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  1. We're still waiting for an acceptable resolution from Dealer and Elddis wondering how much more of the season we'll miss? I might bring it to the NEC - just down the road from us here so that prospective purchasers can marvel at my Gaffa tape repair. .. what do you all think? P
  2. Good one Milliedog Shame Our Lovely Investment's Decrepit
  3. I got into thinking today. Somethings Odd Loads of Inapropriate Damp any others you can think of? P
  4. Initially the dealer was pretty unsupportive I have spoken with them yesterday and today and there does seem to be a slight improvement in their response. Anyway SoGA letter sent with photographic evidence both Emailed and hard copy registered delivery lets see what transpires over the next 24 or so hours! Kids have just about got over the disappointment of no trip away, not sure Mrs Mack has! thanks for the support all. Paul.
  5. Thanks Milky were fortunate that we have just come back from France, (we were going to make some more use of the school hold over the coming BH) seemingly ok and to be fair to Elddis the returned it to the factory and got it back to us within a tight deadline it just looks (now i've had time in the dry and light) like the sealant / bonding agent around the top of the panoramic skylight has failed and water is simply pouring in and has done so for a couple of weeks whilst in storage. It's a 6 berth rear washroom with mid ships table (which is great because it seats 4 and transforms into another double - just) I know all manufacturers have their QA issues and as i keep saying I do not have an axe to grind with Elddis -just want this sorted PDQ. Looked to go out and tape the rear edge of the skylight but i'd need 7' long arms! P
  6. My 2014 Tempest is pretty similar but has the factory fit swimming pool option I bailed it out twice today - see my post under solid I'm really disappointed caravans look great with great layouts but mine despite a factory return leaks like a sieve. I cannot put into words how disappointed I am. Paul.
  7. just had to go out following a thunderstorm and bail out nearly a pint of water being held by the skylight blind. Oh dear things seem to be getting worse! Paul.
  8. Not sure if anyone is interested in an update but here goes anyway. .. We decided to let Elddis have our van back to attend to the issues and their aftersales department were very good indeed very reassuring and did exactly what they said they were going to do. The van was returned just in time for our holiday to France and we have to say they had done a really good job on it and it was very clean and tidy. It's been back in storage now for a couple of weeks and as were off midweek went to collect it today. As I reversed up to it i said to Rachel (SWMBO) that theres a problem, I could see the skylight blind sagging and dishevelled. Upon entering there were puddles of water sodden squabs, mould, deformed decorative mouldings wet carpet, wet sleeping bags I was totally gutted. As I've posted before the caravan really is great and suits our family well but with SWMBO in tears, and our two girls (4 and 7) in tears because our plans for next week are now in tatters, I'm totally at a loss. I genuinely do not want a refund or a different model of caravan but simply cannot live with the disappointment and stress this one is bringing almost on a monthly basis. Come on Elddis, do the decent thing swap this nail of a van for a good one. At this rate I can see me 'delivering' it back to the Elddis stand in October at the NEC and causing a bit of a fuss. ***** off? totally! This shouldn't be the experience of purchasing a top end caravan. - Please all note I do not have an axe to grind, and believe it to be the best family friendly caravan available on the market presently - wet beds and mould are seriously affecting my judgement though. Dropbox link below if anyone is interested in photos of today's discovery! https://www. dropbox. com/sc/ds9md23d9m00a23/AAA1ddU-M6Q5nRgkWlLXSmmUa Cheers Paul.
  9. Thanks MW Just waiting to hear from our solicitors. I think my letter writing is done now - it's over to them. Paul.
  10. Still no joy - we've requested a replacement van under SoGA - Dealer is adamant we must accept a repair. The relaxation continues!........ Paul.
  11. No really no issues all I know is that around the skylight 28% and each wheel arch 65% and 68%. Other than that it's a brilliant van does everything we need of it but obviously we cannot accept such high readings at 12 months. I'm sure yours wil be fine don't worry enjoy Paul.
  12. I am a new poster but have been a 'voyeur' for quite a while Muddy wheels, I was, last year waiting for delivery as you guys were and the excitement was also building for us.- i was reading and watching your posts at the time. - I also know from my 'voyeuring' you have had a fair few issues. Don't get me wrong i think the van is on the whole fantastic but we really shouldn't be faced with these issues on what is a top end vehicle. he fight is progressing we already have legal advice and have made the dealer aware of our intentions. ... Watch this space - caravanning . .. a relaxing and peaceful hobby. ...sometimes.
  13. Hi Milky, I don't think they were too impressed and was told I couldn't leave it and I should discuss our issues with their General Manager I told them they couldn't stop me from leaving it. I told the GM of my intentions, also that I would follow it up on Monday with a letter from our solicitor, listened to him and the service manager whine on for a while disputing we had received poor customer service, then scooped the family up and left van less. Paul.
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