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  1. do all awnings suffer from condensation ? how do you overcome it ?
  2. is there not a glass's guide for caravans same as for cars ??
  3. best ask your insurance company they can only say yes or no
  4. Anyone recommend a good air awning , looking to buy a air awning 3m - 3.5m lenth max depth 2.5m
  5. you have the wrong persons name here
  6. is the van not under manufacturers warranty ? what has your finance company got to do with it ?
  7. i aint got anything like that for my boiler flue only on the external 240v ar the water connection
  8. does anyone on here use safefill bottles ? any good or bad points ? when i looked them up it seems morrisons supermarkets are the national filling centre
  9. phone coachman deal with caravan details he should sort you out
  10. what cover are you talking about ?
  11. was a member of the AA relay for 30 yr today but cancelled when i found out my caravan has to attached to my tow car if it has to be recovered ie caravan on campsite and we go out for a day the tow car breaks down and needs to be relayed to my home address the caravan is not attached so is not recovered does any of the other companies cover the caravan when not attached ??
  12. i tow with a 2019 citroen dispatch mwb 120hp manual - we got a tuning chip box to take bhp up to 161 bhp it tows a challenger x880 and it tows it superb very stable unit even if big artics score past also returns 30mpg towing would recommend it to anyone
  13. don't tell them what your towing it with
  14. sounds like pcb at the cistern
  15. its a lottery they are all good and they can be bad also swift , bailey , coachman they are all about same for build quality take your pick and keep your fingers crossed
  16. flag down a british gas van and ask the engineer for a universal thermocouple they come with spare lock nuts {he will probably do it as a homer {as long as he has an lpg ticket } this work requires you to be gas safe registered as a tc is a safety device so is the glass lid switch if any of these are not working don't take a risk i am a british gas engineer
  17. mr Plodd what a great idea im going to do the same
  18. don't buy it just walk away buy a damp meter for when you go to view another caravan
  19. thats probably me your talking about my yeti is 1565 kg empty and i only used it to pick up my brand new x880 1480kg empty and tow it 17 miles home never knew it was there. but the yeti is rated to tow 2100kg by the manufacturer not many cars can tow that legally i have a much heavier tow car but its good to have a back up just incase my yet is 1565kg on log book
  20. can anyone tell me where all the bleed points are on my caravan
  21. well that means my 2020 challenger x has 5 yr fluid thanks
  22. what colour is the 2 year and 5 yr alde fluid ?
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