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  1. My two 3 series BMW' (330i Touring & 325 Ci Convertible) have that built into the dash panel.All of the exterior lights can be seen in any event from the car when using the large windows in most Supermarkets for reflective purposes.
  2. Hi Paul. That is what is written on the rear of most trucks and HGV's. If you cannot see me in the mirror - then I cannot see you. I believe that it was/is expressly aimed at cyclists that likely believe that the drivers have crystal balls on their dashboards.
  3. Several years ago I bought some Milenco Grand Aero from a CT member that lived in St Helens at the time. I was towing a 2001 Elddis Crusader SuperSirocco behind my 2005 Volvo V70 D5 Geartronic and the standard arms did not give a totally legal rearward view - the very rearward corners.silver trim was not clearly visible. As a result I purchased some appropriate aluminium tubing from B&Q and the mirrors then performed perfectly well. I never had an issue with them regarding stability and security and indeed do still have them in a purpose made box that allowed me to just remove them and fix them on with minimum adjustment and drive away.
  4. Hi Cliff. I can both empathise & sympathise with you on this issue. My Sky Catch-up TV and The Movies Channel connections is also affected and needs the Boost Box to function. In the area that I live and completely unknown to me prior moving into the area the mobile phone signal was at best 'utter garbage' - I am an o2 account holder and have been since the days of BT Cellnet (1980'ish). They only wanted to SELL me a Boost Box for £150.00 plus carriage. When I challenged them and 'not politely' either they relented and sent it it totally FOC. The mobile phone numbers have got to be registered and only three will be covered by the booster. Other networks surely will offer a similar facility/service but tailored for being truly mobile and not just in one location.
  5. This is looking more and more like the precursor to a new form of a Great Depression 2019 style
  6. Hi Gordon. That was excellent for a mental arithmetic calculation - even my 10 year old Casio calculator managed that.
  7. Hi Gordon. Press releases showing increased numbers in attendance is roughly the same as E'bay and the 'Watchers',they are mulling over whether or not to invest their monies in that which is being 'Watched'
  8. Hi Dave. With respect it actually goes further than just pulling away - it has got to be able to perform that ability (as I recall) FOUR times in succession and within a specified time scale.
  9. On FB there is a dedicated page that is continually updated with sightings;both static and mobile units including vehicle details with registration numbers of marked and unmarked cars,vans/trucks including the positions of handheld radar units and back-up motorcycle units. There is a video on Speed Traps Liverpool that is showing the absolute stupidity of one individual :-- hopefully this link will take you to it !!
  10. Hi satandpcguy. I assume that by 'persist' you actually advocate suggesting that my account monies will be invested elsewhere !!! The issue would appear to be that the recordings on one hard-drive cannot be accessed without a phone call to Sky for the boxes to be switch over.
  11. Hi David. Is that a Sky dish that is already serving a Sky box ? I guess that the content that I am interested in is on Sky Sport channels 410 & 411 means that I would need to retain a Sky subscription even retaining the original one plus a 'Mirror Card'. This is getting to be a bit of a headache and all for something that at first would be easily sorted out.
  12. Hi again David. I assume that I would need and additional Satellite dish !!
  13. Hi David. What is a FreeSat box and what subscription is there so that it can be used ? What connections/ports are necessary on the TV so as it will work without interfering with with the Sky+HD set-up ?
  14. Hi all. Thank you for your various inputs. My intention is not for viewing from both TV's at the same time in different locations but the Sky boxes would be simply independent storage mediums for the individual types of programs. I have spoken with a local independent TV/Sky engineer in the last short while and he sees the only issue being that there would be a need for a 'Mirror' Viewing Card from Sky. My TV/TV's work independently of the Sky box because I have elected to have it that way;I have never ever used a Sky remote or any other type of multi functional device for controlling additional devices. The arm that projects forward below the dish has Four connection points;two are occupied and two are free. The local engineer chap said that he would do the work for circa £60. 00 It would appear that the correct way would be a second subscription for the 'Mirror Card' £12. 00 per month for eighteen months for the additional box (effectively a new contract without the various packages). If I elected for the 'Mirror Card' I would then be having to ring Sky and transfer the data that is held on each individual card over onto the card that is held in the other box before I could watch whatever is stored on the hard-drive. The truth of it all is that Sky no longer produce the Sky+HD box and want everyone on the 'Q' box at additional cost to any existing contract.
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