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  1. I hesitate to advise any specific one, but do look out for ones that have:- > a flat "lip" that projects out in front of the lower end of the ramp. The van wheel rolls onto it a few inches before starting up the ramp. This stops the ramp sliding away when the van is pushed up it. > ones that have a chock that can be laid onto the ramp in front of the tyre. These stop the van rolling back down the ramp when you drive the car away and/or take the handbrake off.
  2. Yes, that's what Michelin say.
  3. The Fenwicks Overwintering solution really does keep the green stuff at bay.
  4. I often go to sites where EHU is an option, and often quite expensive. I am normally away from the van most of the day and travel on my own, so power use is not heavy. During the summer, when daylight is long, and there's plenty of light for long periods, I go off grid, just relying on the 40W solar panel. I have not had a problem yet. However, during the winter months, I doubt it would keep up, other than for 2-3 days, so buy the mains power. At £120, for a folding version, and c£4 per night to buy EHU, it paid for itself within 30 nights. I am now well ahead on the savings. I would have bought a larger panel, but there's little space on the roof, and, being portable, I don't want to sit it at ground level, for security reasons (out of sight, out of mind). I am quite happy, but would like a bigger one in future.
  5. I don't know about your kit, but on mine, if I switch the handset (remote) off, I have to reset the whole thing to get it to work again. The instructions (once I finally read them) said it's supposed to be like that, but it took me ages to find it out. So now I don't switch off the handset until I really have finished with it.
  6. Take some digital photos - quicker and shows much more, including the area you didn't think mattered !
  7. I agree with the above comments about SW France not being very warm in winter. Many of the sites will be shut because of that. Go further South, or perhaps to the East, like Nice.
  8. I have a 2013 Citroen Picasso C3, so similar to yours. It took nearly all day for the guy to fit it on my drive. I think it was about £250 about 4 yrs ago, but the company subsequently went bust (!), so £380 sounds about right to me.
  9. It works well for me. You do have to use elbow grease.
  10. I was there for 6 nights just a few days ago. As above, it's in England, not Wales.
  11. You need 12 V lamps. These are not domestic type. Domestic type are 230V, but often low wattage. Note watts and volts are NOT the same thing. Take your old lamps into a caravan shop and they'll sort you out. Get light emitting diode type (L.e.d.) rather than halogen or tungsten because they give out the same amount of light but use MUCH lower wattage, so helping your battery.
  12. daveat92

    Pay up front

    That's rather unfair to horse traders, isn't it? :-)
  13. daveat92

    Pay up front

    Walk away. There are other dealers and vans.
  14. I have often wondered this one. A caravan (usually) only has one axle, so there are no twisting forces on the chassis. And where it has two axles, they are very close together. A motorhome has two axles, spaced some metres apart, so there must be some twisting forces on the chassis. Yes, I know the suspension takes most of it out, but only by pushing against the chassis. That force has to go somewhere. Ever noticed how much an empty or only lightly laden flat bed truck twists on bumpy ground? Yes, I know they all go up and down, and sideways, but that is not the same as twisting. So, it seems to me that a caravan body is not twisted as much as that on a motorhome. The body of a motorhome therefore has to be a structural element, but is of lightweight construction. The van conversions use the same steel body as the original van, so that is a structural element. Discuss !!
  15. Some of the major insurers don't use the "Comparison" sites, because they won't pay the broker. That means the Comparison sites don't get a quote from them. Aviva (the old Norwich Union) is one, and I have found them to be more than competitive, plus they have a good reputation. But I don't know if they cover caravans. The moral here, is don't just look on Comparison sites - go direct.
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