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  1. Hi Everyone Just wondering if anyone has a Pro Tech towing cover for their Clubman, if so just wondering if you have bungee straps for the side panels and do you have metal eyelets for them to fix in to? We order a cover and have eyelets for the centre part of the cover for the A frame but not for the sides just wondeing if this is correct? Thanks in Advance
  2. Hi Again Just wanted to say that we are now the proud owners of a Clubman SE from Swindon caravans Reading, we were happy with the part exchange offered it was comparable with other dealers. Thank you Swindon
  3. Hi We are thinking of buying a caravan from Swindon Caravan Group (Reading) just wondering has anyone had any dealings with them? and have they got good after sales service? TIA
  4. Hi We are thinking of buying a Clubman SE and are wondering what people think of this van as can't find many reviews. Thanks in Advance Denise
  5. Hi Just wondering what you tow your Adora Thames/Isonzo with? we are thinking of getting the Adora Thames and have a Kia Sorento manual 2. 2 diesel 2014 and trying to decide how well our car will handle the Thames. Thanks in Advance Denise
  6. I think that must be a fault with them ours smells from time to time aswell, wasnt sure if it was the breaks or the clutch, but when they serviced it they said they couldnt find a problem with it.
  7. Hi all We are thinking of buying a new Adria Isonzo and was wondering if anyone else has one that they tow with a Kia Sorento 2. 2 Diesel ( Manual) just wondering how it preforms and if there are any problems with towing a heavy van. Thanks in advance
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