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  1. Upyonder

    Damp Meter

    I have both types. The one without prongs takes readings deeper than the pronged one so if there are screws or metal reinforcing struts, it will register high. I test with the prongless first and if I get a high reading I then use the pronged one. Its as much about interpreting the readings.
  2. To be fair if you dont keep it did you ever own it ?
  3. Thrashing a new modern engine might not result in immediate problems but following the manufacturers recommendations may as they often say, increase the lifespan, lead to a more reliable engine and reduced oil consumption. For some engines it may not but you take your chance. Me I take it easy for 1000 miles. I always notice the difference from new to when there are a few hundred miles on the clock. Anyone who drives a new vehicle they dont own may not be bothered.
  4. Cant your car dealer make one up for you. He did for the car.
  5. My profound apologies for suggesting sites of further distance. Having read the OP's text I assumed he would have opportunity to take longer breaks in the future. I'm grateful to you for pointing out my error in such a polite way.
  6. Freshwater East CC site is good. Go out of site onto the beach, the whole of pembrokeshire coastal walks and loads of other beaches some with seals. Good nearby pub as well.
  7. The lady on the news item complained she did not get a reminder as she had just changed address. Raises more questions methinks.
  8. Do you get a reminder that your MOT is due? Not had to do it for several years.
  9. Thats why we caravan. Him on the left's the same about kennels. The caravan was his idea.
  10. If its the new model this forum. http://www. tiguanforums. co. uk/search. php?search_id=active_topics
  11. I towed a Coachman Pastiche 520/4 with a 2012 Manual TDI and it towed no probs. Am expecting my current 180ps Tiguan dsg to be even better. Ask your question on the forum below. http://www. mytiguan. com/index. php?app=core&module=search&do=viewNewContent&search_app=forums
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