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  1. Combination of dirty roof, rubber seals and the awning rails, you get this even on new vans. Keep topped up with your polish and will help make it easier when you re clean.
  2. . .. yawn, there is always one isn't there. Maybe I should of tried harder at school to be able to afford an auto and be just like you Dave, get a life
  3. I'm in the market for a new generator around 2kw and £300 mark. It will only be used occasionally when I do trade shows etc. Ive got solar panels, large battery etc just need a new generator. Cheers in advance
  4. I had a Carri Chef and I just couldn't get on with it, overrated in my opinion. Weber Smokey Joe for me, keep it real! I'm ready for the barrage of abuse from the Cadac Brigade!
  5. We saved in excess of £3000 by buying at the show, so yes you do get some cracking deals but hp's advice is worth noting.
  6. For 3k I'd go for the Xtrail, plenty of diesels around for that money with sensible miles on the clock, all the toys, FSH and generally a good all rounder.
  7. Im with Sono, we've got a dealer special based on the Major 6 TD and although they have fixed bunks we use the lower make up bunk for our eldest as its quite generous in size, so the 2 lower bunks would be fine for the in laws. We've been 6 up in our van and everyone was comfortable, the front bed made up is huge and will easily accommodate 2 adults and a child. We looked for ages and this layout suited the best (we're a family of 4). In general its a reasonably large van so you don't feel claustrophobic, its has a separate shower and WC and has all the toys thrown in.
  8. If you know any down south Doug let me know as all the ones I know and friends use are blinking useless!
  9. I have never come across a decent, honest dealer yet which offers value/service for your money, so unfortunately Digger this seems to be the standard at a lot of dealers, poor, shoddy service. They get away with it far too much. Send them the bill from your sparky.
  10. Try this stuff if you get a chance Gravon its fantastic http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Nielsen-Gloss-Shampoo-500ml-Valeting-Carcare-/252353475435?hash=item3ac170736b:g:~aUAAOSwn01XDUUm http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Nielsen-Exhibition-Polish-With-Carnauba-500ml-Valeting-Carcare-/252353527761?hash=item3ac1713fd1:g:2ToAAOSwgApXDVOM
  11. Problem you've got is that if you get any marks on the van that may need a compound or glue and tar remover this will go past the paint sealant. Wax beads water better and in my opinion gives a better, deeper shine whereas a sealant will give you more of a synthetic shine. A sealant will show marks/swirls up more than a wax Be careful who is doing the sealant and what sealant is going on, check whether the dealer is doing it or they are getting a specialist in as complete coverage and professional application is very important. There are pros and cons to both but I would pref
  12. Could be the solenoid as I have had the same experience in the past with a V70, they changed the ECU and eventually the solenoid which turns out where the problem was. Hope this helps
  13. http://www. dailymail. co. uk/money/holidays/article-3545711/From-loo-looting-runaway-wheelie-bins-craziest-caravan-calamities-claims-revaled. html
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