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  1. Make the skate larger than the trailer and recess the castors upwards, so that the trailer sits in a "sink" if you get what I mean. -----__________----
  2. If happy with the screen, just run the sound through the caravan stereo speakers on the "Aux" channel. That's what I do with my Bauhn cheapie (c£70 a couple of years ago) from Aldi / Lidl and it's pretty good. Yes, the sound doesn't "come from" the TV, but in such a small space, it's difficult to tell from where any sound is coming!
  3. I suggest remove the old one to see what it looks like, then source the replacement from Jaydug's post above.
  4. It's nothing to do with Covid or hygiene, but all to do with food safety, i.e has your food been passed by EU inspectors as "Fit for human consumption" etc. If the meat or dairy products you buy and put in your packed lunch is contaminated with whatever, before it even leaves the farm, it is dangerous, hence the need for an EU safety certificate. When we were in the EU, the food inspectors (unknown to the consumer) certified our food as fit for human consumption, but now we are no longer in it, the safety certification is no longer valid. Hence the restrictions.
  5. Alternatively, just take less with you?
  6. Make sure that whatever you buy will fit into the space available. Don't assume any battery will fit anywhere. Also make sure the post (connections) are the right type (round?) and the correct handing (+ve and -ve the way round you need them).
  7. No matter what brand you buy, you won't wear them out, and road holding is not an issue, because all they do is follow your towcar.
  8. Covering a window is no problem. Many, including myself, have and continue to do so without any problems. As to which brand to buy - ask 20 people and you'll get 20 different answers. But, as in life generally, if you're not paying for it, you won't get it.
  9. This is a very good post.
  10. Try googling it. There are plenty on line.
  11. The the OP. Why not just ask the site managers? Any other reply on here is just a guess.
  12. I have done this, but was concerned about it rubbing on the rough bricks, so just laid it on the lawn and pumped it up. It assumed it's shape once inflated. Obviously, take care not to get more dirt on than you are removing !
  13. John Wickersham wrote some very informative caravan manuals. They are still in print - search "The Caravan Manual: A Guide to Servicing, Maintenance and Improvements" by him. As others have said, most of the kit is not maker specific, so what info isn't in there you'll be able to work out for yourself. Caravans are not that difficult once you understand the basic systems.
  14. There are many, many reasons the vast, vast majority of people live in proper houses and not static caravans, never mind touring caravans. If it weren't so, many more would be living in touring caravans. I suggest the OP thinks VERY hard about the pitfalls before he/she makes any decisions.
  15. Other than the name, I don't suppose the current Mondeo shares much with the earlier models of the same name.
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