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  1. It would be interesting to know though if this was actually a valuable use of police time and resources or just an easy win and money making scheme for the authorities, bare with me on this. I get there are lots of trailers out there overloaded and badly maintained however do these cause a disproportionate amount of accidents on the road? Would the police and highways agencies be better off actually policing the roads properly looking out for people speeding, hogging the middle lane, drink/drug driving, driving uninsured vehicles etc. If they see a trailer that looks iffy then yes they can be pulled over as well. I personally feel these spot checks are the authorities picking the low fruit and then shouting how good they are and how much safer they have made the roads when in reality there time would be much better spent doing other things. Yes there have been very sad accidents with people overloading trailers etc but these are very few and far between. Just because the police have found a caravan 20% overloaded or with a bald tyre doesn't mean it's going to have an accident so issuing 100 fines does not mean the police have prevented 100 accidents.
  2. The Bailey Ranger series of vans were pretty lighweight from memory. I would think the Golf estate will be fine with a 1300kg caravan, might not be the quickest outfit on the road depending on the power output of the engine.
  3. get it on facebook marketplace, it will be gone in a matter of hours.
  4. Only reason against is in the case of a serious accident its so the trailer can be unhitched. My theory being is if the accident is that big the trailer needs to be unhitched then a hitchlock will be the last of my worries. I travel with hitchlocks on all my trailers, I do a lot of miles towing as its part of my business and cant be bothered with faff putting it on/off every time i stop for a toilet break.
  5. When jacking up any trailer I will normally have it connected to the car and jack up the rear axle on which ever sides needs doing, even if its the front one that needs changing i just jack the whole lot higher to give the clearance. So far not had an issue with caravans or plant trailers, however with a lot of weight on the plant trailer I would probably but length of wood between the two axels and jack from the middle.
  6. No, the caravan will be fine going up on one wheel to change the other. If you watch a twin axle trailer/caravan go along a bumpy road or off a kerb etc quite often one wheel is off the ground. Also tyre load ratings are done for when the wheel is going round not stationary.
  7. Hi Andy, you only need a tacho if its for commercial use not for private. Even if for commercial you can do it without a tacho if within 100 miles of your "base" Another piece of badly written legislation which had unexpected consequences! I can hook my caravan up and take it on holiday and dont need the tacho on however if i tow it for use at an event we are exhibiting at then technically it needs to be turned on.
  8. it was me suggesting you just drive the caravan into the UK and not bother stopping to tell customs you just bought it. Very naughty I know so changed the post.
  9. Had our Ford Ranger done by a local chap who came to the house and I have got no complaints. Our Ranger spends most of its life towing a fully loaded IFOR trailer and has made a big difference when towing.
  10. I would forget the hybrid idea for your budget and stick with an economical petrol car. A mitsubishi phev within budget will be a very disappointing car as the batteries will be getting near end of the life with greatly reduced mileage available from them. Personally I am still not sold on the hybrid idea as they don't suit our driving habits. You have to really carefully look at if you make any actual savings once you take into account the very poor fuel economy once electric has run out. If its more eco conscious decision, again I am still not sold that they are the solution. We have an outlander phev btw which is my company car, at the time of getting it the tax benefit made it worthwhile but i wouldn't buy one privately.
  11. No doubt they have gone up a bit, i reckon our pretty tired 2003 Abbey would have been £2k in 2019 but would probably go for 4k now. With a week in a 1980s haven static caravan costing 2k this summer hols even over paying a bit for a second hand one you can use multiple times still works out pretty cheap in comparison to other UK holiday options this year. As others have said though if you want one don't delay especially if you plan on keeping it for a few years, your regret will be not getting one sooner rather than saving a few quid.
  12. Vans in general are good tow vehicles, and it is worth getting the remap done. Although the 40bhp per ton thing is a good guideline a lot of vans fall well under this, my old LWB transit was 90bhp and when loaded with our steam engine and caravan train weight was around 5 tons, it was by no means fast but got everywhere i wanted it to, all be it sometimes at 35-40mph on some big hills!
  13. no different to having a trailer on a ring and pin hitch. Americans tow a lot heavier stuff than us on that type of receiver so sure you will have no problem, just remember to put the R-Clip on!
  14. I have the 3.2 ranger so same truck but different engine, its a great towcar and I have no issues with the towball height for the caravan or the other trailers I tow. Mine probably spends 70% of its time on the road towing as I use it for transporting vehicles around for work. As an all round car its brillant, so much so we are tempted to buy a second one for my wife.
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