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  1. Mr Plodd

    Fridge not working off car

    Try the above trick, that will at least tell you if current getting to your caravan as it should. One way or the other you should then know where to look for the defect. The trick certainly works on my set up so I can confirm it does actually show what you need to know. Andy
  2. Mr Plodd

    Pursuit Improvements.

    As the owner of a new Platinum 640 (Dealer special Phoenix) I have been applying my “That might be a useful thing” thought process to it. Four weeks in and the only thing I can think of (and have done) is to put some decent looking vinyl down over the awful stuff that Bailey seem to fit into everything these days. The colour and texture of elephant hide with slight shading variations that make it look grubby all the time! So it simply had to be improved upon because we leave the carpets out during the warmer months (except the bedroom one) Along with that I have fitted a safe, swopped the loo roll holder and towel rail in the bathroom and stuck a soap dispenser above the bathroom washbasin and one on the shower wall. There are 4 USB charging points so 2x iPads and 2x phones are covered. The lighting is superb all round so no need to add any more, it already has an exterior 230v socket and a BBQ point. About the only thing I MIGHT do is to relocate the EHU point from its current location just forward of the habitation door (only a short cable run to the charger etc so that saves a few feet of cable) to the other side of the van alongside the water inlet point. I will wait and see how I feel about that once we have been away for a few nights. I am not going to bother with an external 12v point (but that might change of course!) So full marks to Bailey, they seem to have got everything right (at least from my point of view) on this model. Nothing “gets in the way” of anything else and, because it’s “open” all the way from the (huge) front window to rear wall, it seems a lot bigger internally than my old Olympus. Its actually exactly the same size! it’s just that the bathroom is now amidships so there is no bathroom wall behind the bed to foreshorten the view. Andy P.s. Forgot to say that I will be fitting a fan to the top fridge vent, cheap enough job and it makes a huge difference to the fridge efficiency when the temperature hits 25°+
  3. Mr Plodd

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    Really bizarre they way some haven’t yet got their card!! I applied the week before Christmas and my card arrived around 10th January AND it works. Andy
  4. Mr Plodd

    Fridge not working off car

    If you look at the vehicle specs you will see that many cars actually have very HIGH output alternators ESPECIALLY those fitted with stop/start to ensure you don’t get into the situation where you are in traffic and the battery is flattened by continually stop/starting. Andy
  5. Mr Plodd

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    My text arrived at 09:14 this morning (Saturday) Diesel £1.264 Unleaded £1.191 Premium Diesel £1.348 !!! Premium unleaded £1.249 Not used my card for a couple of weeks as I have had 5p off at Tesco vouchers. Andy
  6. Mr Plodd

    Fridge not working off car

    Pointless! There is a relay fitted to your caravan that ONLY works when it detects current in the region of +14v (I.e. much higher than the battery provides on its own) at which point it energises and “feeds” the caravan fridge. As soon as the voltage drops (engine not running) the relay opens, the circuit is broken and no power is sent to the fridge. If you have doubts about your car supplying current when the engine is running try the process I posted a while back. Switch on the awning light and then connect to your car and start the engine. If the awning light goes out there IS power being sent to your caravan (because the relay shuts down the caravans onboard 12v system in order to supply 12v+ to the fridge. If the awning light stays ON there is a fault and your car is NOT powering up the caravan. Andy
  7. Mr Plodd

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    There are new cards being sent out, I would be inclined to wait for yours to arrive. Andy
  8. Mr Plodd

    Unicorn 4 Handbrake Lever

    That’s Identical to the one on my 2019 Phoenix so that’s probably the one fitted to yours. Andy
  9. Mr Plodd

    Fridge not working off car

    Just be aware that a caravan fridge will drain a leisure (or towing vehicles) battery pretty quickly! That’s why they are configured to ONLY draw power from the towing vehicle when the engine is running and the alternator is pumping enough out to power it. Andy
  10. Mr Plodd

    Unicorn 4 Handbrake Lever

    Not at the prices Bailey charge for spares!! Andy
  11. Mr Plodd

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    The VERY early average speed cameras could indeed be “fooled” if you changed lanes between cameras, that fault was VERY quickly identified and dealt with. Changing lanes no longer fools the cameras. Andy
  12. Mr Plodd

    Unicorn 4 Handbrake Lever

    I am sure the nice man at Alko (they are the makers of the tow hitch assembly) will be happy to take your money! 8th or 9th down the below page. https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/chassis/caravan-chassis/alko-spares Andy
  13. Mr Plodd

    Gas Stop

    Very common on motorhomes these days, it enables the gas heating to operate whilst under way (Not sure if that’s of much use in a caravan though) Andy
  14. Mr Plodd

    Kuga titanium sport

    On my auto the engine starts as soon as pressure is released from the brake pedal OR, if in neutral, as soon as the selector is moved to D. Starting is VERY quick and, like Grandpa Steve, I have never been caught out either. If I don’t want the stop/start to kick in I just need to come to a halt with minimal brake pedal pressure, if additional pressure is subsequently applied then it kicks in. Very clever system. As I keep saying, stop/start DOES take a little getting used to, but it works seamlessly on my Mazda 6 and I hardly notice if it operates or not. If I press the loud pedal the car moves off from rest, job done. Andy
  15. Mr Plodd

    Kuga titanium sport

    My point was that the makers issue a warranty to say their product will last AT LEAST that long and if it doesn’t they will fix it for free, so they have a lot of confidence in their product In your situation it is entirely reasonable to expect that you will have to factor in the cost of replacing certain components. Nothing mechanical lasts forever. A washing machine, which costs vastly less (and is much less complex than a car) is never (except in very rare cases) going to last 15 or 19 years yet we are happy to replace them every few(er) years. Andy