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  1. Never mind what it might look like, there is no way you could use an awning on that much of a slope. There is some scope with an awning to allow for a height differential from side to side (front to rear of the caravan) but that scope is way less than the differential you are looking at, which would seem to be something approaching at least 750mm (close to three feet in old money!) You have a couple of choices here. First off forget trying to use an awning OR secondly find a flatter pitch/campsite. Andy
  2. I think you need to explain exactly what it is you are wanting/expecting the solar panel to do. At this time of year any solar panel will produce very little power. That’s down to two things. Firstly there are much fewer daylight hours and secondly the sun is much lower in the sky so the light strikes your panel at a much shallower angle. To try and explain the difference between the height of summer and this time of year I have a solar panel array on my house roof. Back in June they would generate in the nearly 30 KWH a day. Today they generated just 8.6 KWH. Your caravans solar panel will perform in a similar manner. Andy
  3. If comparing between one manufacturer and another be sure to compare like for like. Not all TV’s are HD and there will, for very obvious reasons, be a difference in? the “quality” of the picture between the two. I have always been amazed that people buy the (to my mind) VASTLY overpriced products sold by Avtex. Yes they DO work on 230 or 12 volts, but so do a fair few others for a lot less money. I wonder what percentage of us use our caravans “off grid” ? So actually NEED the facility to run it of 12v (Please let’s not fill this thread with “I do because” posts) I would wager it’s a pretty small number (MH owners are probably much more likely to be off grid for obvious reasons); We then come on to the “Well HD is a better picture” argument. That is doubtless true, but I for one (with good eyesight that requires no correction) struggle to see THAT much difference on a small screen (there is one, but it’s so minimal as to be virtually unnoticeable) On a big screen the difference is very noticeable. So my advice, for what it’s worth, would be to view as many small TV’s as possibly and then decide, for yourself, which one you want depending on what you actually want from it. Only go for a 12v model if you really NEED that ability. When I had a MH I bought a cheap 230v TV and a cheap inverter to run it off the leisure battery. Some will say to do that you need (an expensive) pure sine wave Type inverter, I used a cheap one from Halfords with no ill effects to the TV. Combined they worked out at about HALF the cost of an Avtex! Me? I now have (the same) cheap, eBay refurbished, 14”, SD, DVD/Tv combi in the caravan. It’s probably been turned on for about an hour over the last 12 months (and we have been away in the caravan for something like 12 weeks in total) Andy
  4. Someone has worked out that buying from BMW is going to cost them less than that investment AND all the possible warranty claims. Tells me everything I would want to know about NOT buying one of their recent vehicles second hand. Andy
  5. It’s just as well that some do, otherwise there would never be any “less expensive” ones for you to buy! Andy
  6. A very inventive way of preventing a large repair bill, I am impressed with the lateral thinking! Andy
  7. Whaaaaaat?? Thats worse than disgraceful for ANY manufacturer let alone a supposedly “premium” one. Andy
  8. The list of rebranded organisations/businesses is, I am sure, pretty extensive.
  9. I am always amazed at why ANY company/organisation feels the NEED to rebrand, as, to my simple mind its a total and utter waste of money. Look at Waitrose for example, it’s now Waitrose AND PARTNERS. Who cares? Everyone I know still refers to the stores as just Waitrose. The same as just about everyone STILL refers to the “Caravan Club” Many years ago Dorset Police rebranded themselves. Probably something to do with the new ‘Head of Media” they took on. They thought it a good idea to change the Force logo, but only slightly. So all of the vehicles had to be re-badged with the new logo, all of the existing headed paper had to be binned, and there was a LOT of it, think how many different forms the police use. At least they didn’t change the uniform. I then moved on to work for the County Council and guess what? Yep, THEY decided to go for a total “re-branding” DESPITE complaining of having no money. So once again ALL of the councils vehicles had to be re-sprayed in the new “corporate colours” along with ALL of the headed paper, all of the hand out leaflets etc etc. No-one was able to explain to me why it was done, and neither would they tell me the cost (I did ask under FOI) apparently it was “Commercially Sensitive Information” so they didn’t/don’t have to reveal it to mere mortals. Then there is DVLA, which is now DVSA, which includes the “old” VOSA, and don’t forget The Highways Agency. Which is now Highways England. I wonder how much of OUR money was spent re-branding THAT little lot? Oh silly me, I forgot didn’t I? it’s not THEIR money is it, it’s yours and my tax revenue so that’s OK then. Grrrrrrr You are losing sight of the fact that it’s a “Club” in name only. In reality it’s a multi million pound business that just calls itself a club. Andy
  10. Might be worth firstly contacting your dealer and pointing out that the brochure they supplied to you actually contained a “False and misleading representation” of your purchase. If that doesn’t work try the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) and ask them if they consider you have a case, Worth a try at least. Andy
  11. That is a VERY good point indeed. I was surprised at just how compact the touristy bits are. Andy
  12. Looking at the various reliability issues that SOME (but certainly not all) people seem to have with LR’s all I can say is your a braver (or richer) man than me!! Andy
  13. As you probably have noticed, as demonstrated on some previous threads, that I am not easily fobbed off. I certainly agree with your assessment of their responses. I suspect many would have given up at that stage. However such obvious excrement only goes to make me even MORE determined. I rather enjoy holding their feet to fire at times., Andy
  14. My only advice is to do what I do. Always, always, ALWAYS shop around at renewal time and be sure to try the companies that DONT appear on comparison websites. Once you have decent quote return to your current insurer and give them the option of bettering (or at least matching) it. They will nearly always do so in order to retain your custom. Never EVER agree to auto renewal, that gives them carte-blanche to charge you whatever they like. I pay under £300 per year for car insurance which I think is reasonable! Andy
  15. Dealer had van in, dismantled, took piccies and let me have the van back. Four week wait for new shoes and drums from Bailey/Alko, that was a good few months back. As all is (currently) quiet I am waiting to first service in January to have them fitted. Andy
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