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  1. There is a whole world of difference between a rural hedgerow and campsite pitch.,
  2. I have never seen that as a requirement on any car insurance policy I have had, and, having dealt with the complexities surrounding vehicle insurance over the years, I do read mine very carefully indeed. Agree 100% ref towbar being fitted, although I have never had to pay an increase in premium fir one
  3. Update. When we returned home there, waiting for us, was a whole new pump assembly (pump, pipe, pistol grip in fact the whole Shebang! So I now have a spare everything to do with the pump. I will not be looking to replace the inlet plug with the Whale option anytime soon.
  4. Yes of course I do (usually when it’s around 1/4 full) that doesn’t mean I cannot be a bit careful to extract the most mileage from each fill up does it? And that’s the point I was trying to make, getting the best mpg.
  5. Mr Plodd

    The M6!

    And tge bleeding heart liberal intelligencia, along with “yuman rites” lawyers are only too quick to leap to their defence in the name of”democracy” and their “Right to protest” and neglect to factor in the rights of others to get on with their lives and jobs (something which these pests clearly don’t have)
  6. Mr Plodd

    The M6!

    Fat chance, even if I did decide to return I wouldn’t last a week before being sacked for actually doing something about these idiot virtue signallers. Like manhandling them out of the road! I just hope that when they eventually end up in court they are suitably punished, but I am not holding my breath on it. I wonder how the Chinese would deal with them?? Certainly not gently or kindly.
  7. Sorry Steven buts that’s like comparing apples with concrete!! With a little effort it’s easy to maximise the amount of miles you can get from each gallon of fuel. Like I said we are not all in a position where we don’t need to think about the amount (and cost of) fuel we use. In the same way that not everyone is in a position to buy a new car every few years, some need to look at slightly older vehicles in order to save some of their money to spend on other things. Your comments... Certainly doesn’t apply to everyone, fuel consumption (and cost) can, and is, a real concern for some. You are in the very fortunate position of it clearly not concerning you, but not everyone is in the fortunate financial position that you appear to be in.
  8. They move amongst us!! Morons that is
  9. Surely the changes will boost demand not reduce it? Suddenly people will be able to tow a rig combination in excess of 3500kg so if they go out and purchase a heavier caravan they will need a towcar with a higher, not reduced, towing capacity?
  10. But of course three minutes, with a noisy angle grinder is going to probably attract some attention.
  11. Thats a very fortunate position to be in, but not everyone (inc me) can be that blasé about how much money they are spending on fuel. Some of us need to be careful.
  12. Well I for one am usually “careful” to get the most value (mpg) out of the ludicrously expensive liquid known as diesel that my car runs on, and I expect most (but clearly not all) do the same.
  13. Trust me, you won’t be missing much! It’s like a chunk of 1970’s Portsmouth (and not a particularly nice part at that) has been towed into the Med and anchored there. There is, to my mind, nothing (other than the history of the tunnels etc) to commend it in the slightest. We visited it a few years ago, not planning on ever returning! Bring back “The child catcher” and pay them solely on results! Again though its nit really the children that are at fault is it?? The blame rests fairly and squarely with the parents many of whom are just too bone idle to spend any meaningful time with their progeny instilling respect and tolerance fir others in them. A local cal pub that also serves a lot of food has now banned children It’s become an exceedingly popular place for adults to eat at, you have to book or you won’t get a table!!
  14. Mr Plodd

    The M6!

