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  1. My only suggestion would be to go onto as many caravan dealer websites as possible and look at as many different caravans as possible. You will eventually come across a layout and think “That’s exactly what I am looking for” Thats the time to start looking for one that’s a bit closer. As has been said it is a bit of a lottery as to whether what you get stays 100% watertight. I think the modern construction materials mean that IF there’s water ingress it doesn’t cause the (no longer present) timber framing to rot. Shame the floors are still wood though! A certain person will doubtless be along shortly to say you should buy something built in Germany because they never let water in, me? I’m yet to be convinced. Andy
  2. Did you replace the old charger with an identical built in unit, or just buy a car type charger to replace it? If the latter have you disconnected the “old” charger? or assumed it’s dead and just use the “new” one? If so just maybe the old charger has come back to life to haunt you. It needs disconnecting. If you replaced like for like and its been OK for a while then a bit more investigation is required because clearly the fault was cured (for a while) by the new charger. PLEASE be VERY careful, if your battery is smelling it’s giving off hydrogen sulphide and probably hydrogen as well. That’s very flammable and, if present and a spark occurs COULD result in the battery exploding and showering it’s acid everywhere, battery acid is VERY nasty stuff, if it gets into your eyes it could blind you! It has happened to others. It is entirely possible the replacement charger has failed, they are not renown for being very durable. If you are unsure of how to check the voltage etc when on charge I would recommend that you either get a mobile tech or caravan workshop to look at it for you. At least that way you will find out exactly where the problem lies. Andy
  3. As I keep repeating... Professional legal advice is the very first thing I would get. I wish the OP the very best, but I am not holding my breath! Andy
  4. You need to realise that what we are dealing with here is not, sadly, a “common sense” situation but a purely legal one. The multi thousand pound item WAS supplied with a pretty comprehensive warranty, but to take advantage of that warranty certain conditions HAD to be complied with by the purchaser, they weren’t, and THATS the problem. Having it serviced three months earlier would almost certainly have identified the fault. The servicing schedule is clearly stipulated in the warranty details, and was not complied with, therefore is, in effect, a breach of contract. IF the dealer carries out the repair there is little doubt that the manufacturer will not pay for it. Is it reasonable to expect the dealer (who has no control over the actions, or lack of actions of the owner) to pay for a repair that they will not get paid for due to said owner failing to comply with the clearly defined warranty conditions attached to the sale? If you were the dealer would YOU do the repair work for free? Of course not. It’s POSSIBLE that a legal challenge might succeed, but it would be very protracted and, if lost, vastly more costly than the original repair costs. As I stated in my first response the OP needs to take PROFESSIONAL legal advice before proceeding any further in order he knows the risks, and possible costs involved in any legal challenge. My view is that he should, as unpalatable as it is, just accept its his fault entirely, and either get the repair done and continue enjoying his caravan, or sell it (having disclosed the damp issue as he is now aware of it) for a hefty loss and remain bitter about it for many years. Andy
  5. Chris I accept this may sound unsympathetic but.......... You invested many thousands of pounds in a caravan but failed to look at the paperwork that came with it. I imagine the warranty conditions are stated in the handbook? Mine certainly are, I have read my paperwork about three times cover to cover to make sure I understand everything. If you HAD bothered to read the paperwork this issue plainly wouldn’t have arisen would it? The warranty is provided to cover exactly the situation you have BUT the stipulated conditions must be complied with. Had you had it serviced in accordance with the stated time then you would by now have a repaired caravan. If it was a car and you hadn’t had it serviced would you expect a similar defect to be put right under the warranty ? I feel for you BUT this situation has been brought about entirely by you failing to carry out the basic task of reading the paperwork that was supplied with your multi thousand pound purchase. It all all comes down to something you didn’t do, Read The Flaming Manual I do feel some sympathy and yes I also think it’s disgraceful that such a water leak has occurred in such a new caravan but had you complied with the warranty conditions it would all be put right at no expense to you. Your insurance company will not even consider a claim. It’s not accidental damage., they will Class it as “wear and tear” Andy
  6. But that would penalise those with fixed annual leave dates that want to book a site so they KNOW they have a 100% secure booking. You cannot please all the people all the time! Sorry Andy
  7. Dunno, certainly sounds French! I was just having a pop at your love(?) of everything French really Andy
  8. Good job they don’t French caravans then? Andy
  9. I fear you are going to have an uphill struggle getting anything done under the warranty because you have failed to comply with the conditions set by the manufacturer. Sadly, as in legal cases, ignorance is no excuse. Others I am sure will say you need to have a go at the dealer via the CRA, SGA or a raft of other legislation, however, the lack of a service within the specified period is probably going to negate any chance of success. I would strongly advise you to get professional legal advice before proceeding. It might just just be better to bite the bullet and pay for the necessary repairs yourself. That will get your caravan back into tip top condition and, more importantly, save you from a LOT of stress Andy
  10. I rarely use my fridge on gas as we tend to use sites so cannot comment. We have both noticed just how good the fridge is on 230v, vastly better to any we have had before. Many caravans have fridge vents that are behind the habitation door when it’s open and don’t have any issues. Was it particularly windy where you were? Even if it was the fridge should attempt to relight itself if it gets blown out. I struggle to see how turning the water pump off at night can influence the fridge UNLESS the leisure battery voltage is getting low over night and the water pump kicking in (as they do occasionally at night) lowers the voltage to a point where the fridge system thinks there’s an issue so cuts off the gas supply. Might be worth experimenting by leaving the van on EHU when you get home and seeing if the fridge still cuts off overnight when on gas. I have no idea about the coating on your fuses, might be worth cleaning them with a bit of (dry) wet and dry paper to see if that cures the problem. Andy
  11. Well near me now the Esso card is actually cheaper than the local supermarkets. Maybe it’s because they are currently offering “X” p off a litre when you spend more than “Y” £ in store, or am I just showing my inbuilt cynicism? Andy
  12. Caravan dealer if there’s one close to you. Or perhaps Halfords? Etc Andy
  13. I do wonder if more UK residents have cottoned on to just how much cheaper it is to go to the Continent (especially out of season using ACSI) and are doing that? I looked at a local Haven site (Littlesea Weymouth) certainly NOT my cup of tea, herds of screaming kids, a couple of pools, nightly “entertainment” along with Bingo/Karaoke etc, ugh! 7m caravan, 2 adults, in August is eyewateringly expensive as in £84 A NIGHT or £588 a week, or the thick end of £1200 for 2 weeks. They are always full though For my part I prefer a £300 return crossing Poole to Cherbourg, that still leaves me £900 for site fees compared to the above. Plus the weather is probably better, the wine and food cheaper (well it was until the € dropped to 1.05 to the £) the roads empty and the people SO much nicer. I know where I (but clearly not Borussia) would rather be! With the CMC/CCC you know the standard of site and facilities you are getting, but also how much it’s going to hurt your wallet. “You pays your money money and you takes your chances” Andy
  14. Yep, parabolic 80cm Sky type dish. I reckon its Parabolic for a reason. A flat dish would be easier and cheaper to produce but probably a lot more sensitive to being slightly off line. Just a theory based on nothing but a bit of thinking! Andy
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