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  1. I agree with Stevan My experience of van showers is that unless you heat the water as hot as it can get, then cool the flow by adding cold water, it isn't very long before you have emptied the tank.
  2. Be very careful that you close each side against the other. Do not just hammer one side or you'll simply bust it off the wall of the van. It's only held on by lightweight screws. The mole grip idea is the correct approach because the forces imposed remain within the rail, and don't go onto the van.
  3. I have a similar unit. With 2 cylinders and the spare wheel in place the nose weight is too high for my car (54kgs) so I take the spare out and put it either in the car, or in the van over the van axle. If only 2 of the 3 are in the front locker, I'm OK.
  4. You ought to find out what the paint used was. That might help determine the best way to remove it.
  5. Cars can and do burst into flames due to something totally unrelated to gas. Electrical faults can start a fire, anywhere, anytime. It may not even be fuel station related. Sympathies to anyone involved.
  6. There are two types of movement you may experience (ignoring swinging after a swerve). Pitching up and down, and back and forth. As others have said, pitching is down to loading and tyres, suspension etc. Back and forth will be the towbar/braking connection. Get it checked. Keep as much weight as you can in the car which will give a more stable feel (tail not wagging the dog)
  7. daveat92

    New bike price

    In the early 70s I recall going to see an exhibition of colour TVs in an exhibition stall. They were very exotic items at that time and were about £400 (roughly 16 times the average weekly wage at that time), and they certainly weren't anywhere near as big as 28". Another thing I remember is that the room had very subdued lighting, presumably to show the colours at their best, and the variation in the colour balance of each maker's picture.
  8. I found a lot of flapping could occur without the rear upright poles on my Kampa Rally air when the wind was from the side. The poles stopped that. Never used the limpets and no reason to with the poles.
  9. Enter your reg. no on here for a guide https://www.hpi.co.uk/content/diesel-news-the-future-of-diesel/hpi-euro-emission-standards-checker/
  10. YOU come home when YOU've had enough. No point asking anyone else. My advice is to not book your return ferry until you know you've had enough. I no longer have a cat, but always used to ask a neighbour to come in and feed and cuddle it. It was much happier than being locked in a cage all day in a strange place.
  11. I know a guy is in the development team for JLR and I asked him quite a while ago if a new Defender type vehicle was in the pipeline. "I can't tell you". "is that because you don't know, or you can't tell me?" "The latter" Which told me all I wanted to know, but I won't be buying one, all JLR's are far too expensive for me.
  12. You need to have purchased "vehicle recovery" insurance that specifically covers this scenario. "Mayday", "RAC Arrive" are two names that spring to mind, but there will be others (Green Flag?).
  13. Doctors think every one is ill because they only ever see ill people. Car mechanics think every car is broken down because they only ever see broken down cars Why? . Folks only complain when something goes wrong. As others have said above, the happy customer just carries on being happy and doesn't keep posting about it on forums.
  14. I can't see the point of them. I empty mine, solids and all, then swill it out with water a couple of times and it's clean enough for me. I don't drink out of it, so provided it looks "clean" I'm satisfied.
  15. Does TomTom have a support page on their website? have a look, it may tell you what you want. I have to admit my Garmin didn't actually fail, but it would no longer update itself. When I sent it somewhere to get it fixed, they said "Not fixable". That would have been about 3 or so years after I bought it.....
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