    As an ex copper I hang my head in shame over the lack of action that’s taken against these virtue signalling hypocrites! I have had experience of (much smaller) similar incidents in the past and my actions were always the same...... ”It is an offence to wilfully obstruct the Highway, I am warning you that unless you stop obstructing the highway immediately you will be arrested for that offence” I never ever issued threats, but I very often explained what would happen if certain courses of actions were continued with, and always, if necessary ensured what I said would happen, did happen! On occasions I was issued with “Words of advice “ about “Maintaining community cohesion or not provoking discontent” What about the discontent of the hundreds of people inconvenienced by the unlawful actions of a small minority? was my usual response, to which I often got “Well don’t do it again please” and that went in one ear and straight out of the other! Oh how times have changed in the modern Police Service, far too much touchy feely don’t upset them attitude rather than enforcement of the law. The rot set in many years back when the police ceased being a “force” and morphed into a “service”
  15. I don’t have any issue with dogs per se, but what I do have a problem is inconsiderate owners who seem to think, just because they treat their dog as a child substitute, everybody else should do so, and allow them to defecate /urinate on grassy areas where others, such as small children, may be playing a short while later. Would they consider it acceptable if was to defecate or urinate on the grass area in close proximity of their caravan? Of course not, so why should non dog owners be expected to tolerate dogs doing exactly that? Picking up solid waste does not remove all traces of it, some of it can get onto my shoes without my knowledge and then get tramped into my caravan/car/house ugh! And as for the odd one who allows their dog to urinate on my car wheels/gate post at home etc and attempt to “excuse” it with “He doesn’t mean any harm, the rain it will soon wash it off” It’s not dogs that are at fault, it’s inconsiderate/uncaring/ignorant/lazy owners who fail to train/supervise/train their dogs. And don’t get me started on the constantly yapping ones! Adults only, dog free sites, ah bliss
  16. Ah, now that’s where we differ you see. Solo (if being really careful) I can see 60mpg average on a long run. When towing it drops down to around 30mpg. So towing there isn’t a lot of difference between our two cars, but when solo there is a gaping chasm ! I tow for a pretty small percentage of my total annual mileage so it’s the consumption when solo that important for me. I have just returned from a trip trip to France with the caravan, I did fractionally over 1000 miles and, according to the inbuilt computer which is pretty accurate, I got an average of 29.8 mpg for the entire trip. I drive a Mazda 6 SportNav tourer. 2.2 litre diesel auto. It’s the third one I have owned! It does everything I want so well. First was a manual last 2 auto’s. I will never revert back to a manual.
  17. They could, but where does the information required on an IDP come from? Your driving licence , so if the necessary category (B+E ) isn’t shown on it then it isn’t going to entered on any IDP at the Post Office is it?
  18. Did you return their diesel? Ninety nine quid for a fill up, ouch!! How many miles would that give you when towing. That’s nearly 500 miles worth for me, or close on 1000 if solo.,
  19. Mr Plodd

    The M6!

    I have no issue whatsoever with anyone protesting to raise awareness of their issue, and would defendevtgeir right to do very vigorously. BUT what I do have a serious issue with is people like these, X-R and others, who cause huge disruption and inconvenience to “normal” people who are just trying to get on with their lives but can’t because some individuals, who clearly don’t have a job to go to (for whatever reason be that “daddies money” or benefits etc) feel it is their “right” to get in the way of others who do! I suggest this lot go and try their tactics in one of the major polluting countries capitals, that being Beijing, and see how much tolerance there is there for their actions!, I reckon it would probably some years before they would have the opportunity to try it again
  20. Mr Plodd

    The M6!

    Cant interfere with their “Yuman rite” to protest these days I hope those who got arrested are really hammered by whichever court they end up in.
  21. On a site the other day and the guy in the next pitch (camper van) was fascinated by my mover. He came up with a wicked idea that I am going to try sometime. Stand in the caravan at the front window and move the caravan around the site with the mover ! I have an old “Biggles” type leather flying helmet and Mk8 goggles, they should add to the effect. Got to be worth a go hasn’t it? I might even get SWMBO to video it.
  22. I do wonder just how the U.K. driving licence will be “modified” to show the entitlement to tow large trailers. If it varies in any way from currently accepted EU wide licence then an I.D.P. will probably be required. Not exactly a major hurdle/issue, but a bit if a faff. Of course it may be that the UK govt will “just” add +E to current B only licences so any Continental Police Officer will recognise it. We can all speculate but until we get more information that’s all it is, speculation.
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