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  1. Sorry to sound really dim... but im assuming the valve end is the aquaroll end 😬
  2. many thanks Jiffy176
  3. Hi all. This thread seems appropriate, as Ive recently bought an Aquaroll Mains Adaptor off my friend (i think its a garage find when they moved house!!) Altho its a pukka Aquaroll one, the box just looks ancient! It doesnt have much in the way of instructions either. Ive took couple of pics and wondered if anyone could kindly please let me know: 1) which end of the blue hose is for the float and which be for the site tap? 2) does anything look missing? Would i need to purchase anything or any rubber seals etc?! ...as for the advice already given i certainly will be turing off the site tap and van pump when we go out for the day 🙈 thank you x
  4. We recently bought a 2nd hand alko wheel lock for our van. Just been up the storage to fit it .... and boy what a faff. We dont have a motor mover for starters, and the OH is somewhat hard work ... so i may aswell be flying solo !! By eye it looked spot on but when holding the red lozenge up against the wheel, the receiver was millimetres off. Faffing pushing & pulling the van using a brick as a chock didnt help as as soon as i go yep thats it, OH applyies handbrake and the movement mis-aligned it again 😤 After about the 6th attempt we got the thing lined up and on. And the van still within its parking space! I store the van with handbrake off anyway so just omitted that part and just relied on the brick chock once aligned. Qustion is any idiot proof aligning tips ?! Or is a motor mover the next best purchase ... or a divorce!! 😵🥴🤗
  5. . ... sadly the previous owner didnt keep it in the van and the dealer could only offer a download version 😦. im one of those dimwit folk who learn far better by being shown (rather than reading manual 🤔😬) x I’ll have a mess about with the duct flaps😛
  6. Hi all. Im still miffed with this UltraHeat system too 🤯 we have a 2010 Lunar Ultima. I can feel the heat at the fire front, which for me is comfy (but hubby is a cold wuss)..... but the heat doesn't seem to travel to the back of the van were the beds are. Im assuming I need to use the ‘hot air ducts’ for this?? But when i select the A or the curl-shape logo on the rhs dial of my fire it just blows cold. Do i need to fire up the actual fire using the lhs dial ( 1-10) to implement the hot air to blow freely through the whole van? photo is my ultraheat/fire x
  7. Morning, sorry to hi-jack this post but it’s along the same lines. .... we we have a 53 XTrail bought with a tow bar already on it. Electrics were the 2x 7 pin. These worked fine on every outing with our older 1997 van. We recently upgraded to a 2010 which has the 13pin electrics. The dealer kindly gave me the adaptor lead (as I bought the wrong one, prior off the net!!) BUT upon hitching up the side lights on the vans RHS do not work. All other lights are fine! the dealer had his guy test the van and the new adaptor on his big yellow power pack thingy and it all worked. Conclusion it must be my car electrics . .... i have the towbar guy booked for next week to change my car to the 13pin. Any ideas what could be the issue? they quoted me £80 to change the pin plugs. Max £100 if the guy needs to change a wire . .. does this sound right? many thanks in advance 🚙x
  8. montymal53

    friends Hobby

    🤬theiving scum! Im guessing no further news?! Bit of a worry though as our van is stored there (thankfully its not a Hobby) but evenso sounds like if they want something they will get it. I was under the impression that the storage gates were un-openable after a set time at night?! . ..and CASSOA Gold!🙁
  9. Mk1 vw Scirocco insurance write off & scrapped (not my fault) Mk1 vw golf . . Y reg died & scrapped VW polo (ranger) died & scrapped Mk2 vauxhall Astra . .G reg gave to in-laws - they wrote it off 😟
  10. Thank you Xtrailman, i was hoping you'd comment What spec Xtrail would you consider to tow a big van?
  11. Hmmm. .. Wonder if we'd be better off with a 4x4. Mitsubishi, land/range rover etc. . £2k would be a very max spend Prob with the monster trucks, you get monster costs for repair/maintenence
  12. Hi Milton At a guess, towing the van 600 upto 1500 miles per year. No idea sorry on, without van. .prob another 1500 over the year?! Plus The daily commute is either 10 or 20 miles r/t a day, depends if he or i use it. .. X
  13. Hi all Hoping you guys might be able to add some pro's / con's to our decision. .. We seen an '09 Bailey Pageant Sancerre (fixed bed) that we like! Its max is 1435kg (from memory). But, for this, we'd need to upgrade tow car. We've seen two nissan x-trails for sale. Which would be better, bearing in mind it would also be a daily work car too:- 2004. 2. 2 dci sport. 129k Or 2003. 2. 5 i sve. 130k Many thanks Vicky x
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