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  1. Said that about warranty work with me about local workshops, but when Elddis reject your claim know one will do the work for free so you end up going back to dealer as they say they will do it instead under their warranty terms.
  2. If you ask me, would I buy an Elddis again? Me personally would say no, they look good in and out and tick all the boxes but with the issues with the panels always hanging over you, I don't think I would risk it again. I know all manufacturers have issues but Elddis seem to have more than any other. Think my next van will be a Swift.
  3. I was in the same position last year at the Jan 15 show, put deposit down then came on here read the reviews and started questioning my decision. Like everyone else is saying I thought you only hear from the unhappy customers and thousands more must be happy, so went ahead and purchased a 2015 compass 576. 1 month later picked van up from dealer but on arrival rejected it due to hail damage on roof and mastic smeared on a few body panels, not a good start. 2 weeks later go down to pick a different van (same model) and everything seems fine, happy chappie, until 7 month later while cleaning van find a 8 inch crack on front of roof ! Anyway Elddis reject claim say its impact damage even after only seeing photos sent from my phone. Dealer fixed it instead and claiming back off Elddis so not concerned but now aerial (stick/twig) is useless never works. All I can say is if you do go ahead, give it a good looking over before driving away from dealers and test everything, hope Glossop is local to you as you probably will be making a few trips within first couple of years.
  4. Glad they did a good job. Where did the cracks appear on your van?
  5. Annoying isn't it. Are you getting the work done at the dealer at Darlington or is someone coming out to you? I'm off to Nottingham next month leaving it there for a week to be repaired and the first year service done for free. Just wish I lived nearer to the Elddis factory/office myself as I think I would be paying them a visit in person.
  6. To be honest I thought my caravan was perfect and ticked all the boxes I. e weight, spec, layout and price but now these cracks have appeared and ontop of the aerial being a useless piece of ***** and also the terrible customer service off Elddis I'm really starting to question if I've made the right choice.
  7. Yea I thought so but still a cracks a crack and shouldn't happen and if so you'd expect it to be repaired under warranty without all the fuss. Anyway dealer sorting it so hopefully should be fine. Just annoying when you show trust & faith in a manufacturer and buy one the their vans then to have it shoved back in your face like they couldn't care less.
  8. Hi, I started this topic about a year ago asking about possible cracks on Elddis vans. Well I ended up purchasing a 2015 Compass Kensington 576 the layout and spec was everything we were looking for and were made up with the van. Until lone behold while cleaning the van in October discovered hair line cracks on the front roof panel these cracks have slowly got bigger and a warranty claim was made to dealer and forwarded on to Elddis. 3 months later and been told by Elddis it's not covered under warranty as looks like impact damage! Raging on the phone I speak to Elddis myself to be told it could have been made by impact from a football or anything so isn't covered. Spoken to dealer as warranty is still with them who have agreed with me that what Elddis are saying is utter rubbish so have decided to carry out the repair themselves . Elddis are trying to say it is Lamplas who rejected the claim. Have no faith in Elddis whatsoever. Photos of cracks
  9. Cheers for that Gordon, will have a good look at the different options makes sense with the Plymouth crossing.
  10. To be honest only ever crossed from Dover to Calais but never with a van attached, so open to suggestions really. Need to go in summer holidays as wife is a teacher so no movement there. Had a look at les alicourts and the other one mentioned, seem really nice. Will have a look at le cormoran later. Was thinking of 2 weeks, a week in possibly 2 different sites.
  11. Looking to book a site in europe next year for summer, but have never toured in europe before so looking for some advice. Looking at France, Belgium as dont want to be travelling hours. 3 & 5 year old so would like it child friendly. Not keen on big holiday parks but something with club house or bar etc would be nice. Site with something local nearby e. g a harbour, beach, nice village. Pitches with space would also be nice. Basically we are a family of 4 who like peace and quite but also enjoy a drink but hate unruly kids running riot. Open to suggestions please.
  12. Newhouse

    Compass 576 kensington

    1st trip in new van only had it an hour!
  13. Put deposit down at Manchester show in jan and went to collect last sat at dealers but various problems caused me and the dealer to reject the van so collecting another one next sat. Just sat re reading the spec and noticed the silver skirts and spats and seem to remember not noticing them being silver last week while I did my checks.
  14. Christ, hope not as their descriptions would be well off the mark.
  15. Looking for some reviews off anyone who has purchased this dealer special can't seem to find any info or reviews off existing customers. Cheers. Photo attached.
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