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  1. My Aviva one came after my request. All done on line. It is green in colour and an A4 sheet of paper, it only covers the car for 3rd party damage. I will have to get a separate one for the caravan. They asked when I intended to travel, but the form came back simply with the date it was issued (a few days ago) and when the insurance expires. It's the same as the one I had last year.
  2. If thinking of a jack to carry in the van bear in mind that trolley jacks tend to much heavier than other types.
  3. No matter what you buy, make sure it will go under when the tyre is flat. Some* bottle jacks are too tall to do that. *Note I said "some" not "all".
  4. Why not just measure the battery box internal dimensions? That's the only way you can be SURE what it is. If you can't get access to the van at present, just wait. You can't use the van until lockdown eases anyway.
  5. Condensation occurs when the temperature drops quickly. Your battery has got very cold over the last few days, and the temperature of the surrounding air has now warmed quickly. It is simply that the battery temperature is taking a while to reach ambient temperature. Because the battery is a very dense object, it takes a long time to cool down and a long time to warm up. It's exactly the same as the condensation that occurs on your frozen meat when you take it out of the freezer. There is nothing wrong, it will simply disappear when the battery body warms up.
  6. One of the Gov't ministers (Education?) was being criticised the other day by one of the daily papers for not know when we can get back to "normal". Without making any political point, I though that was a very unfair criticism. I don't thing anyone could tell us what's around the corner at present.
  7. The size of awning needed to fit any particular caravan depends on the measurement in centimetres from the ground around the awning rail and back to the ground. There are videos on youtube etc.
  8. Nothing/none/never in response to the OP's questions.
  9. I agree with the "not 24/7" school. Put a timer on the EHU supply to it so that it only comes on for, say, 1 hour a week.
  10. How long is a piece of string? 130Ah is a very big battery (big in terms of capacity). It won't physically fit in many caravans. 100/110Ah is still a big battery ((big in terms of capacity). You'll be fine.
  11. Get the calendar out. Mark on the calendar all the individual days spent in the EU, then add them up. Draw an invisible line 180 days long. Move the invisible 180 days line along backwards and forwards anywhere you want and see how many days in that period you have spent in the EU. If more than 90 days, problem, if less than 90 days, no problem. As to whether or not the Customs people will know is a separate question.
  12. It assumes that we will still be making the same number of journeys. Perhaps we need to be looking at less travel.
  13. Looks like the latest version of "Fog in the Channel - Europe cut off".
  14. If an air awning "collapses", you blow it up again. I have never suffered that problem. If you think wind is going to be a big problem, just deflate it, and re-inflate it afterwards. It a poled awning collapses, you are left with broken poles and possibly ripped fabric where the broken pole has cut the fabric. Both types have their fans and opponents.
  15. I am struggling to understand what you are saying, but if you do have to take the whole plastic back panel off, it's not that big or scary a job. I had to do it on my van and once I had removed any mirrors etc and other loose items, scored through the silicone sealant and removed the fixing screws (that are hidden behind caps) the whole lot came out easily. There was enough length of flexible piping spare to allow it to come away and allow the piping to be disconnected without straining anything. I then took the opportunity to tidy up and tighten any pipes etc before replacing it.
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