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  1. For the benefit of those of us who don’t speak (what I assume is) German? What on Earth is that? What happened to the rest of your post about Gods waiting room campsites?,
  2. I think it’s a bit unfair to heap such criticism on the likes of BF and others and the issues there were with contacting them at the start of lockdown. Think how many individuals are carried by them on a single ship, on a single sailing, then imagine a high percentage of them all attempting to get through on the telephone to find out what’s happening (BF were probably trying to figure it all out as well). Then multiply that by the number of ships they operate every day, then multiply that number by at least thirty (one months worth of travel days) or possible a lot more and you are in the multiple thousands all phoning within a very short period of time!! BF and the like only have a finite number of staff at work at any one time (if, and it’s a big if, they were actually in at work due to the restrictions ) Some if the problem was doubtless that those actually away at the time, or due to go away very shortly after the lockdown, were unable to get through on the phone because those with bookings many months in the future couldn’t/wouldn’t wait somwere also trying to get through and blocking the phone lines. How would you have dealt with the situation any better?? It’s not as if they could suddenly magic more phone lines and staff who would be familiar with their computer systems and, more importantly, know themselves what the situation was in regards to possible re-booking, credit notes or refunds!! Cut them a bit bit of slack chaps. The companies are there for many thousands of travellers, and not just for you! Yes it was (very) frustrating st the time (I also had crossings booked and wondered what was happening) but it was a totally and utterly unforeseeable event that no-one could reasonably have been expected to have made even the slightest provision for. Yes, a months long stay Winter Sun holiday with BF in an apartment at Benissa/Calpe Spain for all of April. Just over £2k (for two ) inc return ferry to Spain with car, cabin and food on board (very first sailing of their new ship Salamanca) plus 29 nights in an apartment.
  3. Sunroofs (as fitted these days) are certainly not an easy or cheap aftermarket fit for all sorts of reasons. Not least of which is the need to cut a socking great ‘ole in the roof of a brand new (expensive) car, whereas a factory fit one has a pre-formed aperture in the roof panel that will have returns pressed into the lip of the aperture when it comes from the press which simply cannot be done as an aftermarket job. Then there’s all the additional fixings required for the operating mechanisms to be secured to the roof panel and all of the extra wiring needed to be threaded through to the motors, along with totally different head lining etc etc. Its certainly not as simple as it once was with the old “pop-up” glass variety. I fitted a fair few of those over the years, attacking a car roof with a jigsaw takes some “spherical objects”
  4. I would be inclined to seek advice from BCA, or the caravan manufacturers rather than relying on a dealership as their “knowledge base” is unlikely to be as comprehensive in such technical matters as the actual makers of the charger units. I could be wrong, but I would want the information from the organ grinder out of preference
  5. So ask yourself why the other major players in the field of Caravan insurance don’t have such draconian clauses in their policies. They will be well aware of the risks involved! Which is why I always fit my hitchlock when towing! I accept that they can be defeated, but it takes time and effort, so any thief is going to go to the next one in the line that doesn’t have a hitchlock fitted. I know others disagree with my policy, and they are perfectly at liberty to do as they wish in exactly the same way as I am at liberty to fit mine, Even though it’s not a condition of my caravan insurance. This matter has has been discussed, at considerable length, in the past so let’s not resurrect it again eh? Everyone has a view, and that view is unlikely to get altered one way or the other.
  6. What an outrageous condition, at least by highlighting it you could prevent someone elsevparting with their money to such an unreasonable company. Policyfast are now added to my list of “Not with someone else’s bargepole” companies.
  7. I have owned a Phoenix 640 dealer special for two and a half years. I had a few niggles, but I expected that, but overall I am very pleased with it. Especially when I compare it to the Cabrera which is basically the identical Caravan with a few upgraded fittings, but nothing like £6k’s worth which is the price differential between the two models. £6k buys me a lot of campsite nights and ferry crossings
  8. That sum quoted could well be correct because any new car with a list price of over £40K gets really hammered on VED for 4 (or is it 5?) years from new. Son has a Volvo V something and that’s what he is paying for his VED
  9. Having owned a good few motorhomes over the years I can assure you that the contents gauges for fresh and waste water are ultra UNreliable!! They work on a totally different (and less reliable/effective) principle as detailed above by Stagn8, than fuel gauges (which use a float determine the liquid levels)
  10. The whole point though is that you wouldn’t have any need to subject yourself to all of the stress involved. Once you were back on an even keel you would merely have had to contact your holiday insurers and provided all the details and evidence and you would have had your money back. Its not up to the CMC to provide emergency telephone cover, they are a merely booking agent for the various ferry companies and not a travel insurance company. If, as you said, you had insured through Red Pennant then they do have an emergency contact centre manned 24/7 Expecting CMC to have a 24/7 emergency contact number is a bit unreasonable I think. And yes I have been through a slightly similar scenario (cancelling holiday at exceedingly short notice due to a relative being involved in a serious car crash) I did exactly as I detailed above and my insurers paid out in less than a week once I contacted them (which was several days after the holiday should have started) I am sure it was an exceedingly stressful experience for you, but in my view you heaped a lot more stress upon yourself than was necessary by trying to sort everything out instantly, rather than dealing with the important matters first, and then claiming through your holiday insurance once the dust had settled a bit. .
  11. I would just be a bit cautious in respect of the possible leverage the TV might exert on whatever the mounting is secured to. Interesting idea though and certainly not one I have ever seen done, or even mentioned, before. If you go ahead with it please post some pictures along with any issues you came across whilst fitting it.
  12. Light throttle, engine in the middle of its rev range. Job done!
  13. Nothing like as funny as watching someone unfamiliar with “clip in” pedals/shoes coming to a halt at traffic lights and trying to release a foot before they fall over Yep, personal experience time!!
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