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  1. We drove from Northern England to Salou every year from 1996 until 2007 the last 4 years to in a caravan. In 2005 whilst parked up in a service station south of Lyon asleep in the caravan someone stuck a screwdriver in the lock and attempted to get in the caravan. We woke up at the sound of the lock turning but had no idea what the noise was. When the door opened I flew off the bed at the front of the caravan fell over all the awning poles in the middle of the van. with all of the noise the intruder jumped in to a car and spead off. This was around 2. 00am and with another days driving ahead of us I needed to sleep but my wife was too frightened to sleep so she opened the curtain and sat up keeping a look out. After a while she too fell asleep. Around 5. 00am we were woken up again by the same noise of the lock turning my wife looked out of the window to see a close up of their lookout looking in. She screamed with shock I fell over the awning poles again the lookout s**t his self and three guys jumped in to a car and spead off. I'm really glad that on both occasion they drove off because I am not a fighter god knows what would have happened if I had managed to confront them. After that night we always slept in campsites. There are plenty of campsites around France most have late entry parking areas where you can park up and sleep without unhitching the van. We laugh about that night now but at the time it wasn't funny at all.
  2. Cheers Paul spot on Cheers Paul spot on Cheers Paul spot on Cheers Paul spot on Cheers Paul spot on
  3. Thought of that and tried it both ways with no success.
  4. Hi, I have just been out for our first trip in our Bailey Pegasus GT65 Verona caravan which was manufactured in April this year. I am extremely pleased with the caravan with no major faults to report. One minor fault though is the shower head. No matter how I try I cannot get the shower head to fit into the shower head holder. It is such a simple fault that I am starting to think perhaps it is me but no matter how I turn the holder or twist the head I cannot get it to fit. Has anybody else had this problem and if so how did you fix it? I have attached a picture to show the problem. Kind Regards Mark
  5. Please can you share the knowledge that you have gained by questioning Paul, in particular which product is best to use to clean and wax a new caravan. Many thanks Mark.
  6. Hooray great news. I have just been told that our caravan has arrived at the dealers and is ready to pick up. Now all I have to do is arrange for it to be shipped to New Zealand.
  7. This is turning out to be a joke, but I'm not laughing. Just been told that our new van build date has been delayed for the third time and has been put out until the 16th March 2015. That is 19 weeks from the order date. Come on Baileys sort yourselves out. This is not good customer service.
  8. Mine is a single axle being built week commencing 23/2 as well. Hopefully it will be at the dealers next week
  9. Many Thanks for all of your replies. Can anybody tell me on average how long it takes to build a new caravan and then deliver it to the dealer. Trying to work out when we might see it. Many Thanks Mark
  10. Many thanks to all that have replied. I still think thast 16+ weeks is too long but I am reassured that this is the norm. Again, many thanks mark
  11. Hi Guys, If you have recently ordered a brand new Bailey Pegasus GT65 Verona, please will you let me know the amount of time it took for the caravan to be delivered to the dealer from Baileys. I ordered a caravan from the dealer on the 31st October 2014, according to the dealer Baileys started building the caravan yesterday. Is over 16 weeks the norm or am I being taken for a ride? Many thanks in advance Mark
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