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  1. Thank you, but now I dont know what I will find, and buy. .. so I am looking for details, to know what I can buy. ..
  2. I have find, that i need NACC certificate from UK. Do you know what it is and where can i get it?
  3. It is terrible. .. When I know, that it is possible to register it in my country, because a lot of people did it, But nobody helps, because of know how. .. :-) And what about owners manual or something like that, there isnt VIN, and other information?
  4. Well, and you dont have any paper where are written weight limits, VIN, etc? Something like ID to caravan? Or do you know, if it is possible to get COC to older caravans? Thank you a lot
  5. I am looking for 2005 - 2006 caravan, and I need some document with info about manufacturer, dimensions, vin. that all. I know that some people import older caravans so they must recieved any paper. ..
  6. Hello to all caravaners. I have one more question. I know that in UK you dont have caravan registered. And some of you have CRiS registration. One thing I need to know is, what documents or paper I can get, if I buy it. (because I want to register it in my country, and our MOT need some info about manufacturer, dimensions, vin, etc.) Can some off you put here picture of some registration paper, how does it look like? And how looks CRiS registration? You can anonymise it, i only need to see what information are in which document. .. and show it at our MOT. Thank you very much for advice.
  7. Well, yes. I will make 3rd plate same as on my car, in right visual appearance, fonts. ..
  8. Yea, but it is not problem to insure trailer by VIN, and I asked my insurance company for it. I insure a caravan by vin, and after registration in CZ I call them my new number plate etc.
  9. Perfect, thank you. .. ARTICLE 36 Registration number 1. Every motor vehicle in international traffic shall display its registration number at the front and at the rear; motor cycles, however, shall only be required to display this number at the rear. 2. Every registered trailer in international traffic shall display its registration number at the rear. Where a motor vehicle draws one or more trailers, the sole trailer or the last trailer, if not registered, shall display the registration number of the drawing vehicle. 3. The composition of the registration number referred to in this Article, and the manner of displaying it, shall conform to the provisions of Annex 2 to this Convention. ARTICLE 37 Distinguishing sign of the State of registration 1. Every motor vehicle in international traffic shall display at the rear, in addition to its registration number, a distinguishing sign of the State in which it is registered. 2. Every trailer coupled to a motor vehicle and required under Article 36 of this Convention to display a registration number at the rear shall also display at the rear the distinguishing sign of the State where the registration number was assigned. The provisions of this paragraph shall be applicable even if the trailer is registered in a State other than the State of registration of the motor vehicle to which it is coupled; if the trailer is not registered, it shall display at the rear the distinguishing sign of the State of registration of the drawing vehicle except when it is travelling in that State. I think, this is it. If I have insurance, and plates like it is written up here, I have done everything correct. Thank you
  10. We have only temporary plates to vehicles that are in czech register, or have MOT but not all paperwork done after import etc. But only to transport vehicle in CZ, not abroad. But I like the soluton, with Vienna Convention, and it sound logically. I have done everything what I should. Buy, made insurance on trailer, and tow it directly to my country. Only transport, not holiday with family. And than, registration in CZ and it is finished, I think. ..
  11. Thank you, and do you have full text of Vienna Convention of 1968 ? It sounds good, so if I can find it, a find if Czech republic signed it too, than I only need Insurance and thats it. .. Thank you Towtug
  12. And one more thing, which may be funny with our insurance. We have to insure every trailer. But when we made any demage to other drivers or to someone, demage, and all bills are paid from car insurance which tows that trailer, because trailer can´t move independetly and you made it when you were towing with you car. .. stupid procedure :-)
  13. What do think? I am sorry may be lost in translation. .
  14. Problem is, that in every conutry is different solution. It is long story, to understand law in Czech :-) but I have some examples. Yes, we have to register every trailers in CZ. We have insurance witch belongs only and directly to one trailer. when we have more vehicles or trailer, we have to insure each of them. We can insure caravan only by VIN number, if we dont have plates yet. So there is not problem to make insurance. And nobody ask, if you are employed, if you have house, children etc. You only need to know info about car, motor, VIN, and that is all. (so every country has something easier, and something more complicated) And when we have it, everybody with car with towbar can tow this trailer, and it has one plate, for everyone. So when anybody of my family, for example, want to borrow my trailer, he can. Easy. Same as with car. We have insured car, not a drivers. So it doesnt matter who drives my car, it depends on me, if I lend it to someone, and it is on me, if I have insurance. When I drive, and have some problems (medical) we can change at steering wheel with my fellow, and nobody cares. So when anybody comes to Czech to visit me, I can give him my keys, and if He has driving licence, he can go. Same is when I go to Germany or other conutries here, I can borrow a car, or trailer, take papers, and insurance, and I can go, where is the problem? So why I couldnt go to UK, and borrow caravan from my UK resident cousin, make me third party insurance (from Czech company, by VIN) and tow? And as I said, what happen to you, if you go to europe on holidyas with your caravan, and you car is demaged or broken? You simply get a car from assistance service, switch cars in front of your caravan and go. Isn´t it? So I have not a problem with insurance, and now i think with the plates too. And one more edit: to this: If you tow like that in the Czech Republic you would be guilty of tax evasion as the caravan would not be taxed. In Czech we dont have to pay tax for the trailer, so no problem here Get someone back home to apply for temporary Czech number plates for the caravan We dont have import temporary plates, but only for export :-(
  15. I read a lot of forums and i think that only one posibility is to make it like this : my UK cousin buy caravan, she put her plate as on her UK car, and I borrow van and tow it by my car. With my own insurance maden to VIN of van. With proof of borrow. It is the same, like if UK resident goes on holiday to europe, and his car has broken and he recive any other car registered in country where he is in that time. So he can switch cars and continue with his caravan with plate same as on his car, but with europe registered car with different plate. And I have never seen any problem with that. What do you think?
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