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  1. If I feel cold I turn the stat up a bit, if I feel hot I turn it down a bit. Works perfectly every time! But I have blown air heating which does tend to circulate the air a bit and prevents hot/cold spots. Andy
  2. Bad you!!! I have some birch twigs if you wish to borrow them to further enhance your overall feeling of “badness” Andy
  3. And changing a number plate on a caravan is HOW difficult exactly??? Totally pointless thing to do, a couple of sticky pads and some Velcro and the numberplate is altered literally in seconds. Or a self adhesive number plate stuck over the top. You only have to look at the number of “cloned” cars that are around to appreciate the futility of any caravan registration system, it just won’t work. Andy
  4. I am not aware of that, but of course no longer being at the “sharp” end I don’t get updated like wot I used to, so you could very well be right. Clearly electrically operated parking brakes ARE lawful because most cars are now so equipped (and I hate them, give me a lever so I KNOW just HOW well the parking brake is applied) But I am not aware of ANY road cars that have “brake by wire” I know the current crop of F1 cars do though so doubtless that technology will filter down for us mere mortals in the fullness of time. What if a fuse blows though? Or a wire gets broken by a bit of debris thrown up?? Having said that just about every modern jet aircraft is fly by wire and they don’t fall out of the sky (unless it’s a Boeing Max 8 of course) Andy
  5. By legal definition a car on an A frame IS a trailer. I concur 100% with the above comments in respect of Spain where it is illegal to tow ANY motor vehicle behind another, you can ONLY do so on a trailer, and that applies to broken down vehicles as well. The Spanish police are VERY keen on enforcing that law as well. I have seen them lurking just over the border and pounding on A frame users as they enter Spain. As far as the U.K. is concerned it’s a %@£&-%@ nightmare! I tried for many years to get a definitive answer without success. VOSA as they were then came up with their usual “sloping shoulders” response “Its not our job to interpret the law, only a court can do that” For what it’s worth my professional view is that a car on an A frame cannot be lawful because there is a requirement for the trailer (I.e. car on A frame) brakes to disengage when reversed, which on an over-run system is impossible. However there are now A frames available where the “trailer” brakes are electrically operated which at first glance seems to answer the problem, HOWEVER in the U.K. all (Primary, not parking) braking systems must be mechanically operated. That’s why all American fifth wheel trailers must be converted from their US style electrical brakes to U.K. legal over-run systems for use in the U.K. You then come onto the other requirement that any trailer must be capable of being reversed a “reasonable” distance (what is reasonable isn’t defined) We all know what happens when you reverse a car and put a slight amount of steering on, the castor on the steering wheels causes the steering to rapidly go onto full lock. Exactly the same happens with a car in an A frame!!! So yes a car on an A frame CAN be reversed, but only in a dead straight line, but the regs don’t say it has to be able to be reversed around a corner! In my 30 years I never ever heard of anyone being prosecuted in the UK for using an A frame. I tried once and the CPS withdrew the case as they couldn't be more than 51% sure of a conviction! They have “Performance” targets to hit and any acquittal counts against them, so they bottle out of anything that, in their view, is the slightest bit “iffy” rather than letting a court decide. I had motorhomes for many years, I towed a Smart car behind it, but only ever on a trailer. Much easier than standing at the roadside trying to argue a point of law with a foreign rozzer!! So as you can (hopefully) now see the whole area of “A” frame Use is indeed an absolute &*&*&* nightmare. My advice to anyone would be to use a trailer as you KNOW that IS legal everywhere (providing gross train weights are no exceeded of course!) Andy
  6. Well done you!!! I am sure all will be fine. IF you run into any issues I am 100% certain that there will be someone around more than happy to help you. Andy
  7. I for one am not going to worry myself in the slightest until we get to the situation where we have left the EU without a deal (highly improbable in my view) OR we get to the end of any “transition” period, by which time I am fairly confident that an awful lot of current EU rules (such as driving licence categories etc) we are currently using will remain active BOTH ways between “Us and them” Worry about if, and only if, any problems become apparent. Andy
  8. Well ATC is THE one “accessory” that I would never EVER contemplate doing without. My personal view is that it should be a legally required fitment on ALL trailers over a certain weight. Mine operated a while ago on a motorway (no idea what caused the snake) , I have no doubt at all that without it I would have been looking at a destroyed caravan spread across three lanes. Andy
  9. Could be! Or it could be that they only have room for one or two caravans at a time in the workshop, or each repair takes a lot of time, or it could be there is no-one else in the area who undertakes such work etc etc. The MOST important things are........ 1. It’s been identified 2. It’s covered under warranty 3. It’s not going to cost YOU any money to get it fixed. Andy
  10. Get it looked at by a professional as soon as possible in case it’s the start of something major. The earlier any problem is fixed the cheaper it’s likely to be. It is simply impossible to diagnose the problem here as there are so many factors that need to be taken into account. When it comes to noises one mans whine is another mans squeal is another mans whistle!! Andy
  11. Long gone, never to be seen again I am afraid! Andy
  12. Try speaking with a local caravan dealership, they might know someone, or might be able to do it for you. Andy
  13. I asked the same question a few weeks ago. See this thread Andy
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