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  1. We are there at the moment. A3078 is absolutely fine for towing although you just need to take care in a few places where the road narrows a bit and there is oncoming traffic. As Moorgate says above, the final run up to the site is 'interesting' in that it is a fairly steepish hill up through narrow rock face for a couple of hundred yards. Hold your nerve, go slowly - looking in your mirrors you will see there is about a foot clearance on either side so its really not a problem. I'm not sure how I would feel about the new, larger wider vans - but they would definitely still get through.
  2. Thanks for the varied and innovative suggestions. Who knew the versatile extent of the humble spud! I have ordered a few proper bungs via e-bay but a combination of duck tape and cloths stuffed into the outlets held the torrent at bay for a little while. We certainly don't drink the water from the onboard taps unless it goes in the kettle and is boiled. Pipes smelling sweet now although were not smelly at all before. Arrived here on site in Dorset today - first night away in the van for 2020. Already rekindled the enthusiasm for the caravanning life.
  3. Given the heights of the kitchen and bathroom sinks relative to the shower tray I think I might be in for a nasty surprise in the shower?
  4. Had just the same experience recently. Picked van up from storage at beginning of Sept to take to dealers for some work - moved a little initially but then nothing. Was able to get it on the car though and take to dealers - asked them to look at it whilst there. Had noticed small red lights on the handset and read up on it when home - dealers confirmed by e-mail it was the handset battery which they had changed (has lasted 5 years). Fast forward to this week and I go to pick up from dealers - yes, they said, we have had it going up and down the yard and all fine. But it stalled as I atte
  5. Somebody was paying attention in physics! Yes, that is a good idea too. Duct tape looked promising for a few mins until a few drop started followed by a full blown Dambuster re-enactment.
  6. Doh! Of course....the ubiquitous cure all. Many thanks...I'm on it.
  7. Same as us (France). We are booked to go away on Wednesday - 3 days Dorset then 10 in Cornwall. But having seen the weather forecast for the period combined with the knowledge of what Covid related constraints will place on activities we are wondering if its worth it.
  8. In need of inspiration....in short supply here this afternoon. I'm dutifully cleaning the Aquaroll and pipes with Puriclean. But can't for the life of me identify anything (other than owning a couple of perfect fit rubber bungs) that will effectively stop up the outlet pipes to allow the magic potion to sit in the waste pipes and do its thing. Have been through the garage trying various bits and pieces - complete failure. Someone must have the solution.
  9. The general consensus seems to be that putting the full weight of the van on the steadies is potentially going to do considerable damage. Yet I'm still mystified about what technique is used on those pitches where a substantial front to back slope cannot be accommodated by adjusting the jockey wheel alone and blocks need to be inserted under the front steadies and jockey wheel to raise to the correct height. My assumption is that the van's weight must be taken on the front two steadies, albeit temporarily, whilst the jockey wheel clamp is adjusted and blocks placed under the wheel. I've nev
  10. Interesting....no such thing as a Disco Autobiography. Really can't understand why people don't purchase the service packs. 5 years servicing for £600 was a no brainer when I bought my Disco in 2015 - Jaguar has similar. At the mileage being done, and towing, I guess a reasonable proportion of the OP's maintenance costs will have been in a new set of boots and brake pads.
  11. Yesterday I discovered that the scan function of my HP Envy printer/scanner had stopped working and the error messages showed problems with the connectivity to my iMac. After a bit of research it turned out that the latest version of the Apple operating software (Catalina) - recently installed - didn't support the 32 bit HP scanning software I had previously been using. An updated download from the HP support site fixed it.
  12. This should work and fit the size constraint. https://www.alpha-batteries.co.uk/110-ah-xplorer-agm-leisure-battery/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4_6r1Z6p6gIVyrHtCh01jg8aEAQYBCABEgKqsvD_BwE
  13. We looked into the pros and cons of all the options and decided.......to rent the bikes when/if we are staying somewhere that really warrants it. One of our favourite locations is the Ile de Re when the cyclist rules!
  14. Not certain what the 2020 model battery compartment arrangement is. Mine is a 2015 but the connections are on cables so easy to connect from either orientation. Need to pay particular attention to the height constraint as the compartment (on mine) only really comfortably accommodates one of the flatter batteries (a quick scan of the Numax ones I could see on the web looked taller than the Coachman spec suggests).
  15. Have a look in your owners manual (p42). States that the maximum size of battery which can be accommodated is: length: 352mm, depth: 172mm, height: 190mm.
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