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  1. Maybe they should contact a TV company with the idea of a new series “(Not so) Grand Designs” Well it couldn’t be any worse that some of the dire rubbish some are now turning out in the name of “entertainment” could it? I have just checked today’s listings, there’s one programme (23:05 Ch 5) about women with extra large hips (yes really!!) Apparently one has hips that are eight FEET (not a typo) in circumference Entertainment? I think not!
  2. I admire your optimism about being able to get to France any time this year.
  3. I think we are getting close to the point where, unless you are going to work, to seek medical assistance, or food shopping, then the ONLY permitted reason to leave home will be for exercise ON FOOT starting and finishing at your front door. With the rules backed up by stringent enforcement, with hefty fines for offenders, as there are simply too many out there happy to “interpret” the rules to suit themselves, as this thread has demonstrated only too well. We all know what the rules are, and why they are there, so why rail against them?
  4. If you need to plan “a response” then you clearly understand that what you are doing might require a pre-planned response to justify you doing it. The guidance is simple, “Stay at home” but of course there needs to be, and are, exemptions. Moving a caravan, to most right thinking people, isn’t an “Essential journey, Desirable quite possibly, but in no way is it essential. Its “Rule bending” individuals who are possibly causing the need for ever stricter measures. Think of others not just yourself, you might be an unwitting carrier, and you might just infe
  5. Yes it does, but heating doesn’t “dry” the air, warm air can hold more moisture than cold air, That’s why you see vapour when you breathe out in cold weather, the warm air you exhale has a lot of moisture in it, when that air meets the cold outside the water condenses out into visible vapour. Same in a caravan, warm air with moisture in it comes into contact with a cold surface and the water condenses out. Caravan warms up a little, water evaporates into the air, caravan cools down water vapour condenses out again. That’s how condenser tumble dryers work, the heat evaporates the wa
  6. Before you get too excited I would suggest you use your multi-meter to check that the on board battery charger is actually working!! Test the battery voltage when unplugged from EHU, then plug into EHU and check again. The second reading should be higher than the first, if it isn’t then the charger could be duff ( not an entirely unknown occurrence) Flattening a battery too far can cause irreparable long term damage to it.
  7. I would ask myself this simple question..... “Would a reasonable person consider moving a caravan essential to life?” Simple answer is no. (Unlike food shopping, caring for a sick relative etc) If you do choose to move it, and get a fine, you will know exactly who is to blame won’t you.? I wouldn't do it.
  8. Ventilation, ventilation, ventilation!! Do you use a dehumidifier in your house all the time? Of course not, and the reason being?? Your house gets well ventilated. I rest my case m’lud
  9. A lot more expensive than a Transit for similar spec! (Like around £6-7k more)
  10. Some will try to make a mountain out of an anthill!
  11. I have seen recovery agents and the Fire Service use them, like you say, very impressive. For those who are interested Here’s one on eBay.
  12. Oh poor you! It’s not as though you are having to perform the operation 10 times a day every day is it?
  13. If you just want a jack to lift your caravan at home then Something like this (a 2 tonne trolley jack) at just £30 will be vastly cheaper than anything from AL-KO and a lot more versatile. It can be placed under the axle tube so you don’t need any chassis brackets either (more cost saving) My son bought me something similar many years ago as a Father’s Day present, it has proved incredibly useful,
  14. What’s an FHev ? (Typo or new sort of plug in?)
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