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  1. What is the volume of water/htf required for a virgo black eition
  2. WJG

    whale aquasource

    The black edition Vigo does not have an onboard pump When you disconnect the exterior pump and connnect the Whale Aquasource which has a built in pressure valve water should flow, mine doesn't
  3. WJG

    whale aquasource

    The connection is to the mains water supply
  4. I have a Bailey Virgo and when I connected to the above, water did not flow from the taps. The supply hose was very long could this have been the reason? Regards
  5. Steve, thanks for your reply and yes my locker looks like yours. You are using a different gas bottle and it looks bigger than a 6kg calor gas bottle. Could you tell me what gas it is and its weight and type.. Although I have seen them I know nothing about them and where to buy . What fittings do they use? Regards
  6. I have a Black Edition Vigo and have found it difficult to install two 6kg bottles. The floor fixing is OK but the cradle does not fit no matter how hard you try pull the strap . The second bottle is tucked around the corner and no way can you tighten the strap because you can not stand in front of the bottle . also the wall spacers are missing . Do Bailey test their equipment? Anybody have a solution ? Regards
  7. My main object is to prevent rain and rubbish entering while towing
  8. I have measured the two vents on my Vigo black edition and the covers should be 360x300 . I have scanned the web ,approached Prima and Bailey who tell me to go to Prima. Can anybody help?
  9. Can anyone tell me which vent covers are suitable for the above fridge
  10. I have a new bailey caravan and the awning rails are blocked with sealant. To save a trip to the Dealer has anybody had the same trouble and solved the problem?
  11. I emailed Bailey and ask why they say not to use Carnauba wax on their caravans. The reply was they have not recommended the wax for many years. If you look for a quality wax you will find most have carnauba in their ingredients. Boat polishes which are made of GRP use this type polish. I have used the polish on caravans I have owned without any problems and I was congratulated by a Bailey Dealer that my trade in (11years old) was the original colour. What is your opinion and if Bailey read this could they explain. Regards
  12. Thanks. 635mwd the information is very helpful and what I was after.
  13. If a representative or someone in the know could throw light on this I would be grateful
  14. The holes are not small which suggest you have not seen them. The are not 'easily' sealed and how Bailey can put them on the market like that I do not know. I suggest they put a cap over them.
  15. It is the rear moulding containing the rear lights which is a attachment to the body and does not match the contour at each side
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