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  1. Mr Plodd

    VIP 575 12 Volt running

    The interesting words in the original post are NEW VIP 575. I assume everything worked when demonstrated to you by the dealer prior to you taking possession? Maybe a read of the manual might assist you in sorting the problem Or a phone call to the dealer. I am sure it’s something simple. Andy
  2. Oh here we go AGAIN, yet more totally unsubstantiated scare mongering. I have my ferry booked for early April and I have every confidence in being able to drive off on the other side of the channel with very little (if any) difference. To quote Corporal Jones. ”Dont panic, don’t panic” Andy
  3. Mr Plodd

    Cracked up.

    Cracked panels seem to be a fairly common exclusion from warranties these days. To me that indicates the manufacturers are only too well aware that these panels are likely to crack during the warranty period, so they specifically exclude them in order to limit their liability. That doesnt absolveb them from the “ a product must last a reasonable time” scenario and most reasonable people would expect a caravan to last more than four years. The trouble is the manufacturers are well aware that few owners will have the bottle to instigate court proceedings so are happy to let the issue continue. Andy
  4. Mr Plodd

    Island bed recommendation

    Check out the new Bailey Phoenix 640, rear island “fore and aft” bed (6’ 2”) so either occupant can get out of bed without climbing over the other. If you want a lot more spec for the same money (ATC, solar panel, alarm uprated cooker etc) Chipping Sudbury caravans do an upspec called the Platinum https://www. chippingsodburycaravans. co. uk/new-caravans/bailey-platinum-640 (I pick mine up in Feb): If you want to spend another £6K have a look at the Bailey Cabrera, identical layout just a lot more money. EDIT Just spotted you wanted used so ignore the above, sorry! Andy
  5. Mr Plodd

    Truck European Insurance

    Indeed they do but of course that’s an ADDITIONAL cost to all the other useful insurances that are included in the Flexplus account. One thing that they don’t tell you about is if you pay an extra fiver a year there are NO excesses to pay on any of the included insurances (holiday, phone etc) A quick phone call is all it takes. Beware that there is a standard 30 day limit on any single holiday trip. If your flight/ferry leaves at 23:59 that’s day one even though your trip starts with only a minute to go. You can increase the number of days you are away for an additional (and reasonable) premium. The 30 day limit is rigidly adhered to, There is NO flexibility, even if your return flight or ferry is delayed so always make sure the number of days is a bit more than your planned trip to cover that possibility. Andy
  6. I already have a full set of adjustable Fiamma poles (as I suspect many others do) if the sunshade came with poles they would be surplus to requirementsso therefore an unecessary expense! Andy
  7. Mr Plodd

    Insurance and remapped car

    My attitude is “If in doubt tell ‘em” Andy
  8. Mr Plodd

    Insurance and remapped car

    Its a modification from standard so without a doubt YES you should notify them (I certainly would) It almost certainly won’t make any difference to your premium but by notifying them you are complying with their terms and conditions. Andy
  9. Mr Plodd

    Insurance and remapped car

    As someone who dealt with many insurance “issues” over the years my advice is that insurance companies require you to “notify” them of ANY modifications from the manufacturers “standard” spec for that particular model. There was a serious problem with early Mazda MX5’s The vast majority left the factory with steel wheels, almost all had alloys fitted prior to resale by the dealerships. However the purchasers were not aware of that modification, but the insurance companies most certainly WERE and wriggled out of a fair few claims because the owners had not notified them of the modification from “standard spec” So my advice would always be tell the insurers about ANY modification, and that includes towbars, stainless exhausts, different wheels etc. Most will not have an impact on the premium but may well have an impact on any claim you have to make. An engine remap will almost certainly result in an increase in premium because of the increase in power. If you fail to notify the insurer and they discover it they will almost certainly refuse to pay out. Can you afford to write a cheque to replace your current car? Because that’s the situation you MIGHT find yourself in if you keep Schtum! Never lose sight of the fact that insurance companies are NOT there to be your friend. They are huge commercial companies who’s sole purpose is to make money for their shareholders and if they can get out of paying out for a claim, they will. As far as the road tax tax issue is concerned I am fairly certain that it’s based on what is declared by the manufacturer from new. An engine modification (remap) will not alter that, but a different engine possibly would. Andy
  10. Mr Plodd

    Truck European Insurance

    +1 But of course that DOESNT give you vehicle insurance. Andy
  11. Mr Plodd

    Buying a caravan and PDI legalities?

    Try buying one WITHOUT that additional cost,! It cannot be done for the simple reason that Bailey charge the dealership a flat rate delivery charge. That rate includes unspecified “additional” services which include PDI and, most importantly, delivery. It would be up to you to prove what proportion of that “additional” charge covers the PDI. I bet it’s not very much at all, probably less than £150, (say a couple of hours labour) so taking out a small claims action for a refund of a proportion of that £150 simply isn’t viable. As Legal eagle has so eloquently explained (on a number of occasions now) without the EXACT details of what the dealship CLAIMS to have done you don’t have snowballs chance in hell of getting any refund. To my mind a PDI will probably be like a habitation service. When you look at what is ACTUALLY done it’s not a lot. Check that things like the fridge, lights, cooker etc work. IF they find something wrong then there is an additional cost implication. Well I can do all of those checks myself, but, to comply to the warranty T’s & C’s I have no option other than to pay someone else to do it, very annoying. Has ANYONE ever managed to claim anything back against the “cost” of a PDI? Andy
  12. Mr Plodd

    Buying a caravan and PDI legalities?

    I defy ANYONE to get ANY refund in respect of any charge made in respect of a PDI, it’s included in the overall cost in exactly the same way that when you purchase a new car delivery and PDI is included in the final invoice but it’s NOT listed as an additional item. Just try saying you will take a new caravan (with a suitable price reduction) WITHOUT it having undergone a PDI and see how far you get! It’s not an optional extra!! Personally I think it’s totally unreasonable to charge for delivery to the dealership. I would happily pick mine up from the factory, but as that is NOT an option (due to the fact that the manufacturer will ON!Y supply to “An approved retailer”) the actual price I have to pay is NOT the advertised price, there is always the “extra” for delivery etc. I would feel a tad happier if the delivery etc was included in the quoted price rather than have it lumped on AFTER I have agreed a purchase. I don’t have to pay extra for delivery when I get to the check out at Tesco’s! Andy
  13. Mr Plodd

    Buying a caravan and PDI legalities?

    I am pretty certain that as a customer you are NOT charged for a PD! it’s absorbed in the price you pay the same way as you don’t pay “extra” for a spare wheel. As it’s not a TOTALLY SEPERATE cost there is nothing you can claim back if it’s not done to your satisfaction. Andy
  14. Thank you to all who have replied, However I would point out that the thrust of the thread was to find out if anyone had one of the canopies that I provided a link to. I already have a smaller one like PR1 has and that doubles up as a sunshade outside my conservatory at home. I am now looking to get a larger one for the caravan. Andy
  15. Mr Plodd

    Buying a caravan and PDI legalities?

    Because some people expect everything to be perfect and don’t accept that a caravan is basically a hand (rather than robot) built item, so are subject to human fallibility (or of course incompetence !) Having said that IF a PDI is carried out in a conscientious manner then there shouldn’t be any faults present. But unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world and faults do crop up. The test is how well the dealer puts them right. I have a pal who did a 40 mile round trip because there was a loose screw on his caravan, his attitude?? “I paid a lot of money so why should I do their job for them” Andy