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  1. Thanks for all the replies having taking the tube out was shocked really how thin it seemed, there was a rip at the very end don’t know how or why it went there just put it down to been 5 years old. Found tent spares from Hinckley ordered this morning and it will be here tomorrow , so all good.
  2. Would you believe it away and one of the beams popped today has any body ever placed a patch over it to get it fixed or is it a new innertube. Thanks Paul
  3. Hi there we placed an order back in Feb 2020 unfortunately the company who makes them went bust, another company has taken them over which accounts for my delay. I have managed to speak to Prima leisure this week who have stated that if they have no information on a delivery date they will refund my money.
  4. Thanks for the replies the replace date is Mar 2026,going to give it a clean an see how it goes..
  5. Hi all away in our caravan on the east coast our fireangel decides to go off usually round about 1 am most mornings, fitted new battery doesn't go off during the day, cant understand why. model number SI-601 thanks for any suggestions.Paul
  6. Hi we bought our caravan a year ago, understandably the dealer has closed the service was booked in for April to go in for some things to be done under the years warranty, I totally understand there position but surely a e-mail just to confirm what will happen to customers already booked in would have been nice. Hope everyone is keeping safe. Thanks Paul.
  7. Thanks Wildwood its going for a service next month so hopefully they can fix it.
  8. Hi when plugging my caravan to the mains yesterday I caught the mains wire and it snapped the hinge. Has anybody ever encounter replacing the hinge or is it a new complete box.
  9. Hi sorry to ask something about my battery, put it on charge this morning soon went up to 13.7, 6 hours later just checked its reading 14.2 my question is it safe to keep it plugged overnight. I am not charging on a charger its in the van. Thanks Paul
  10. Thanks for the replies Ill have a go an upload some pics tomorrow
  11. Hi our front locker floor on our Luna is looking a bit tired stains etc, has anybody got any suggestions to improve the look of it.Thanks Paul
  12. Thanks Guzzilazz for posting it works Thanks.
  13. Hi while on the topics of a Kugas filled up my tank yesterday while I was resetting fuel etc it came on my display three petals about my driving on eco mode, trouble is don't know what I did to bring it up now I cant find it again.
  14. That's not bad mines 65plate 2 wd 140 bhp so hopefully I can achieve that. Thanks
  15. Hi we have just changed to a Kuga haven't towed with it yet anybody enlighten me on what to expect mpg when towing, and what does everybody get mpg solo. Thanks Paul
  16. Hi often wondered of using premium diesel does it improve mpg.
  17. Hi I am sure there was a thread on this somewhere, I have a good old Mondeo 2010 no problems towing at all, it has a FSH plus cam belt change this year, my mechanic has diagnosed a gear linkage problem and has said best to take it to a gearbox specialist so how much money do you put into a car to keep it running before saying enough is enough. Paul
  18. Paul64

    Dash Cam

    Hi my nextbase dash cam has been on my windscreen for literally months now with no issues, away in my van last weekend and you've guessed it, it fell off in the middle of the night which set off my car alarm which probably upset other campers. Anyway it has got me a bit paranoid now when away in the van so has anybody got any useful tips on really securing it to the windscreen sticky pads etc. Thanks Paul
  19. Hi all just purchased a Huawei E5330 always used a dongle for my lap top so got this instead, having great difficulty in getting it set up its asking for the network key, is that the IMEI number. Thanks.
  20. Thanks for all the replies mine also is a camper so Ill give it a go.
  21. Hi all we have had a garmin for quite some time now but when on holiday, and you want to visit a town you have never been to before it always asks for a street name is there any way round it, just to put in the town you want to visit. Thanks Paul
  22. Hi we currently have a Unicorn Seville 2 which is 21 ft. 2 in,thinking of changing to Unicorn Cadiz which is 24ft towing a extra 3ft will it be any different apart from the weight. Thanks Paul
  23. Hi all just changed our caravan to Bailey unicorn Seville, couple of questions just changed the batteries in the motion alarm do I need now to disconnect the main battery to reset only because its not working, the fob is making all the correct bleeps. Thanks Paul
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