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  1. Not these days, loads of people run pick-ups as family cars now
  2. wouldnt mind the Jaguar F-Pace SVR and then whatever caravan would stay in one bit while being towed by it!
  3. If you see it from a different perspective of say someone towing on daily basis measuring nose weight is just impractical and arguably, unnecessary. Say a builder goes to the merchants with an empty drop side trailer, gets a couple of tons of sand loaded up, do you really think they would even consider checking the nose weight? And these people do it day in day out and assuming some common sense is used then there is no reason to worry if you are a bit over on the noseweight.
  4. Common sense and experience. Its only caravaners who have this fascination with nose weight, I would bet good money that 99.99% of trailers on the road which arent caravans haven't had their nose weight checked. Most people just load up and make sure it looks right. Have you ever heard of someone being prosecuted because the nose weight was too high??
  5. Same here we towed a big TA caravan with a mondeo well over 110% ratio and never had the slightest bit of bother. Now this will really upset people....i have never used a nose weight gauge!!!
  6. No reason to disconnect the battery. As your on a pitched site it doesn't matter if the battery runs flat anyway as you plug in to the mains every time you arrive.
  7. If they have gone to the effort of having equipment to re-transmit your key signal they will have the knowledge to bust open a steering wheel lock in about 3 seconds!
  8. Thats a big first caravan! But as you are learning with it you will soon get used to it. Most industrial estates are quiet on a Sunday and a good place to practice as normally designed for lorries so have nice wide turns. Best advice i was given was a succesful reverse starts long before you start going backwards, getting in a good position while going forward can make life a lot lot easier.
  9. Not surprised at all the 2.0 engine in the outlander is nothing clever, just a naturally aspirated petrol lugging around 2 tons. Being hyrbid they didnt have to put a modern efficient petrol turbo in to meet the emission target on testing. Car companies have been finding ways around government legislation for years, they have no interest in actually making something which could actually help reduce emissions if there is less profit in doing so.
  10. Tyreon bands arent a puncture solution they supposidly help with stability in the event of a puncture....great bit of marketing for a product that doesn't actually do anything! I just carry a spare and a can of the generic puncture repair stuff, the repair stuff will only be used if I cant get to somewhere safe to change the wheel.
  11. I think for a bit of cash most sites would be happy to push into into the corner of their field for a couple of weeks. Probably easier to call up a couple and explain situation rather than looking for a specific one.
  12. Batteries and electric motors weigh considerably more than fuel and an IC engine so to keep the same weight carrying capacity and a practical range the GVW will have to increase aswell, i was thinking more for LGVs such as vans and pick ups. Forget caravans there are millions more miles a year done by people towing trailers for work, builders, contractors, tree surgeons, horse transport or like us vehicle transport and no matter what you do these weights cant really be reduced.
  13. Hybrid is still in its relative infancy and the only real reason the cars are so popular is the company car tax benefits and now private buyers jumping on the eco band wagon. At the moment car manufactuers make plenty of quality alternative diesel and petrol cars which tick the boxes for people who need to tow, when the regulations see these IC cars banned then they will focus there efforts on making a suitable car. I wouldn't be surprised if in the future we see the 3500kg limit lifted for normal car licenses which special caveats for electric commericals or large 4x4s.
  14. i get all my number plates from the ebay seller you used and never had any issues.
  15. All the reviews have been pretty scathing and the fact the list price has dropped by about £8k since first released doesnt bode well. No doubt it will be reliable but its not really comparable to the disco which is miles ahead in every sense (apart from breaking down) Even our local Mitsubishi dealer couldnt find a good word to say about it as the quality of the drive and ride feels about 20 years behind everyone else.
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