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  1. Appears to have done the trick, finished it off with a light fill of 'Ivory Builders Sealant', and tested it under the tap, appears watertight . . This product deserves 10/10 even if it's just for the quirky name . ...
  2. SecretCaravanner - Thanks just what I was looking for and ordering it now on Amazon . .. FAB
  3. I had a 1. 9tdi 105PS and whilst it was a lovely car, very economical etc I did find it a bit underpowered on hills when towing and eventually destroyed the flywheel resulting in a bill of £1300 at 24k miles, so would conclude that whilst it is a capable tow vehicle and was a good match for my Sprite 6 berth it did destroy the car in eventually . ..
  4. I would mirror all of the positive comments above and add the following . . Interior space is amazing and with seats folded down etc you can fit a wardrobe in, but not advisable when towing. . The 80kg nose weight is a bit restrictive but can be overcome by ensuring you don't overload the front locker The Fuel Economy is poor at around 22mpg towing my Twin Axle, but not sure if I should expect any better from this type of vehicle (mines an Automatic LTZ) The only other issue is the DPF Cycle kicking in every 500 miles, usually occurs at the wrong moment, i. e. when your towing up a big hill and results in the power output reducing dramatically That said it is the most solid and comfortable car I have ever owned and tows superbly, very stable . ....
  5. Hello . . I have been reading this forum for years but this is my first post . . I note there are lots of Posts regarding 'Wet Locker Doors' leaking, however I cannot find any suggested solutions and I need advice . . so here goes My Wet Locker door, located on the side of my Bailey Senator Wyoming, leaks water into the plastic tray when it rains, at first I suspected the door seal, however after playing around with Duct Tape realised it was not the seal but the door construction itself. It appears the door is constructed in several parts, the main ones being an outer frame with the locks and an inner section and here lies the problem, the inner section is glued in and it would appear either with age or movement the glue becomes separated. Having removed the door and poured water into it my theory was proven when I noted water dripping through a couple of the corners . .. What I would like is a recommendation of a glue or sealant that is thin enough to penetrate the gap? Any ideas . ..?
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