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  1. The seat cushions in my 2002 van are sprung inside, like a bed. I assume from the above that many vans now have just foam padding?
  2. The engine temperature is controlled by the thermostat and radiator. It's nothing to do with RPM.
  3. £90 for an external pump????!!!!! The most expensive one I could see at a quick glance was only £39. An Aquaroll costs less than that. If it's an internal one it won't be stolen.
  4. Have a look on here to see what is involved https://www.swift-owners-club.com/support/oem-handbooks/thetford/C200-CW-Manual-pump.pdf
  5. In response to your question, I've not had one stolen in the 5 years I've been caravanning. As a pump only costs about £15-20 it's not a big deal is it? Inconvenient, yes, but hardly worth buying something to stop it being stolen. I carry a spare anyway, because when my last one failed I had to go and find a shop that sold one.
  6. I have a diesel and don't even know what a DPF is !
  7. Sounds like you are complaining about the wrong thing. Its Mercedes cars, you should be complaining about, not diesels in general.
  8. How long is "left unattended"? If I pop to the toilet block it's unattended. If I'm out all day it's unattended. That's what the flame failure device is all about. Any fire would soon consume the van within not many minutes.
  9. Well done, there are quite a few things you need to learn. I made a check list which I keep in the van and used it until I had used it enough times to remember what I need to do. However, I do still use it occasionally.
  10. You probably already know that if the pilot light goes out, you must wait for a few (3) minutes before trying again. The sensor needs time to cool down, or it won't allow the fridge to restart.
  11. Cheapest solution is to lay some sheets of board down and run the wheel over them. A more expensive way is to replace the wheel with an inflatable one, but they need more room than the usual rigid tyred one, plus the tyre has to be kept inflated.
  12. I don't know about the Aldi one, but the bottle jack I have had for years won't fit under my caravan chassis. They (or Lidl) recently had a trolley jack for c£20(?) which does fit, but it's heavy!
  13. Turning the absorption fridge (yours) isn't an old wife's tale. It's true. The liquid can get "stuck" in the bottom. Inverting the unit can clear it. Try it. It costs nothing, but wait an hour or so after turning it back the correct way before seeing if it has worked.
  14. So, it appears to simply be a rip off. To the OP, why not ask exactly what you get for the extra money demanded, above and beyond the simple task of changing the plate? And in practice, putting more weight inside the van is not that clever anyway - keep it (do you REALLY need it?) in the car.
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