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  1. Well if your Coachman remote is like mine it combines the on/off for the alarm with the awning light on/off facility. Several times i've gone through the same routine as you trying to figure out why its on and how to turn it off....only to remember the fob issue and that the remote must have got pressed whilst in my pocket.
  2. Thanks LITW. Sorted the immediate problem by simply removing the broken blanking plug and plugging in the hitherto unused external shower hose which has an on/off trigger. Decided it’s was too hot to do any work on rearranging internal plumbing so steeled myself to order a new blanking plug - £23 for a small piece of plastic with O rings is laughable. Realised the retaining clip at the bottom of the existing blanking plug had broken off so that was allowing it to gradually bulge out.
  3. On site in Cornwall - noticed overnight that the water pump would periodically come into action for a few seconds. This morning, took a look at the Truma water inlet (connected to a Whale pump into barrel) and saw that the adjacent external 'doggie' shower outlet cover was bulging out and water was dripping out from there. Tried pushing the cover back in but it started bulging out again shortly after with the associated dripping. Is this a known problem....is there a way to turn off the water outlet to the external shower system?
  4. +1 for Soleil Plage. Very central for all of the Dordogne. Suggest opting for one of the riverside pitches if available, They are a bit more expensive but worth it.
  5. I've been going through the same thought process and am caught in a circle of procrastination. I have a 2015 Discovery that has not put a foot wrong, is really comfortable and of course will lug anything I throw at it. I took out the 5 year service package (a bargain at £600) when bought from new so am now coming up to first service I pay for. But its Euro 5....will I start to get hammered with incremental taxation? What if something nasty goes wrong...will it be expensive? And what's the likely path for residuals - is it going to start nose diving? Whereas I've always bought before I'm thinking perhaps change for a new diesel lugger now on a PCP or lease deal for the next 3-4 years and then see what's what in terms of developing technology for towing....that's if we are still in the caravanning market.
  6. I recall from my (limited) military experience.....well the CCF at school..... that a badge denoting two crossed rifles was awarded for marksman status. Perhaps they will award something akin to crossed syringes for those newly skilled in delivering these sort of shots.
  7. The legislation specifically outlaws a whole host of activities and freedoms that we (ie the democratic electorate) all take for granted and expect in normal times - eg don't gather in groups of more than 2 in a Tier 3 area. But this is emergency legislation and that nettle has been grasped. So I'm still struggling to see why they would shy away from legislating against unnecessary movement from higher tier to lower tier if it was to stop the spread.
  8. Totally agree! Was hoping that the legislation would be stronger on the movement across Tiers so that the club might be encouraged to be more direct to members that they must not come to the club from a Tier 3 area rather than saying it is not for the club to police. They know where people live - they know who are disregarding the guidance.
  9. OK, we are straying into the realms of philosophical debate now. This is clearly short-term legislation (not long term idealist dogma) designed to deal with and limit a specific threat (there is a 14 day review of Tiers so can't get more short term than that). It's a 'here and now' issue - not one related to the theoretical type of society we might wish to move towards. Its about coping with the situation in the type of society that exists around us today.....the good and the bad! Bottom line - I think we both agree that movement across Tiers, although desirable to arrest the spread, is not something that the legislators believe to be enforceable.
  10. So it seems curious that the Government should draft legislation that does provide plenty of direct 'must nots' (the lack of observance of which would create an offence) yet does not seek to do so with regards to the unnecessary movement of individuals from a higher Tier to a lower Tier which could just as easily be prohibited within the legislation. Instead they prefer to simply offer guidance that it is a 'should not' activity. Why would the Government chose not to do that if it believed it was a necessary step to prevent the spread of the virus? Is it because it is thought to be unenforceable?
  11. Thanks for the link to the actual legislation. I have read through this and can see no direct reference to movement from higher tier to lower tier areas for recreational purposes being specifically prohibited. So although the Guidelines suggest you should not do so, presumably it is technically not an offence per se if not included in the legislation.
  12. I'm unclear about the status of these guidelines within the legislation. Specifically if someone travels from Tier 3 to Tier 2 for recreational purposes are they actually committing an offence? Our golf club is in Tier 2 but is quite close to the border with a Tier 3 area and have a large number of members who reside in the Tier 3 area. The club recently circulated wording provided by England Golf (which is the central admin body): "Golfers from a very high alert area (Tier Three) should avoid travelling outside their locality. Travelling into a very high alert area for the purposes of golf should be avoided. Golfers should avoid staying overnight in another part of the UK if resident in a very high alert level area, or avoid staying overnight in a very high alert level area if resident elsewhere." Clearly that is quite a passive position - ie simply drawing members' attention to the relevant section of the government guidelines and then leaving it to the relevant members to take the appropriate action. Golf resumed today - there were a number of players from Tier 3 areas out on the course. Does the club have a responsibility to take a more active position - ie to say that members from Tier 3 should not visit the club whilst their area remains as Tier 3? I believe there may be something in the legislation that indicates a corporate body can be held accountable for offences under the legislation if it is found to have been negligent in not upholding the rules - is that correct? A Scenario: a member from Tier 3 travels to the club (Tier 2) to play. He/she subsequently tests positive for Covid and Test and Trace ask for all of their recent locations visited and contacts. Would the member 'fess up' and admit to travelling out of the area or would they be incentivised to not provide those details for fear of having committed an offence?
  13. Interesting to see that there are a few who are in the 'let's wait and see how the early recipients react before committing' camp. The early vaccinations are evidently going to be with the Pfizer jab but the Oxford/AstraZeneca one (and apparently much cheaper) is just a little behind. So some of those taking the cautious approach may find that they are inadvertently 'pathfinding' (in their eyes at least) anyhow.
  14. Depends if you are looking for a NCC Approved workshop or not. I have needed to to maintain my warranty with NCC approved and have used S&G Caravan services (www.sandgcaravanservices.co.uk) for the last couple of years. Shaun is based down in Lancing but is prepared to travel to East Sussex. Covers all of the stuff prescribed in the annual service and is cheaper than the dealerships. Spotted beginnings of a damp problem on my Coachman enabling me to progress the repair through the dealership. I like being able to have a conversation with a mobile engineer about some of the issues rather than just dropping off and picking up at a dealer and having no interaction with whoever is doing the work.
  15. I agree that there has to be an element of common sense. My own quandary arises from the fact that I am Power of Attorney for an elderly aunt who has been in hospital for some time but has just (in the last couple of weeks) been assessed as requiring full time residential nursing dementia care. She had her own home in Hertfordshire and consequently will be self-funding (after the 12 weeks that are paid for by the local authority). With little other assets the house needs to be sold urgently to fund the care (@ £1300 per week). I live 2 1/2 hours drive away in the South East and she has no other family of friends in the area. So it will be up to me to go and organise the house clearance, get an estate agent engaged etc. I can obviously deal with most aspects of the sale remotely but the initial steps require my physical presence....and soon. I have carefully read the Government guidance and consider that the rules on Domestic Travel for care purposes should apply. I won't be consulting the local constabulary - they have far too much on their plate.
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