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  1. Don't forget there are many private member only clubs, not just the club sites. If you are not in the appropriate club you can't get in. That really would reduce your choice of sites. Personally, I don't book until a week or two ahead, often only a day or two, once I can be sure of my movements and the weather. I'm also not that fussy where I go, other than not a ridiculous distance. I have never booked any site for a 2 week period, I get bored of the area after about a week!
  2. Re the OP's question. I have never had a car tyre fail (in 50yrs) whilst in motion, but think: Front car tyre flats will result in very heavy steering and inability to maintain your direction. Rear car flats will make the car bumpy, Both will cause increased noise. I recently had a single axle van tyre fail to the point where it had been destroyed by the point I realised and stopped. That caused noise and vibration. Double axle vans I don't know, but suspect similar to single axle ones.
  3. You really shouldn't be working on your car gearbox on the kitchen worktop. But glad Swarfega is good not just for your hands.
  4. I suggest you ask the local authority's planning dept.
  5. sell them on ebay or gumtree or similar
  6. The OP has said they have £5k to put down as a a deposit, so they do have that amount in cash now. A roof over your head is a necessity of life, one that is in constant use, even when you're not actually inside it, because it stores all your worldly goods. A fancy new caravan is not a necessity, it's a luxury that in reality doesn't get used that often, even if you're retired. I have no idea of the OP's financial status, but the fact that they are talking about a loan means they are not cash rich. What happens should they become unable to work or some other unfortunate oc
  7. To the OP. NO. If you can't afford it, you can't afford it. £5k will buy you a reasonable caravan that will give you many years use.
  8. Re reversing. Try to reverse into a space such that the space is to your right as you sit in the car. Why? Because then you can look in the mirrors and out of the window and see down the side of the van and have an idea what's happening. If you reverse into a space on the opposite side (your left) all you'll see from the drivers seat is the front of the van and a wall of white in your mirrors. If you can get someone outside to help tell them to stand where you can see them, and wind the car windows down and turn off the radio so that you can hear them.
  9. Welcome. You'll find lots of advice on the attached. Top Tips for Caravanners.pdf
  10. Strictly speaking it's dangerous to have anything electrical, even a small battery light, inside the gas locker. Why? because a spark can cause an explosion if there is a gas leak. Unlikely I know, but these things come about following actual explosions caused by just that. You'll find the makers fit the light OUTSIDE the gas locker such that they shine into it. What you choose to do about it is up to you.
  11. a photo of the switch and it's position would help.
  12. If it's still sound, does what you want and has all the features you need, be happy! Bu a new(er) one and run the risk of getting a load of problems, as well as a big hole in the bank balance.
  13. So, what size battery "should" be supplied? Many are quite happy to use EHU only sites, so a small battery is adequate, whereas others go off grid and therefore need a much bigger one. A large (110Ah) battery weighs c25kg. I think that can be classed as a pretty big chunk out of the payload.
  14. You still have to read it.... Blimey, where do you get the water from, then? The river????
  15. I expect that is correct. There are so many new caravanners since overseas holidays have stopped, they don't know the ropes.
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