check your spare tyre as ours had a serious defect we only found this out when we were in france and had a flat tyre, so much for a pdi check. ....but having said this we love our van,
  6. Just shows the massive difference in dealers, we had an issue with our Ace Air, one of the bladders decided to go a very odd shape after inflation but didn't pop, spoke to the dealer (Jacksons camping), sent across the photos etc and they exchanged the awning for a brand new one with no quibble what so ever. Great customer service gets repeat business !!!
  7. We've got a 530d saloon and we have a detachable westfilia bar fitted, they cut out a small part of the bumper underneath, which is not visible at all.
  8. Hi We have the Ace air 400, and is probably best thing we've bought apart from the van its self. condensation can be an issue sometimes but usually if there are wet clothes and towels left in there overnight, also if on a grass pitch and no groundsheet is used this also causes a problem but no big deal. we've just had to replace our awning as one of the bladders decided to go a very odd shape and damaged the outer stitching, but the dealer who we bought it from exchanged the whole awning with no quibble what so ever. .....
  9. We have just had the same issue with ours, the inner bladder has developed a over inflated look to it, and has stretched the outer stitching so you can see daylight through it, have contacted my supplier who is looking at the options, repair or replacement !!!
  10. Think we were lucky then, we were on the 10. 45am ferry from Calais to Dover, escaped just in time me thinks. ....
  11. Ive now had the tyre fixed as it went down over night and luckily not on the move, have taken it to a tyre depot here in France, they said no probs and fixed it right away, got back to the campsite and to my horror it had been fixed with some sort of goo, Back home they would have taken the tyre off and plugged the hole from the inside to out permanent repair, I've no confidence in the tyre repair so travelling back on the spare wheel and get my local tyre depot to sort it out when home. ....
  12. so why supply a wheel if you can't change it. ......I ask myself. ..
  13. We have a 2015 sprite major 6 td, all going well until first real long distance trip away from home and I'm surprised to see a flat tyre. I could find the spare wheel no problem but it turns out they don't supply a jack, is that not like having a video recorder but no tv to watch it on. ..... come on swift, rant over !!
  14. Hi, yes I've heard a few reports that its not the best option but I'm struggling to find either carpet, don't really want to go down the route of cutting up a larger carpet to make it fit but this may be my only option,,,,
  15. Hi Folks Have recently bought an Kampa Ace Air awning, and think its great but I'm really having trouble getting a continental carpet, have trawled the internet and phoned countless suppliers but no joy, Any ideas on where I could find one of these carpets they are as rare as hens teeth. ....
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