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  1. Save 8k and buy my bailey arizona see classifieds
  2. Thought advert stayed on for 365 days, then found out it had been deleted and i now have placed the advert again, hope i get some response as the caravan is in pristine condition.
  3. I did have an advert in classified but it disappeared
  4. Anyone out there interested in buying our Bailey S6 arizona caravan everything included.
  5. Have you checked your rcd to ensure mains is entering van ?.
  6. Would you be interested in a Bailey S6 arizona 4 berth in lovely condition
  7. I have advertised our caravan for sale on classifieds here and caravan finder and not had one single enquiry, does anyone think people are put off from buying from a previous owner becaùse they will not get a warranty or they have read about all the faults raised on these forums. If a buyer was interested in buying i would certainly allow them every opertunity to examine and ensure all in working order and pay for an independant advisor.
  8. Try sealant eater/ remover available from screwfix.
  9. Tyres are load rated for a reason and in my case they have to be 104 for the weight of caravan.
  10. The load rating is not 104/102.
  11. All the brands on the internet that have the 104/102 load rating are of chinese or asian manufacture and some have poor reviews, fitting quality tyres are important to ensure safe and reliable travel as failure could be dire to the caravan and other road users
  12. Looks like other caravanners never seem to have problems finding the correct tyres by the number of responses to this topic.
  13. MTPLM is 1500 single axle.
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