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  1. Same here, although mine was 2 years earlier. I was sent a reminder some time before it was due.
  2. There are many opinions of what sort of pegs to use; screw with some sort of drill, or straight with a lump hammer. I own, and have used, both types and prefer to just use straight ones and a lump hammer. I would be surprised if yours came with none. Use whatever comes and only think about changing if you become unsatisfied.
  3. Bit of a sweeping statement. One family with kids.......
  4. In over 50+years of camping and caravanning, the only theft I have ever had was in France when a toerag slashed the tent door with a knife and rummaged through everything in the inner tent looking for anything of value. They found my wallet and legged it. The wallet only contained my bus pass and library ticket plus a few store cards. The cash and credit cards were all with me in another wallet. The tent door had to be taped up overnight and a replacement tent purchased next day. I wish he(?) had just unzipped the door, but he didn't, so don't even waste your time putting a lock on it. Remove anything of value or put a big lock through it to the car or van wheel.
  5. Quite right. Boris said at the start that it was just a little flu and he would quickly "biff it". We are now 4 months later and still he hasn't "biffed it". A medical expert said it could reach 20,000. It's now almost 44,000.
  6. Don't be so quick in condemning Leicester. Most experts say they are just the first, more will follow all around the country, and not very long to wait........
  7. As Leicester is about as far from the sea as you can get, and then the closest is Skegness, which hasn't reported being overwhelmed (unlike Bournemouth), and as Skegness is also very popular with many other midlands cities, like Nottingham and Derby, who haven't shown any particular resurgence in Covid, it's unlikely to be beach related. Leicester has a very mixed population of BAME (who are known to be particularly at risk), many of whom live in small houses in a small area, I would suspect it's simply a case of a bit too much relaxing of distancing in the immediate area. I hope it's quickly back under control and the numbers drop to zero.
  8. Just ascertain, by trial and error, which way is on and which is off, then put a dab of paint or something on it, so that you can easily identify it.
  9. True, but the OP had said "Today I added some USB Sockets to my pageant s5 to try and free up some mains sockets that were being hogged with the plug in types." Thus he was using the sockets whilst on mains.
  10. https://www.screwfix.com/p/lap-13a-1-gang-sp-switched-socket-2-1a-2-outlet-usb-charger-white/8812F?tc=OT2 Single and double mains sockets are readily available with USB outlets incorporated into the faceplate. I have fitted some at home and in the van.
  11. Don't confuse a fan (air mover) which simply stirs up the air, for a conditioner that actually removes heat from one place to another (like your fridge). A fan can "seem" to cool you by helping your body to lose heat by evaporation, but it actually ADDS heat to the room, because the motor is doing work which is heat. Yes, you can open the window to let the heat from the motor out, but that simply lets more hot air in!
  12. Post a few pics of what is there now, then we can start to advise.
  13. If the move is on a horizontal plane, the mover won't need much power at all. Don't worry about it.
  14. Engaging the steadies at each end of the van onto whatever skate arrangement you use would help to eliminate any "swaying" caused by the massive overhang front and rear relative to the axles. Note, I don't mean raise the van onto them, just use them to share some of the weight, like when you set up on site. The use of as large a wheel size as possible on the skates will help considerably on anything other than totally smooth surfaces. That would probably mean designing your own and getting your local blacksmith to make the skate for you.
  15. That may refer to charging money to do gas work, rather than working on your own stuff. The words I found are "It's not technically illegal to carry out DIY gas work in your own home* as long as you are 'competent' to do so, but the consequences of doing so without the necessary skills are hugely dangerous."
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