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  1. save your time and money and dont bother, i never had and do a lot of miles on the continent without any problems
  2. You take the aquaroll and wastemaster out of the caravan as soon as you get to site so doesnt actually take up your accommodation space. When travelling ours sits in the toilet area and is the first thing to come out when we get to site.
  3. There is a lot people assume incorrectly about towing trailers because rather than reading the government website which clearly states the rules in black and white people prefer to rely on magazines, forums and word of mouth.
  4. My brother has the tiguan but diesel, tows a large twin axle van with it which is probably just over 100% match but still stable as a rock.
  5. disobeying the caravan gods and running at a 85.1% match
  6. i think depends on the vehicle. If the car has all these systems then its worth paying the extra money, if its an older vehicle or if putting a trailer on makes no difference to the systems then probably not worth the added expense.
  7. tom_1989


    you dont have to be a forensic scientist to the see the caravan has clearly clouted something big and heavy on the front corner, the treeline a few feet behind it is probably a good indicator what that big heavy thing was.
  8. I would take your old battery as a spare but should last for quite a while. Assume your lighting is LED? I was surprised how well out battery did the other week. 4 nights away with a family of 4, showers everyday and a light left on every night for the kids. Also had to run the fridge off it for a few hours when gas cylinder run out.
  9. Cant go wrong with a mondeo, great all rounder.
  10. Have a look on ebay and if you see something you like you can check the weights online with a quick google search. Wont always be 100% accurate but gives you a good idea then you can check the plate when you go and see it. At that value i would be buying privately and be looking for something that has been serviced. The service reports from any decent company will have damp readings but if in doubt ask a local engineer to give it the once over for you. Dont worry about buying privately there are plenty of decent older vans about, they are pretty simple things just check everything works on it before parting with your cash.
  11. 10 speed box to accommodate an engine with a small power band, not really the done thing in a pick-up expected to tow 3.5 tons!
  12. No need to speak to valeters or buy any potions, if you are not drying it then that is your problem.
  13. Think its called driving without reasonable consideration for other road users and it carries a fine.
  14. In the real world no policeman or vosa inspector is going to give you points or a fine for a number plate which has the right colour, font, size and spacing. They are looking for the people with the stupid fonts or incorrect spacing to spell a word.
  15. these guys did my mondeo towbar and did all the coding http://www.astowbars.co.uk/ I would be sending the people who installed you towbar a bill for the coding they didnt do.
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