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  1. I was trying to relate my post to the type of trailer normally associated with caravans and similar rather than “muddying” the waters over different braking systems that, in general DONT get fitted to caravans. I must admit my understanding was that they are now banned in Europe, but having said that I certainly don’t have the depth of knowledge on the subject that you have as a result of it being your business! So thank you for the clarification. It does seem somewhat perverse that they cannot be type approved but CAN be IVA’d. They are not type approved for good reason and that reason would still exist on an IVA’d one!! But as someone once said “The law is an ass!” Andy
  2. Plenty of sites around Weymouth in Dorset. Beach fishing off Chesil Beach. Rock fishing off Portland, boat trips out of Weymouth (reef and wreck fishing) Andy
  3. Pointing more and more to the lighting master switch on the control panel. Try bridging the back of it as per my earlier post. Andy
  4. Well if your meter is showing red with nearly 13v in the battery itself something ain’t right! Are you getting 13 volts at the 13v socket? If so then clearly there an issue with the gauge (or its supply) I would concentrate on the lights first, once they are working then it might be time to investigate the meter. The trouble is these sorts of things can be a nightmare to track down. The important thing is that the battery has a decent charge in it, which at nearly 13v it has, and that 13v is getting to where it should, like the lights. The water heater is 230v so a totally different circuit. Does the awning light work? Andy
  5. Remove the two wires and hold the metal parts together to make the circuit complete.. Basically you are just trying to take the switch out of the equation by joining the “in” and the “out” wires together (which is what the switch does internally) when in the “on” position. Andy
  6. Sounds like that’s your problem then. Try getting to the cables that are connected to it and bridging them. If your lights then come on you have your answer! Andy
  7. Is there a SINGLE switch on the control panel for the 12v lights? Is that the one that’s stiff? Andy
  8. Do you mean you want to fit a domestic house type door to your awning so you don’t have to keep using the zip? Andy
  9. That still will not PREVENT any damage taking place, and, if damaged there’s the loss of use combined with cost/time to repair that’s the issue. For identification purposes suspicion/motive/probability isn’t enough these days, you simply have to have a clear and unequivocal image of the offenders FACE, nothing else is good enough. Andy
  10. CCTV is of VERY limited value unless in a very well lit area with the offenders face being clearly visible. It cannot prevent anyone damaging your caravan, it MIGHT help to identify any offender AFTER the event, but being able to positively identify a person from CCTV is VERY difficult. All it takes is a baseball cap, or a hoodie and you are whistling into the wind! Ask any serving police officer what the chances are of them getting a positive ID off CCTV footage these days. Andy
  11. Buy a PAYG sim and put it into an old phone? That way your relative won’t be able to tie up any advert with any number they have for you. Andy
  12. No one is denying that the earths climate HAS changed in cycles going back millennia, the issue now is the SPEED of the change, which is totally unprecedented. Does the “Flat Earth” society still exist.? Perhaps they could widen their membership base and call themselves “The Flat Earth AND climate change deniers” society ?? I do wonder how some people manage to continue to breathe when their heads are buried SO far in the sand. Andy
  13. Mr Plodd

    CRiS Issue

    Karahvan The CRiS system is an entirely voluntary system that’s run by the caravan industry, It has NO legal standing whatsoever, so I wouldn’t worry about the situation you are in. Andy
  14. It’s also not legal in that configuration as it’s two individual trailers not one. In the UK you are not permitted to tow more than a single trailer. And before any smart arts jumps onto their soap box yes there ARE some exceptions. One is a tractor towing “agricultural Implement” trailers (max of 2) or a “Showman’s” wagon.They can sometimes be seen on motorways towing fairground rides followed by a large caravan but there are very specific conditions that have to be met. The main one being they are registered, and taxed as a “Showman’s wagon” The one in the link is also not permitted in the UK because, as stated, it’s a turntable trailer and over run brakes are not permitted on them. The reason being that, in France, they WERE very popular with market traders. The problem came if there was a need to brake sharply whilst towing vehicle and trailer were not fully aligned. The towing vehicle would slow and, because the trailer wasn’t fully in line the trailer brakes wouldn’t operate efficiently, therefore the trailer continued on with turntable rotating further, this made the brakes even less efficient (because the over run ram was out of line) There were several deaths due these (heavy) trailers jackknifing/turning over. So the E.U. banned their use a few years ago. Andy
  15. And this is EXACTLY the reason I like caravanning, the ability to “up sticks” (if necessary) and move to where the weather is better, be that warmer, cooler or of course dryer! A couple of years ago we were in the Dordogne and it was “orrible so we moved south to Roses in Spain where it was MUCH nicer (just a **-*** long haul back to Cherbourg.) Andy
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