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  1. anyone towing the Grande Brindisi ? had any problems with it yet? does the bathroom heat up ok as my Swift Sprite Major 4sb is a cold part of the van as the hose for the hot air is routed outside from the front of the van from the boiler to the back of the van looks like the Brindisi runs all inside
  2. anyone towing with the crv 160bhp ? just wondering how well it tows ? what weight are you towing with it ?
  3. national tyre service
  4. just found this on the nts website The BTMA (British Tyre Manufacturers' Association) recommend that caravan tyres be replaced every 5 years and should never be used if they are over 7 years old. It's also recommended that caravan tyres with a high inflation pressure (above 50psi) should be replaced at 3 years and never used beyond 5 years, according to The Caravan Club.
  5. looked like matt black paint to me
  6. was at the caravan show today in Glasgow i had a good look underneath the bailey grande brindisi and it looks like its just paint protecting the plywood floor from any water that hits it !! under the swifts it has a layer of grp to protective underside from water do you think the paint will do ok ?????
  7. strathclyde country park beecraigs country park
  8. good to of another site to put on my list not to visit thanks for the review
  9. telegan

    tuning box

    its a 2015 yeti outdoor 150bhp 4x4 version had it from brand new and i think its a great towcar as i will be towing 1500kg just looking for a bit more torque at low speeds
  10. surely the can only get in if they climb up the corner steadies ?
  11. only way they can get in must be to get up the corner steadies so i would lookout doing something to stop them getting up them
  12. telegan

    tuning box

    looking into buying one of these tuning box 's for my towcar anyone used one while towing did it improve the experience of towing ? ie less gear changes etc etc any problems using it ?
  13. the like not working !!!
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