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  1. Chris Froome could be stripped of Vuelta title

    My younger brother - now 70 yrs young has been an asthmatic since he was at infants school but that did not stop him doing time-trials until he was in his late teens and it certainly did not get in his way on route to becoming a 4th Dan Grade Shotokan Karate exponent.
  2. New JLR Defender

    Hi J&J. To me visually it has more in common with a Skoda Yeti with a face-lift front. The long wheelbase one looks as though it is the 'sprog' of a Hummer.
  3. A rather clever bit of kit - seemingly

    Jaydug might end-up with two - one for each wrist just incase some lunatic driver or God forgive a lunatic cyclist decides to overtake on the wrongside/inside in Spain
  4. A rather clever bit of kit - seemingly

    Hi Jaydug. It will be well worth the wait but don't forget the pin at the very edge to lift the clear plastic protective film
  5. A rather clever bit of kit - seemingly

    Well all of you lunatics that are still riding your various death-traps The 'clever bit of kit' arrived and after figuring out that it was not fitted with a damage/heavily scratched mirror - but a virtually undetectable plastic film - it is worth every penny and especially at the bargain price on E'bay. Happy and Safe Riding to you all that see this little investment as 'Eyes in The Back of Your Heads'.
  6. Barclays Dump Kaspersky - what choices next

    Hi again Ian. I would appear to have as good a protection with BullGuard which includes :-- Antivirus,Firewall,Vulnerabilities,Back-up,PC Tune Up and three other features that I have not had a need for and my current subscription was circa £38. 00.
  7. Barclays Dump Kaspersky - what choices next

    +1. It must actually be best part of 10yrs that I have been using BullGuard. I currently am using the version that can be used to protect three devices.
  8. Barclays Dump Kaspersky - what choices next

    Hi Ian. What do you get with the paid-for version that is not available with the free version ? I am currently using full BullGuard and have been doing so for many many years and todate I have not been disappointed.
  9. Barclays Dump Kaspersky - what choices next

    According to good old google it is a Slovakian entity with a what appears to be a UK contact number in Bournemouth.
  10. Buying a second hand camera from Japan

    Hi Malc. Pardon me asking but what is it about a Pre-owned camera that you feel the need to source one from Japan ? Is it something really special ?
  11. Looking for Caravan Storage???????

    Hi Jamesek. I had my SuperSirocco stored at Woodside Farm,Blindfoot Road,Rainford/St Helens border which albeit a farm it is a non working farm that has stabling. At the time that I was storing my van there they were not CaSSOA registered but that might have changed. The site is well off of the road and down a lane that faces the farmhouse. It is well fenced on three sides with a dense woodland at the on two of those outer edges. I only left there because I moved to Northumberland to live for a while after selling my house in UpHolland. J P Owen & Son Woodside Farm Blindfoot Road Rainford St Helens Merseyside WA11 7HY Landline: 01744 882503
  12. A rather clever bit of kit - seemingly

    Hi all. I was perusing earlier this morning and one of the cycle On-line sites that I have purchased from in the past when an uninvited intrusion popped up with a 'Black Friday' never to be missed deal. My Wrist Mirror at £29. 90 reduced to an amazing £14. 95 https://mywristmirror. com/products/wrist-mirror?variant=51660040327 Well not to look a 'Gift Horse' in the mouth even it is a rearward view I opened Good Old E'bay and there they were (Exactly the same) by the shipping container load and at a dazzling array of even prices. They really do show what a 'Rip-off' Britain that we live in. For those of us that might have difficulty in performing head gymnastics whilst astride our steeds I think that they are invaluable and a far better bet than a bar-end mirror that can so easily be swiped off by a lunatic motorist. https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/1-2PC-Cycling-Bicycle-Bike-Wrist-Rearview-Mirror-Guards-Wristbands-Back-eye-view/182884289860?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=69018
  13. Towing Over 85%

    Hi Towman. I looks like I was not the only one that responded to an incoming E'mai. The first of a recent batch would appear to have been :--- stevew1 on the 6th October folowed by several others. I didn't check the previous comments but did think that it was a little odd as slimseydy has ben posting for several years !!!
  14. Towing Over 85%

    Hi slimseydy. You don't say what your new car is but I towed for years at 97% with two different twin axle variants. One was a Fleetwood Colchester 1850 MTPLM of 1600kgs and the other was an Elddis Crusader SuperSirocco at MTPLM of 1750kgs but there again that was with a range of Volvo V70's in either regular automatic or the truly fabulous Geartronic options. I would have thought that being a fairly long-time member of this forum that you would have had the experience that would now see you as experienced. A slight aside :-- what is the significance of your Forum ID ? There are many on here that I am sure have interesting/unusual connotations. My own previous ID was relevant to my Chinese Birth month sign/year of 1945.
  15. Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake

    Hi Coachman. The towing weights for both the CLS 220d and the CLS 400 (V8) are the same at :--- Permitted towing capacity unbraked/braked (kg) 750/2100/N/A. 750/2100/N/A. All of the info tat you may need is here :--- https://www. la. mercedes-benz. com/content/latina/mpc/mpc_latina_website/en/home_mpc/passengercars/home/new_cars/models/cls-class/x218/facts_/technicaldata/models. html