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  1. I concur with iansoady, the Rough Guide IS very superficial, you are much better off getting the guides for the various regions. The Ile D’Oleron is lovely but SOME of the roads are a challenge with a bigger caravan. The main road which runs up the middle gets very busy, so don’t plan on getting anywhere in a hurry!There are many campsites on the island, and many are ACSI as well. Just up the mainland coast a bit is a fabulous campsite “Camping Au Port Punay” (also ACSI) it’s one of our all time favourites. Andy
  2. Thats the Crit Air class NOT your cars Euro class!! My 2015 Mazda 6 diesel is Classe 2 and my mates year old Euro 6 Transit is the same. Class two is excellent, only beaten by hybrids or all electric cars. It’s fine just click “submit” Andy
  3. The caravan manufacturers are the ONLY people who can give you a definitive answer. Anyone else will only be guessing. Andy
  4. My son in law has a word that sums such people up very accurately I think! Loathsome's Andy
  5. I believe if you check the instruction book it will say that the freezer compartment in a caravan fridge is NOT designed to freeze anything more than ice cubes. What it IS designed to do is keep frozen food, frozen. Big difference! I have fitted 12V extractor fans on the top vents of 3 motorhomes and 2 caravans, the difference it makes, especially in really hot weather, is amazing. Mine is a thermostatically controlled computer cooling fan (£5 off eBay) with its own dedicated (and switched) 12 v supply. Andy
  6. The main problem is finding the money for the new charger! Andy
  7. I go off in my caravan to get AWAY from the television. Andy
  8. Defies belief really doesn’t it Having said that it’s pretty normal practice on Italian campsites!! Andy
  9. Check your bank account “extras” My Nationwide Flexplus has pan-European car breakdown cover “built in” AND it covers a caravan if attached. The account costs £120 a year to run but with holiday medical cover, breakdown cover, plus a few others like mobile phone insurance it works out being excellent value. Only available with the Flex plus account though. Andy
  10. Perhaps Elddis might be able to supply you with the required information as they made it in the first place! (Wouldn’t buy from them though, they will be expensive) Andy
  11. PM sent. Anyone else in need??? Andy
  12. On each and every occasion I speak with an insurer (remember ALL calls are recorded) I tell them, in NO uncertain terms that under NO circumstances do I want them to automatically renew any policy. IF I want to renew with them I will make contact. It works! Andy
  13. For any brake lining that’s minimal! Andy
  14. Best keep a carefully eye on my odometer then!! Andy
  15. Well there’s your answer to be sure! It only takes a tiny amount of contamination to cause horrendous noises! Clean the towball until it’s good and shiny, to clean the pads they do need to be removed from the hitch, a thorough rub down with some very fine wet and dry and I am VERY confident all will be peaceful again. Andy
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