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  1. What a joke those two are! I can have my air awning (390 not full size) fully up in 4.5 minutes (someone timed me without my knowledge) That’s from opening the bag up to it being fully inflated (but not pegged down) I don’t waste 10 minutes faffing around with the awning puller, just get Mrs P to feed it into the track and I pull it through and I don’t take the panels out. It’s not difficult just as long as you keep the awning rail lubricated with silicone spray or pledge like polish.
  2. How do you know it’s not working on mains? They do take a while to chill. .
  3. If there are any suitable lay-bys along that road there is no guarantee that it/they won’t be occupied by an artic or two though
  4. Just be aware that you need a reinforced eyelet in your awning to attach the dog lead clip to. If you try and use just an eyelet through the awning material without a stitched in reinforcement you will almost certainly rip it!! I think it’s only Kampa who fit such an eyelet to their awnings as a matter of course.
  5. For those unaware of how to include a link without many lines of text........ Copy the full link (highlight all of the web address and press Ctrl and C) Click on the icon at the top of a post that looks like a chain link, it’s the fourth from the left to the right of the “ When the the window opens click into the top box marked URL and then press Ctrl and V. That enters the full web address into the box. In the box below marked “Link text” type something like “See here” and then click on “Insert into post” The words you have ty
  6. To the best of my recollection all of the taps on CMC sites have just the (threaded) tap with no hose attached. As for a non return valve I seem to recall somewhere that one of those is required if it’s a garden tap or similar. It’s to prevent the (highly improbable) possibility of water siphoning back into the supply pipe. Nanny knows best
  7. Just be sure the one in the gas locker allows you to drive it on your licence!! Many caravans (Bailey included) have an external decal with one weight and another inside the gas locker that shows a higher weight! Its a well known issue with caravans, and has been discussed at length on the forum. There is a very long thread, started by me, where I tried to get a definitive answer as to which one should be used. I didn’t manage it If you have a few spare hours you can find it Here
  8. Its purely a commercial decision, based solely on the fact you are unable to comply with one of their conditions, that being you must use a certain form of security device. I am insured with them, if I fail to fit the wheel lock there is a higher risk of my caravan being stolen and, as such, if my caravan then got stolen because I didn’t fit an AL-KO wheel lock they wouldn’t pay out. Are you expecting them to offer you preferential treatment or terms compared to other caravan users such as me? Some people pay more for their insurance, or are refused cover, because of the postcode they l
  9. I have absolutely no idea at all! I don’t make the MOT rules However the use of a spacesaver spare (under certain conditions most importantly vehicle speed) ) most certainly is 100% legal.
  10. I cannot remember the last time I had to change a wheel due to a puncture, it must be over 40 years. HOWEVER I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere without a spare for both car and caravan. As for a space saver not being good enough for Mayday, well that’s just rubbish! It is a perfectly “ serviceable spare wheel” they are supplied by the car manufacturers for heavens sake! The Mayday small print doesn’t say a serviceable full size spare wheel does it? Just “A serviceable spare wheel” I don’t have the room for a full sized car spare (19 inch rim with 245
  11. Is it a “full sized” awning or a porch awning. A full size one needs to be a very specific size to fit correctly! They are not all the same size so you need to be sure the one you have been offered will fit. A porch awning is smaller so the size isn’t critical in the same way. Awning sizing is explained Here
  12. I fully understand that, and I would be just as pleased to have sorted the problem. But that doesn’t detract from the fact the problem should never have arisen in the first place, and a bit of paper and sellotape is a bodge and you shouldn’t have to bodge a new caravan.
  13. Sprinkle a bit of talc around those fixings mentioned above. Yes it sounds odd, but it works if that’s where the creaking us coming from!
  14. Do you have an internal, or external pump? If it’s a submersible external pump Is the level in the aquaroll going down at all?
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