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  1. Hi thanks for replying its not directly underneath the window its more to right of the window, cant understand why there's a round bit in the middle
  2. Hi just noticed these marks over the last 2 days is it coincidental that we had trouble with our water housing/filter which is located under these marks. Caravan just got back from a service which had no damp. Thanks Paul
  3. Thanks for the replies would you believe it , when we got the caravan 2 years ago had a look there was a small bag of connectors and bits that came with the caravan and there was the connector i needed..
  4. Hi on our Lunar es 2016 in the battery box there is a sat connection, can this be changed to a ordinary TV aerial point, the reason I ask is when we are on a site with TV point we have to drag the cable all the way round to the front of the caravan to plug it into our TV. Thanks Paul
  5. Hi due to all the snow we had last week unfortunately water came through the sky light on my Lunar and it has stained the upholstery, has anybody just washed it with a vax or something similarly, cant take them off as they are fixed with buttons. Thanks Paul
  6. Hi all can I just ask how you get informed to go for your jab, text, email or just wait for your letter to drop through your letter box. Thanks Paul
  7. Paul64

    Door lock

    Hi seen as we haven't been away in our van for some time I have been going in an out of quite a bit just to check things as you do, now i find the the key more difficult to get the key in still unlocks it, so wondering which is best putting some graphite powder into the lock or just squirt some lubricant in it. Thanks Paul
  8. Thanks for all the replies having taking the tube out was shocked really how thin it seemed, there was a rip at the very end don’t know how or why it went there just put it down to been 5 years old. Found tent spares from Hinckley ordered this morning and it will be here tomorrow , so all good.
  9. Would you believe it away and one of the beams popped today has any body ever placed a patch over it to get it fixed or is it a new innertube. Thanks Paul
  10. Thanks for the replies the replace date is Mar 2026,going to give it a clean an see how it goes..
  11. Hi all away in our caravan on the east coast our fireangel decides to go off usually round about 1 am most mornings, fitted new battery doesn't go off during the day, cant understand why. model number SI-601 thanks for any suggestions.Paul
  12. Hi we bought our caravan a year ago, understandably the dealer has closed the service was booked in for April to go in for some things to be done under the years warranty, I totally understand there position but surely a e-mail just to confirm what will happen to customers already booked in would have been nice. Hope everyone is keeping safe. Thanks Paul.
  13. Thanks Wildwood its going for a service next month so hopefully they can fix it.
  14. Hi when plugging my caravan to the mains yesterday I caught the mains wire and it snapped the hinge. Has anybody ever encounter replacing the hinge or is it a new complete box.
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