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  1. “Reports they were part of a convoy” Kinda points to a particular section of society doesn’t it?? I Could be wrong of course! Andy
  2. For those unsure of what LPR is..... Licence Plate Recognition Often also referred to as ANPR Andy
  3. Mr Plodd

    Toyota Rav 4

    Have a look at a Mazda 6 estate, go for the higher spec (and more powerful) Sport Nav, I am on my third now, excellent tow car (I tow a 1500kg caravan with my auto) loads of internal space, lots of nice “toys” as standard and a very decent “drive” when not towing. £13-14K should get you a decent 3-4 year old top of the range one. Andy
  4. Tina The problem we are all having at the moment is deciding what is actually “reasonable” and it depends on so many factors. In your scenario you probably won’t come into close proximity of anyone, so are you at risk from, or of course to, anyone else ? Probably not, but the restrictions that are in place have to be of the “catch all” variety and, very clearly, must cover the worst case situation such as people living in densely populated towns and cities where, if they go out on foot, they are likely to encounter many others, unlike your scenario. Is there really any difference to you doing as you intend or going for a walk for an hour and then cleaning your caravan on your driveway? Its all about keeping AWAY from anyone/thing that could cause the spread of this virus (in either direction) The “advice” is that we should all limit our contact or proximity to other humans as much as reasonably possible. It’s your decision to make, technically I would say it IS against the “rules” But is it as dangerous an activity as going to the supermarket? Probably nothing approaching it. Your choice. Andy
  5. There are a fair few who would certainly disagree with the reliability issue, I know for at least three. Andy
  6. For info I think I paid about £25 for a lozenge a while back. Andy
  7. So let’s say your pension fund invests in that company. Will/would you refuse part of your pension when it falls due?? Published in a great Labour supporting paper, what a surprise eh? Andy
  8. Because they think they are just a bit cleverer than the rest of us in trying to find, frankly pathetic, reasons why the “rules” apply to everyone except them. A lot of the rules may turn out to have been unnecessary, but, to quote a well used phrase (at present) “nobody KNOWS” Except of course the armchair experts with absolutely no knowledge or expertise in the subject, other than the “information” they have seen on Face-ache Andy
  9. Well I for one support you 100%! For a bit of background information....... I have a full diagnosis of PTSD and have suffered badly from depression in the past (both caused by someone trying very hard to kill me whilst at work) Last week I felt the dreaded PTSD bubbling under the surface, so sadly I am “back on the pills” (which are certainly working) But not everyone in the same position feels comfortable enough to seek help at an early stage. So as someone with first hand experience of both I would like to issue a plea to all forum members. Please DONT post (or re-post) details of tragic events on this forum as it might just tip someone over the edge! And yes I DO know it’s all in the public domain in newspapers but that doesn’t mean you have to put it on heredies it? Please think very carefully about the above and, if you feel I have a valid point, PLEASE think twice before posting anything particularly negative. Lets all do our bit for everyone else eh?? Thanks Andy
  10. Don’t forget to also checkout how much load space there is at the back if you put all the seats up. With 7 passengers you are likely to need a fair bit and the caravan payload might not be enough to stuff it all in there. Just a thought Andy
  11. I had exactly that issue on my previous van (Bailey Olympus) the heater ducting went under the van for just over 2m, and had no insulation whatsoever. If it was chilly outside I could never get anything more than tepid air out of the front vents even after fully adjusting the flap on the back of the fire. Simply staggering that the ducting isn’t insulated at all. I modified it by fitting pipe insulation around the ducting. The difference was simply amazing, we no longer needed a fan heater in the lounge. New Phoenix has all of the ducting inside, vastly superior. To sum up I reckon you need to do two things, and in this order 1. Insulate the ducting underneath 2. Adjust the airflow on the back of the fire, but only once you have done No.1! Its not a difficult job and it really does make a huge difference. Andy
  12. You do not need to “sun bathe” for your body to produce Vitamin D (which interestingly you cannot get from any foodstuff) You can get enough exposure whilst out for your daily exercise to do the job. I suspect the “advice” has, like an awful lot of things lately, been taken out of context and possibly is aimed at those who go to public spaces (such as parks and beaches) to sun bathe. I do feel a huge amount of sympathy for those who live in flats etc and who (unlike lucky me) have no outside space, like a garden, of their own. I think that would drive me mad very quickly indeed. We only have a small garden, but it’s an outside space we can spend as much time in as we wish AND remain safe (our neighbours have gardens, but we rarely, if ever, see or hear them out in them. On that subject we went and looked at a show home on a new estate near to us just before the lockdown. On talking to the saleswoman she said she had received “numerous” enquiries if there were going to be any houses available without any garden! Andy
  13. For me staying in is the right course of action. I am not really frightened of a £60 fine. But I am really frightened of getting this virus and DIEING as a result! Andy
  14. The battery may be beyond redemption (I assume no roof mounted solar panel?) and the caravan is probably in need of a good clean, but provided it’s watertight there should be no issues with it. If you have left it with the handbrake on you could find the brakes have seized on though! And the tyres will probably need a bit of wind in them. Andy
  15. The end of June nearly three months away. A lot can/could happen in that time. Personally I wouldn’t make too many plans in preparation for being away then. But I would like to be 100% wrong! Andy
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