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  1. is it only air awnings that suffer from condensation or do poled awnings get it just the same surely if its well ventilated it should not happen
  2. my mate who is a mechanic had a look earlier today its the coolant that cools the egr valve so its getting past the gasket at the egr and straight into the exhaust only using about half litre every 150 miles will be selling car shortly so a temp repair will do me because its a 4x4 its a bit more work than just a 2wd due to transfer box etc etc its a common fast on the vag range of cars
  3. you will only get 5 yrs water ingress not the full 10yrs warranty as your the second owner
  4. a swift x challenger 880 the one with the bigggggg island bed
  5. whats the best liquid sealant to seal head gasket ??
  6. were in central belt scotland and have alde heat in our swift x challenger and tour up north all year and have no problem keeping caravan warm were up in Inverness in end of october for a week then over to ullapool november going south is for wimps
  7. i have a skoda yeti outdoor 4x4 manual 150bhp and its kerb weight is 1565kg this is heavier than the much larger skoda superb estate !! and i used to to a caravan which was 1500kg fully laden no problem at all well worth looking for 1 its a wolf in sheep's clothing cannot recommend it highly enough
  8. looking at a secondhand awning as in the title anyone got any comments about that awning ?
  9. do all awnings suffer from condensation ? how do you overcome it ?
  10. is there not a glass's guide for caravans same as for cars ??
  11. best ask your insurance company they can only say yes or no
  12. Anyone recommend a good air awning , looking to buy a air awning 3m - 3.5m lenth max depth 2.5m
  13. you have the wrong persons name here
  14. is the van not under manufacturers warranty ? what has your finance company got to do with it ?
  15. i aint got anything like that for my boiler flue only on the external 240v ar the water connection
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