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  1. Yesterday I discovered that the scan function of my HP Envy printer/scanner had stopped working and the error messages showed problems with the connectivity to my iMac. After a bit of research it turned out that the latest version of the Apple operating software (Catalina) - recently installed - didn't support the 32 bit HP scanning software I had previously been using. An updated download from the HP support site fixed it.
  2. This should work and fit the size constraint. https://www.alpha-batteries.co.uk/110-ah-xplorer-agm-leisure-battery/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4_6r1Z6p6gIVyrHtCh01jg8aEAQYBCABEgKqsvD_BwE
  3. We looked into the pros and cons of all the options and decided.......to rent the bikes when/if we are staying somewhere that really warrants it. One of our favourite locations is the Ile de Re when the cyclist rules!
  4. Not certain what the 2020 model battery compartment arrangement is. Mine is a 2015 but the connections are on cables so easy to connect from either orientation. Need to pay particular attention to the height constraint as the compartment (on mine) only really comfortably accommodates one of the flatter batteries (a quick scan of the Numax ones I could see on the web looked taller than the Coachman spec suggests).
  5. Have a look in your owners manual (p42). States that the maximum size of battery which can be accommodated is: length: 352mm, depth: 172mm, height: 190mm.
  6. The main issue for us on renewal with SAGA last month was to cancel the European Cover element of the renewal quote........we don't expect to be travelling abroad with the caravan before next April.
  7. Stockcroft

    Decent shoes

    Whoops....there was I singing the virtues of Merrell. Have just been into the garage on another errand and saw the boots in question - they are Meindl (Austrian).
  8. Stockcroft

    Decent shoes

    Both my wife and I needed some new walking shoes/boots when we were away in North Norfolk with the van last year. We visited a great outdoor clothing specialist shop in Holt and were looked after really well by the owner who was knowledgable but not pushy. He had a vast range of possible boots but, having listened to what I needed - he knew immediately what was required and gave me just one pair to try on. They were Merrells and I have never felt anything fit so perfectly and feel so light yet supportive. Walking in them was, and is, a dream. Yes, they were slightly more expensive than some other brands but I was very happy and they have worn really well.
  9. Will just recount our current experience as it's (unusually in these current times) a positive one. My Father-in-Law is 87 and in a nursing home in Cheshire with advanced dementia. Last Tuesday at 4:00am we had a call from the home to say that he had developed a temperature of 41 degrees and was coughing badly. Paramedics had been called and he was taken to Macclesfield hospital. We assumed it was Covid and, sure enough, the test came back positive the next day.....we were expecting the worst. It was clearly touch and go for the next few days but the doctors and nurses' rapid response has brought about an amazing reversal - to the extent that he was retested yesterday and came back negative......and, to the family's utter amazement, has been discharged this afternoon back to his nursing home. The communication from the hospital to us has been marvellous and the staff calling have, without exception, been upbeat and helpful. The care home too have been exemplary, both in terms of being fully 'on it' when recognising and acting on the symptoms but also in their general communication with families during the Covid crisis about how they were managing matters and providing reassurance about things like good supply sources of PPE. So yes, there are undoubtably areas of the country where some hospitals and care homes are really under the cosh and things are apparently desperate. But not everything is a portrayed in the newspapers.
  10. That's rather an academic question at the moment Simon as both the dealership (who will need to see and review the level of damp for themselves before submitting a claim) and Coachman themselves (who will need to authorise any repair and despatch required parts) will be closed at present. I would guess you maybe have another month at least before being able to do anything substantive to progress this towards a repair. But I would suggest that you write to both the dealership and Coachman to notify them of the problem and your wish for it to be addressed under warranty asap. That way it will be registered within the system. I'm in the same boat and have had pleasant, sympathetic acknowledgements from both the dealership and manufacturer. All I would say is don't get your hopes up for a rapid resolution once the lockdown finishes.
  11. Think that may be less to do with optimism about genuinely being able to resume operations and more about maintaining cash flow and/or limiting liabilities. My daughter and husband had booked to go to Crete for a week in June to celebrate their 40th birthdays. Because the company is currently saying it will run they have to stump up the balance shortly or will forfeit the deposit.
  12. Well I would put some of the cash you save into buying a good blood pressure monitor o/a the amount of salt in ready meals. Come to think of it, use of the BP monitor could often be valuable after a session on this forum!
  13. My wife and I have both been doing the 'Couch to 5K' exercise regime whilst in lock down. Our motivation is to maintain the lungs in the best possible shape should we have to fight the fight and also to maintain our BMI figures below the recommended 25. We have been going at around 6:15am on the three or for mornings a week we go for our jogs. We are fortunate in living out in the countryside and the lanes around our village are pretty deserted at that time but both we, and the odd dog walker that we encounter, ensure that we stick to opposite sides of the road and invariably share a muted but friendly salutation as we pass. However, it is not without its associated dangers that may bring a wry smile to the anti-jogger fraternity. I managed to strain my hamstring last week (since cleared up) but have now got a case of tendonitis on my Achilles whilst my wife (hitherto a regular gym bunny) has now acquired a dodgy back courtesy of the unfamiliar pounding of the tarmac. Still, we have found an enterprising Osteopath who does online consultations!
  14. The NHS operational Plan (published in 2017) for managing the response to a pandemic is published online and makes for quite interesting reading. https://www.england.nhs.uk/publication/operating-framework-for-managing-the-response-to-pandemic-influenza/ Specifically, the policy regarding stockpiling of PPE (Section 10) - ie limited regional stocks held with resupply to be undertaken on basis of 'Just In Time' contract purchases. One wonders if anyone flagged the distinct possibility, and risk, that competing international demand in a major crisis might hamper supply chains? Also, Section 6 describes roles and responsibilities during the various phases of the pandemic. Management and distribution of PPE stock are shown as being a locally managed issue throughout. It seems that only as the real crisis took hold that there was a realisation that centralised oversight was necessary. Could be argued that these are both learning points for the future but given that we know that the pandemic response was wargamed in the months/years before it begs the question why these issues didn't arise.
  15. Well you could try moving your money to another bank if you think that RBS are 'going their own merry way'. But I think you will find that all of the high street banks are doing likewise and are reducing the interest they pay on their savings accounts. The Bank of England directly influences the rates of interest paid on loans and savings through the 'transmission mechanism'. Their Monetary Policy Committee looks at the state of the economy monthly and sets the rate at which commercial banks can borrow from the Central Bank for liquidity purposes. And that rate will consequently affect how much those commercial banks charge for loans to borrowers and interest paid to savers. At the moment, in this time of national downturn, in wants to keep money moving, make it easier for businesses etc to borrow so it wants to see lower costs of borrowing. And in honesty, if it can mobilise people's savings to promote spending in the economy that is a good thing in a recession so lower rates on savings is an incentive. These are all reasons why the Bank recently dropped its Bank rate to 0.1% a record low. If you want a higher return on your money then you will need to sacrifice some of the security of having your funds sitting in a nice protected high street bank account with all of the costly things like easy access IT systems for instant withdrawal, payments etc and accept that you may need to take some risk by venturing into other financial instruments.
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