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  1. Getting ready for first travelling trip in the Camper van. What has become clear is that space is a premium with 2 adults and 2 teenagers plus all the essential items! Realised do not have a hose for filling the water tank, at home I use the Garden hose , we do not drink water from tank. Question how long a hose is practical without being massively oversized. Seems to be a choice of 5m,10m and longer.
  2. Hi, Thanks whoever knew tools like that existed! Will investigate.
  3. Hi, I have an Adria 2006 Van M. It has a Truma Hot water and heating system including a Frost protection Dump Valve. This should drain the tanks if the temperature drops to 4 degrees C. The valve is opening at some point although the temperature is well above this. Currently the leisure battery seems to be draining quickly 3-4 days from a full charge with no use, ne w battery fitted this year. I am working through trying to trace what is causing a drain. Would the battery dropping it's charge cause the valve to open as a safety precaution? If not is there any adjustment on the valves. The type is red and you pull up the top to close?
  4. Stumbled across this topic. Is there an update did the van make it home. I think it should be compulsory that in threads asking for advice before some event the outcome is shared, any new tips to pass on.
  5. Hi Bob, Wondering if you made the trip? The other half has just suggested the same approach for a family skiing trip in February. Do you have any advice. Thanks
  6. Back from France. Survived 7 weeks including being pulled up and down the Alps, which is more than I can say for the plastic wheel nut movement indicators which decided to melt away. Just had the van serviced, mechanic did mention that the dust cap was a bit bashed about! Anyway all well now and ready for the next adventure!
  7. Thanks for advice. After much bashing and expletives took van for a test run of 10-15 miles just to ensure all ok. Came back offered up the cap and it fitted with a click and does not want to come out. Holiday start on Friday back on track
  8. Hi, Trying to fit a new Dust cap onto Alko hub. How difficult should this be? Tried various hammering techniques, small taps, rubber mallet, block of wood, hitting fingers etc. Will not sit tight. There seem to be various sizes of ALKO cap available I have a 55mm, and this looks to be a snug fit on the hub moulding so believe have correct size. Reason for fitting is that unfortunately lost a wheel last week. Had a mechanic come and check and he believes all ok, advised needed a new wheel and the missing dust cap. I am concerned that if they should fit easily is there some other damage to the hub fitting that has not been picked up on preventing the fitting. Given the ALKO is by definition a Dust cap, not holding grease, and the one shot nut appears to form a tight seal how essential is it? New to caravanning and learning about DIY quickly.
  9. Hi, comments are from 2011, does anyone have a more recent view. Looking for a site with access to a beach and activities to keep the kids amused, this site appears to have that. Want to avoid the expensive sites on the Cote de Azur. Travelling in August so expect a certain amount noise etc.
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