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  1. I would be driving all the way to the sellers house rather than picking it up from the services. Personally i would drive up late the night before, book a cheap hotel, have a relaxed morning and go pick the van up allowing plenty of time to drive back and have dinner at home that evening.
  2. not sure if you can stay the night but this place is good for a stop. https://cartgatelodgecafe.co.uk/the-cartgate-lodge-cafe-yeovil-picnic-area/
  3. Train weight limit is 3500kg so if over that with a trailer you need a tacho, however there are exemptions - Recreational use. So generally caravans are fine assuming you are not towing them towing them for use as accommodation for a paid job (say you are going on holiday if you are) - If within 100km from home no need for a tacho (recently increased from 50) this is quite a useful article: http://pickupand4x4.co.uk/towing-tachographs-rules-exemptions
  4. If they have the technology to boost your key signal or the willing to break into your house to steal the keys then a steering lock wont deter them!
  5. i tow with vans as we have a miniature steam engine we transport about, the laws are the same as towing with a car. Power wise dont compare to a car, generally they are geared lower and quite torquey. My current one is a Renault master 2.5dci, 100bhp. With the steam engine loaded and caravan on the back we are about 5 tons but the Renault does well and keeps up with the traffic, its by no means sprightly but more than adequate. Personally i would be looking at a renault trafic/ vauxhall vivaro. They do a LWB version which is quite a good size and not too big. Generally you find transits have been quite used and abused normally the choice of builders and landscapers. The renault/vauxhall are normally a bit tidier and more for decorators and the plumber types.....i am generalising but hopefully you get what i mean.
  6. The XE is a pretty small car and will feel tiny compare to the XC90. Sure it will handle the caravan fine though. We had a 25d for a short while and it was a cracking car to drive, never towed with it though.
  7. I would have a quick chat to a lawyer, i would imagine any mistake on the notice of prosecution would make it null and void (ask David Beckham) maybe £100 better spent than getting points or doing the speeding course. Myself i had no such luck and got two speeding tickets within a month of each other! £100 course for the first one then £100 fine and 3 points for the second one.....2 months later put the car through a hedge. Was not a good time for me and driving!
  8. assuming you are not restricted by your insurance i would just try it and see how you get on. I towed an abbey 520 (same caravan but different internal layout) with a new mondeo and was just under 115% ratio and it towed lovely.
  9. on the road no modernish 4x4 should need to use low range for anything even towing its maximum trailer weight. Low range is only really for off road use. My old Sorento regularly pulled max limit of 2800kg (sometimes a little bit over) only time it went into low range was to lock the 4wd drive in on muddy field. It states in big letters in the handbook not to use 4wd or low range on the road as it didnt have a central diff.
  10. lots of combinations do not require a B+E, as already been said the car and caravan maximum plated weights can not be over 3500kg but this allows for a decent size car and caravan. What car does you daughter have?
  11. These systems normally only work by checking continuity, so will only throw up an error if all the lights running off one pin are broken. Side lights for an example will normally have 1 at front, 2 on the side, one in rear cluster and the number plate and only one needs to be working for the car to think everythings okay.
  12. Did you think of the environmental impacts your static home will cause before buying it? The materials used to make it (many of which cant be recycled) the emission from the lorry used to deliver it, the effect and damage to the local environment when the site was built, the wasted electric you have by running in effect two households, the fuel you burn in your large diesel 4x4 getting there and back. Point being people do things for their enjoyment, your choice to own a static home probably has a lot worse effect on the environment than a modern wood burner.
  13. A tractor of any reasonable size would have no issue dragging a caravan with a wheel lock, to be honest most large 4x4s could do it. Unless it was one of the big Bulldog Titan type wheel locks there would probably be minimal damage....well certainly less than a fire.
  14. so basically its going to cost me £11 and i cant take my dog, think i can live with that!
  15. For piece of mind get your caravan insured, mine is similar age and value and its only about £90 a year. My insurance only stipulates a hitchlock, the premium reduction for having a wheel lock as well was only about £3 so really not worth the hassle.
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