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  1. never seen anyone wild camping in a caravan thats not had bother from the police as you can't use lay-bys unless you have the caravan lights on all night unless your a certain distance off the highway then you need the landowners permission to sleep on his land wonder where your going to dump your excriment from the toilet if your wild camping there are no chemical waste points you can use unless on a site best advice pre book into sites
  2. we are members of the caravan a motorhome club no problem going on there sites with a van
  3. What are caravan manufacturers attitude about towing with a lgv ie a panel van like a vw t4 , t5, t6 or ford transit, vauxhall vivaro, citroen dispatch
  4. telegan

    tuning box

    what about a diesel tuning box from tdi-tuning.com they have a box with 2 or 3 cables that plug into various part of your engine they claim when you unplug it your eco goes back to factory settings so can it still be detected after its unplugged ?
  5. this towing malarky is giving me a sore head !!!!
  6. so im 100kg can i add 42kg to the mass in service as im the driver ? so how do i find out what i need to know for my exact model is there a site ?
  7. can anyone tell me if my mass in service weight on my log book includes an allowance for the driver ? how much do they allow ? where or how do you find out what it includes ive heard some manufacturers allow 70kg for the driver well im 100kg so do i get to add 30kg onto the allowance {mass in service } or do i add 100kg {mass in service} if there is no allowance ? i have a 2015 skoda
  8. telegan

    help required

    probably because there stuck in a time warp look at vehicles service times my van is 2 yr or 36000 miles when i started driving in the late seventies you would service your car every 12 months or 6000 miles and do the timing belt say every 36000 miles look at some of the small cc cars of today 140bhp from a 1200cc my old ford 2.0 cortina was lucky if it was 100bhp everything has moved with the times
  9. telegan

    help required

    what yeti did you have and why the answer not a chance ? mine is the 2.0tdi 4x4 yeti outdoor 150bhp 1565kg for car plus another 25/30kg for the towbar caravan wheel in the car boot maybe 10kg wife another 70kg plus various bits and pieces another 50kg
  10. telegan

    help required

    its a skoda yeti outdoor 2015 with 4x4 what happened to legal eagle reply ? did i say something wrong ? his reply dissapered
  11. telegan

    help required

    its out of date with a lot of cars and vans it seem to rely on the caravan club 85% rule
  12. telegan

    help required

    i think im getting what you say but if i had a 3ton 4wd going to tow the same caravan and there are very high winds having a heavier car towing is not going to help really is it you still need to slow down. if your braking with the heavier car then that may be better than a lighter car but i don't think a heavier car is going to help with high cross wind so whats the law say about my car and caravan weight ? am i ok ?
  13. telegan

    help required

    well being a gas fitter for british gas gas boiler manufacturers instructions take precident over any corgi now gas safe regulations. thats why i think that the car manufacturers weights are ok for me to tow a caravan which is heavier than my empty car but is lighter than my car when its in towing mode all this is really confusing who is right or who is right
  14. telegan

    help required

    i would ideally like to tow a caravan that weighs 1642 kg so if the manufacturer says the car can tow 2100kg is that ok the car weighs 1565kg empty which means im above this 100% rule im confused with all these figures manufacturer says you can tow 2100kg caravan club says you cannot as its above the 85% or 100% rule why does the manufacturer not say its only allowed to tow up to 100% of the weight of the car ?? anyone from the police or dvla on the forum that could maybe clarify
  15. telegan

    help required

    i passed my test before the restrictions came into force
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