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  1. This is the solution I used as well, saved a fortune. Also wired it through a relay so if the mains electric goes out it automatically switches over to the battery. The other upside seems to be, as the charger I use is much better quality than the original caravan one, the battery appears to be lasting much better.
  2. If the pump has failed it is possible just to replace the pump without buying the complete whale unit for £40+. Mine failed at the weekend and the pump will be replaced with a £9 one from ebay.
  3. Usually the nearside wheel that comes off, and I've done this, now check wheel bolts every trip.
  4. A bit of tape over the led would be the cheapest solution. I've done this with a few gizmos
  5. Had the same problem on a previous van, just bent out to clear the wheel, problem solved.
  6. Sounds like a better fix than araldite, wish I'd known about it.
  7. Drill a small hole at the end of the crack to stop it spreading, I used araldite on my window and never ever replaced it or had to fix it again.
  8. You might need load resistors to get the Indicator buzzer to work. I'd probably try it and see if it works and if not add the load resistors. https://www. ebay. co. uk/p/4x-LED-Indicator-50w-6ω-Flash-Rate-Relay-Turn-Signal-Load-Resistor-Bulbs-Ballast/2056370220
  9. Saw a caravan parked in the street which had no number plate on it. Does a caravan need a number plate when parked on the road with no car attached? Obviously with a car attached it has its number, but is there a legal requirement for it to be associated with a vehicle?
  10. On older vans the housing for the filter can crack spraying water everywhere. It does pass the time trying to bodge it on site as it always goes 2 or 3 days into the holiday Since then I've always bypassed them and use a filter jug for drinking water.
  11. Dont see why it should be a problem. Both surface mounting with the same type of connector. Liked the idea but would it be cheaper to leave the lights and get a 12v to 5v usb unit and wire that in?
  12. If you're going to be thorough you should do both and then you'll know all the switches and wiring as well as the bulbs are as they should be
  13. I must be impolite as well as that's my solution to having internet in the caravan!! The phone I have is dual sim so increases the change of getting a usable signal. Cheap android phones are easily obtained and give you a wifi hotspot. Maybe for heavy use not the best solution but for emails and some browsing, booking the next site etc a quite effective and economic solution.
  14. Certainly check this out, the last car we had, Vectra was very bouncy (think space hopper!!!!) New rear shocks helped but it was a change of tyres that more or less cured the problem. If your looking at new tyres probably worth going for the higher load index if available.
  15. Last time round looked at a Subaru, it was a nice car but parts cost a good bit (a lot!) more so passed on that one.
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