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  1. Thanks for all the replies much appreciated. burstneraddict Thanks for the detailed reply I am tempted to forget sango sands and Ardmair point and spend longer at arisaig and the dunes site you mention looks great, like you say the little lad would love it and also Shep the border collie ! Black Grouse Thanks for the info I had a look on google maps street view and that looks like a good call the lay by looks huge.
  2. We are just starting to plan a 2 week trip upto Scotland with our tourer for easter next year my wife is a school cook so gets 2 weeks of at easter and we have other plans for the six weeks holidays , We did the NC500 last year in the car over a long weekend for my 40th and saw some really amazing places so wanted to take the tourer up and spend a couple of weeks up there. We are thinking of travelling from Sheffield around 7pm and staying over somewhere around Glasgow or loch Lomond so wondered if anyone has stayed over in a layby or services ? It will be too late to pitch up on a site or would we be better leaving later and driving through the night and just grabbing an hours kip early morning ? We have a 3 year old little boy so thought it would be easier doing the main distance when he's asleep. We were thinking of staying near Arisaig first then moving upto Ardmair point Ullapool then Sango Sands then back down to Lochness maybe then home, would this be too much for a 2 week trip. Any advice or experiences would be much appreciated.
  3. Yes Paul i am, i did notice they had put up a sign saying it the place would be closed on friday, the staff there always seem helpful my wife quite often takes the caravan back to storage on her own and she always gets someone coming over to help her reverse into the space.
  4. Hello from another south yorkshire person ! We store our caravan at mexborough and its also our first so learned alot from this site !! Nick
  5. We store our caravan here and so far they have been nothing but helpful from day one. There is always someone around to help, my wife had to take our van back today on her own as I was at work and although she didn't ask for any help the guy on site helped her unhitch the caravan and put it back in its place. I would recommend pastures on my experience so far.
  6. Cheers mate, we decided to come out of the pub after 4 years of a 5 year lease with marstons as my wife ran it more or less on her own because i work full time else where and work away quite alot so was abit too much,there was someone interested in taking the pub on so worked out well. The pub was great and dont regret taking it on but i dont think we would do it again. Thanks for the welcomes
  7. We bought our caravan to live in for 3 weeks as a stop gap while we waited for our tenants to move out after living in a pub for 4 years and then move back into our house. They were a great 3 weeks nice little site with fishing too and close enough for me to commute to work while my wife was a lady of leisure for a few months ! That was last september and we have just got it out of storage to start using it again but not to live in this time ! Made a nice change to have this view for 3 weeks. .....
  8. Just signed up today so thought i would give a quick introduction and say Hi ! We bought our little Swift Rapide 440 in September 2014 as a temporary home after coming out of a pub and waiting for the tenants in our house to move out, it was only a cheapy at £800 but made a great little home for 3 weeks and now we have started using it occasionally for weekend breaks etc. Its our first caravan so still got a lot to learn but so far so good !! Nick.
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