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    Can someone explain how important it is to have this Acsi product , I’m thinking of touring France for the first time this year now that I have had three years touring experience round the uk ,, and can I obtain an open return ferry ticket if things don’t go to plan , any advise would be appreciated for a 74years young camper
  2. I purchased a new coachman vision back in 2016 , ever since I’ve had problems with the sink water draining away , On every service I have reported this problem and been assured by service dept that this is the norm ,on occasions I have to use a plunger to make the sink water drain , After doing an inspection on the waste pipe I noticed that theirs a corrugated u bend under the van floor this will restrict the flow, i have reported this to the dealer and every time I’m told all coachmen’s are like this , this is not true ,I have looked at someone’s new coachman (2017 ) model and it’s totally different ,this has a 90’ bend not a corrugated u bend ,,any one else out their having drainage problems from the bathroom sink ?
  3. I have had this squeaking problem with my 2016 coachman vision from new, I have taken it to the dealers at least four times probably 6 ,last week the dealer decided to fit new shoe linings ,now it’s even worse ,travel from the dealer to storage aprox 10 mile and the brakes squeaking as before ,when I reached my storage compound I checked the wheels and I could have Fried an egg on them ,both red hot , I phoned the dealer and told them it was worse ,he replied that only me has complained over this issue ,I will ring you back ,he never. did , i sent an email to the dealer and received a reply saying my issue is going through the complaints process and should have a decision within 10days , !!watch this space !!
  4. Just had new shoe linings fitted ,!!worse than ever!! ,travelled back to my storage compound aprox 10 miles and the wheels were white hot and squeaking all the way ,my van has been back to the dealer probably 6 times from new ,2016 coachman vision ,now waiting for decision via the complaints procedure , ,question is ,is it safe ?
  5. Makes me feel better knowing someone else having the same problem ,I was beginning to think someone had put a line down my van with a permanent black marker pen 😂
  6. I’ve had the van from new ,and I’ve tried several different ways trying to remove the dam thing with fenswick in all combinations ,the worst area is above the lounge window up to the awning rail , i have been and purchased Autoglym resin polish ,yippee the marks gone thank god ,it was doing my head in , thanks for all the reply’s
  7. Why can i not remove a black streak using fenswick product on a 2016 coachman. I have used 1in10 product as per instructions. On several attempts but failed. Not at all impressed with Fenswick .waste of money
  8. I’m thinking of giving a touring holiday abroad a try with my Coachman this year, which ever destination I decide on can I book an open return ticket on whatever way I choose to reach France or Spain
  9. I do also have a large gap both top and bottom when closed,
  10. As Wispman said, Coachman Wanderer lux 2016, , a Coachman vision 575 with extras
  11. My front locker door when opening keeps catching centre top, and is slowly removing the paint, i have looked at the hinges for some adjustment but not had any success, any body with the same problem if so, how did you rectify this please, thanks in advance
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    I have been having trouble since June 2016 on a new Coachman, my pump is a flojet, I’ve tried alsorts of different ways of mounting to no avail, now Coachman have changed to a external whale pump, I wonder why ?
  13. Thanks all . it's working fine now. All I have done was to turn off the mains leave for 20min or so turn back on and it seems to be ok .
  14. Plug sockets are fine . trips look ok . I'm not a sparky so I'm limited to what I can do Wispman thank you Can't se one I have always controlled the heating from the control box
  15. Presently on site having trouble with my combi truma heating and water heater . both will work on gas only. but not on mix or electric only. Checked fuses they are ok . everything else electric is working . Any ideas please
  16. I cut a sheet of king span insulation into aprox 9” squares then wrap them in a very strong denser tape for the steadies, you can obtain kingspan in different thickness mine are 4” ,if you know any one in the building trade you shouldn’t have a problem getting hold of some, all you need is some off cuts, and it’s very strong and light weight
  17. I purchased new a 2016 vision special, (wonderer Lux 19/TB ) the only complaint I have is a noisy water pump, my truma heater is brilliant no noise whatsoever and works a treat, no problems passing by the bed in evening times, It's my first van from a forty year break from towing, and we love our coachman,
  18. My Avtex took me down an unsuitable road for a caravan, and I set my sat nav dimension for my caravan 6" over my width size,
  19. Nogger


    Thanks For the info Durbanite, I contacted the dealer and they have requested photos and told me they would put a claim in to the Manufacturers, so ill just have to wait and se what will happen next, no idea how long that will take,
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    Awoke this morning to find five more pin prick holes in the Heki blind, is it possible for this material to be eaten by moths or some other type of insect,
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    Twelve months and two weeks FG
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    I have a problem with the large Heki rooflight, we are on site at present and I noticed Tuesday morning that when I went to draw back the Heki roof blind their is a very small hole being able to se daylight through, opening the blind this morning theirs four more very small holes appeared, this is typical that my warranty as just ran out, has any one any ideas why this has happened
  23. My quote from CG was £100 dearer than CMC, like for like quote
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