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  1. Mine bears no resemblance at all to that!
  2. Spare wheel is under the bed as is the table, lots of storage space 20” tv will (just) fit There are clip on panels on the corners BUT there are also cupboards so it might be a fiddle to remove them. Leisure battery under the floor just in front of the axle, access via a hatch in the floor (battery height is critical) Gas locker takes 2 x standard 7kg cylinders with ease There is a 230v and a 12v socket plus a tv feed point on the worktop over the top of the fridge and that’s a much better place for the TV than the front chest so it can be viewed from the sett
  3. A very interesting read indeed!
  4. What has the caravan been parked under??? Looking at the second picture the left hand side shows all the marks etc whereas the right hand side is still bright and shiny, you can see the TV aerial and tress being reflected in the surface!! That to me suggests something (tree sap ??) has been falling on just one side of the caravan.
  5. I have had a similar issue with my pump!! For some bizarre reason unplugging and re connecting has (so far) always fixed it. I do wonder if there is something within the caravan software as the pump has a safety feature built in that if it runs dry for a set period the power is cut off to prevent the pump burning out. Maybe “it” somehow gets confused and unplugging/replugging “re-boots” it??
  6. Was it a very sunny day?? If so it may well be that the owner inflated it to its max pressure when the air temperature was low. Then it had the sun on it all day which caused the air in the bladder(s) to expand to the point the bladder failed. I tend to not inflate it to the max and leave a bit of “leeway” and I am very careful to check the pressure in mine if the sun comes out and lower it a bit if necessary. I have no idea if it’s a wise regime or not. Better safe than sorry though.
  7. If they are very thin cracks there’s a product called Captain Tolleys Creeping Crack Cure ” (yes it really exists!) It’s excellent stuff for small cracks and leaks. I have used it a few times to good effect. It’s a very thin liquid that creeps into small cracks by capillary action and then goes off like silicone sealant, it often needs several applications, but it works. A very handy thing to have in your caravan spares kit. If you can get behind where the cracks are try squirting a bit of expanding foam in, it’s incredibly sticky and best of all waterproof an
  8. A caravan fridge shouldn’t work when connected to the towcar until an onboard relay detects in excess of 14 v (so only when the alternator is being driven by the engine) To prevent the starter battery being drained. A good trick given to me by a caravan techie to see if the fridge is getting power when hitched up is to turn on the awning light (bear with me here) then couple up the 13 pin cable and start the car engine. After a few seconds the awning light should go off. If it does it shows that the caravan relay is working because as well as supplying power to the fridge it switc
  9. Audi would have disc brakes all round, caravans have drum brakes. Totally different systems.
  10. I have a Huawei phone that’s about 12 months old, app downloaded fine. Don’t forget the app is a U.K. not American one.
  11. There is another, unrelated, post from the OP.
  12. I bet you would hold a different view if it was your caravan screeching like a banshee I appreciate it was a tongue in cheek comment but if you are unlucky enough to have a “screecher” the noise really is LOUD ! and rather wearing if you have it every time you touch the brakes.
  13. I hold the directly opposite view, we use our stable door all the time, not really sure why but just do. To those who say a one piece door is more secure I would just advise them to look at how the (large) windows are secured shut. Hardly Fort Knox standard are they? Also a one piece door can be easily bent up from the bottom non hinged corner (Having been a copper in a seaside town with lots of campsites you can figure out how I know that!) The issue of caravan security, when you look at it a little more objectively, is in my view, somewhat dubious to say the least. N
  14. On speaking to the supplying dealer when I picked mine up they said they had sold seventy of “their” special edition Phoenix at the show! So it looks like a lot others saw them as a bargain buy! Really really pleased with ours. Only thing to be aware of is that they are pretty nose heavy when empty, possibly to compensate for the main underbed storage being right at the back and ensure good towing characteristics when loaded. The MTPLM upgrade is worth doing provided it doesn’t cause driving licence issues. Without the upgrade my rig was just eight Kg under the 3500 threshold.
  15. Ordered mine in October at the NEC show 2018 and was quoted an April 2019 delivery! Collected it early March in the end. I currently use “Lady something” for servicing etc as they are much closer to home than the supplying dealer at Chipping Sodbury Caravans. Didn’t buy from Lady B’s but they are happy to do servicing and warranty work on non supplied Bailey’s
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