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  1. Hi Chris. From my personal experience the declared Miro is questionable and always has been. I have advocated for several years that the only really accurate way to establish the weight of car & or van is by using a DYNAMIC AXLE Weighbridge which is actually a beam set in a perfectly level concrete base;this will give a range of options including weighing just the tow vehicle,just the caravan and also the whole outfit. The results are visible on a large digital screen and then transmitted over to an office when a certificate is produced. Axle Weighing – Dynamic Axle Weighbridge - Axtec www.axtec.co.uk/dynamic.html The Axtec dynamic axle weighbridge is the most accurate in the world. In transport and distribution, it maximises payload whilst avoiding axle or gross overloads. One has firstly got to establish exactly what is included in the Miro and anything thereafter is PAYLOAD. The setting-up of your outfit can really only be done correctly on perfectly FLAT & Level ground. These are used by VOSA for law enforcement. If the vehicle is weighed first and then again with the caravan attached the difference in the weigh imposed on the rear axle will become immediately apparent. I was fortunate in so much as I lived 22 miles from Runcorn were the manufacture,installer and service engineers were based and they have one on site for for use by the trade and the public for a very modest fee complete with a certificate. Investing in a reliable NOSE WEIGHT gauge (MILENCO) is very highly recommended but again the exercise must be carried out on level and flat ground with the caravan parking brake applied.
  2. A new Pinnarello Dogma roadbike with some fancy Zipp Carbon Wheels will cost you more than a Ferrari wing. Ordinary every day club riders that have kit like that are barking - WUFF WUFF. That is for professional riders and even that is debatable as whether saving a few grams here and there is really worth the massive cost -better to loose it of the riders body or other kit and save the expense. The manufacturers and the add men have got the average club rider kidded stupid bordering on insane.
  3. God forgive the day that one steps out into your path - car,van or bike,I bet that you will suddenly have a whole change of attitude/opinion.
  4. Where has being responsible for ones own safety and actions in this situation gone !! The case of the crazy git that was haring about on a bike with fixed wheel and NO BRAKES at all was a totally different situation - where did that get him ?
  5. I am of little doubt that the now Sir David Attenborough really does tell it how it is and how are future relationship with nature could/will be. The massive clearances of various rain forests and the replacing of them with money generating crops for the benefit of the greedy capitalistic few individuals and world wide companies. I am of the seriously considered opinion that there are aspects of the 'save the planet' that is pure and simple money grabbing tear jerking and heart wrenching emotion generating propaganda. Behind it all there is a gigantic cash register raking in the monies from us all and we for the most part just simply cough-up with little or no protest. Look at the last 10 years or so with the almost constant debates/changes in the fuel (Diesel v Petrol) debates. The sad truth of them matter is that we are paying the silly sods for their half baked opinions and decisions. One area that really gets up my nose is the one that is absolutely loaded/riddled with laying the guilt at our (the customers) doorstep. The large Bread,Biscuit and other industries that still use non recyclable wrapping in the name of FRESHNESS and that is what the customer demands. There is also very wide use of the phrase - CURRENTLY NOT RECYCLABLE and other similarly worded excuses. Currently there is a SKYR (Icelandic style yogurt) producer;GB based that has absolutely nothing on the plastic yogurt pots that indicate/guide the end user as to how they should be disposed of,this is despite me ringing them on three separate occasions over a two week period and being assured that someone from their marketing team will return my call. I think that my next call will be in the direction of my local MP.
  6. There are legitimate,registered and fully insured Caravan Hire businesses out there that offer hiring as a short term experience for a prospective caravanner wanting to dip his/her toes in the water. This can often save a massive bump to earth and substantial expense saved by buying and then moving it on a potentially huge loss when the early aspiration are not realised.
  7. Why did the member insert a ? What was confusing about my post other than I never mentioned Camera Phones other than in paragraph two when I stated the obvious that an awful lot of people really struggle with and spend good money on a resolve that does not work.
  8. As a camera user for longer than I can remember (way back in the middle 60's) I quite naturally use the Eye Level View Finder (EVF on a Fuji digital ) as one would have done with a conventional 35mm film camera. The downside of using the digital screen on the back of the camera (Fuji FinePix S4500) is the potential for glare as is also the case with camera phones (no the anti-glare screens are a waste of time/money). The use of the EVF screen is a considerable help in steadying the camera because of the close bodily contact as apposed to holding it out at arms length and experiencing a rather quite stressful shoot despite the anti-shake programmes that are built into many cameras. My Nikon F-801's and Nikon F80's are somewhat heavy especially when equipped with telephoto lenses and both have the view finder system.
  9. Hi Jaydug. Personally I would have been back in touch with AXA and told them in no uncertain terms that unless they remove that condition I will invoke my period of cancellation without penalty and go elsewhere. Indeed I did just that last year with one insurer in particular and within a few days the policy/condition was removed. When the renewal was due I realised by searching the comparison sites that it was a wise move and that I had potentially saved myself money and a load of hassle had I waited until the renewed policy had been put into place.
  10. In my experience the practice of Automatic Renewal is totally underhanded and not always fully disclosed until the deed is done. I have exhaustively scoured the various insurance websites that only give minimal support especially during the first 14 to 28 days from the inception of the policy and make it impossible to speak with human voice thereafter - the worst that I have ever (to date) come across is G******l A******t. Another money maker is the adjustments to ones policies and possibly the biggest ripoff is the registration plate change-over when retaining a personalised plate after a swapping cars mid stream of a policy period. I have burned a few pairs of ears over the automatic renewal situation in the past few years. Also,now that the public is becoming more and more savvy about the various underhanded tactics and not least of all the 'new customer gets the best deals and stuff loyalty';I wonder what their next move will likely be !!
  11. Hi John. Maybe it was 'disappeared' in error when it should have been something by someone else and the error was discovered and magically it reappeared.
  12. Hi GpS. Now I have always believed that you were retired and that is how you can spend so much time on Moderation Duties
  13. God,I would be hard pushed to cover that distance in my car of the day - a Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia X Estate Automatic. What about 'Pit Stops' ? Even the best bladder in the world could not hold on for that length of time.
  14. If the OP has got one for 4.5k, sounds very reasonable. Not if is a bundle of trouble on twin axles it isn't. Have you read the Opening Post ? The caravan would appear to have sold under a total misapprehension.
  15. Rub the cuts of the key with a soft pencil (HB) and insert it into the lock a few times,that normally does the trick.
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