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  1. If it was my first time caravanning I would had it on eBay that day but we ended up finding a lovely site in Durham had a fab two nights away :-) I've also learnt my lesson, grass is a lot more important than I thought!
  2. Haha! You would think I stole his winning lotto ticket!!
  3. Cancelled this morning, I know a lot of people have said I shouldn't have let it put me off and I was too hasty but when I've paid money to be part of the club to be able to go to these type of sites and had that experience then I'd prefer to go to big club sites. We had two young children (aged 5 and 10) that couldn't wait to stay on a working farm and had to witness a man shout and swear because of a wheel being on grass, I'll happily pay more to go somewhere we know what to expect
  4. To be honest I'd have preferred to have seen signs everywhere then I would understand a bit a of a grumpy man but there wasn't and we were swore and shouted at. This was grass that already had a car and caravan parked on but my one wheel caused an absolute meltdown! Madness.
  5. Hi David, sounds lovely :-) please don't think I'm tying all CL owners with the same brush I'm very sure there's plenty of you lovely owners about, I just felt very disappointed and angry especially with 2 children that were very excited to be staying on a farm and had to witness that. Hope you can understand that
  6. Yeh we explained why and they were fine to cancel the money coming out for us :-) I know there will be plenty of lovely CL sites I think we will just stick to going off recommended now and park about a mile away just in case ;-)
  7. Update, they are not taking our direct debit out. If the land was so precious, don't put another car and caravan on, fence it off, put up a sign, or let us know when we call about said precious land. If anyone would like phone number of CL site for their version of events (who has this much time on their hands?!) feel free to ask. Thankyou for any helpful posts on here. Any unhelpful or judgemental posts please go live with the idiot on the site, you belong together.
  8. More than happy to give their phone number. Some right cranks on here.
  9. Thankyou!! I literally had one tyre that had gone on the grass (which by the way already had a caravan and car parked up on a few metres away!) I really shouldn't assume that if a car and caravan were allowed on that I wouldn't. Bloody Nora these replies!
  10. Does anyone know if there is one to cancel caravan club membership? We have had it for 9 days and got it to use the CL sites but had an awful experience yesterday and don't want to use them. Had the owner shouting and swearing at us because I had accidentally drove over some grass trying to turn around. Never been spoken to like it in my life and felt tiny! We took out the direct debit for the membership and not sure if you automatically get a 2 week cooling off period and can't find anything on the site. Thanks for any info!
  11. What are your thoughts on wild camping? The kids fancied a night in the caravan so we were a bit naughty and found an empty council field and pitched up for the night. It was only as the night went on we got a bit worried that we didn't actually know the rules/laws on this type of thing! Does anyone do this often or is it a big no no?
  12. Haha Thankyou Gordon you avatar flipping star We have just had the one so far and it seemed to go smoothly, a bit too smoothly to get excited haha :-) hope your next trip goes without any hiccups! Thankyou, can't wait to get away again now :-) x
  13. Hello! Hello! Oh I like your style, I didn't think I could fall in love with something on wheels but I have haha
  14. Hi Graham, we had a walk round that site last week it's only 5 minutes from us and it looks like a nice one like you say just to get out of the house. We will have to join the caravan club to get the good discount :-) Oh fab I'll have a look, Thankyou! Sounds great for what we're looking for, Thankyou
  15. Hello! Thankyou I'm sure we will :-) just the impatient waiting game now!
  16. Sounds ideal for us too, I'll add it to the list Thankyou!
  17. Haha defo sounds like a reunion is needed!! Your wife can enjoy the quads without worrying and you just get a ride a quad again
  18. It sounds fab looks like the family will love it!
  19. I will, getting very excited looking up all of the recommendations
  20. What can I say. .. Safety first haha
  21. Lots of great things about Troutbeck, sounds like a favourite Might leave the kids at home just to try out these activities. .. You know just to make sure it's safe
  22. Haha thanks It's my first caravan but my partners had a Bailey ranger in the past. We found this one from a lovely woman who buys them and completely restores them so it's different to any I'd looked at before and fell in love 😍 definitely roll on bank hol!!
  23. Will definitely have a look, Thankyou! If you can recommend any good local ones for a last minute night away send them this way please :-) Sounds perfect, Thankyou! I'll have a good look now.
  24. Great will have a look, Thankyou! Fab thankyou :-)
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