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  1. Hi Mr Plod. If the SpaceSaver spare wheel is is OK in the eyes of a manufacturer albeit with a speed limit applied to it when in use - then why if a car is presented with one for an MoT will it instantly fail if the car is presented with one perhaps from a puncture on route to the MoT station ?
  2. Hi again to you all that have answered my request for info - Champion - the info has been passed on and was very very gratefully received.
  3. Hi to you all out there. A pal of mine on behalf of his son-in-law has asked me a question that I simply cannot answer - so I said "leave it with me and I will consult a forum of caravanning gurus. Simple question as per my topic heading - I never did my own caravan body repairs but paid a man from Huddersfield that could/did and was very very pleased with the results - each to his own trade/profession.
  4. Hi David. Does that alleged fix only apply in the case of 'Q' boxes in in caravans ? I had my recently installed Q box replaced with another one and the very next day it was out of sync as had happened with the original one a few days earlier. I did what was suggested in/on the Sky Community Forum - switch the box off and remove the plug from the power source then reinstate and BINGO issue solved - NO IT WASN'T. I am now awaiting another engineers call on the 7th Jan between 12:00 hrs and 17:00 hrs.
  5. My neighbour swears by a Waterless Product albeit it is the Williams brand and not the Greased Lighting one. He has been treating his 52 plate Ford Fiesta (a Metallic Forest green) resurrected from just another neglected family run around for some 3 or 4 years and continually remarks on how good it is and the time that it saves him by not going through the wash cycle first - indeed he does the whole car except the windscreen with it;the paintwork is always a showroom finish after being treated. We live in open rural countryside with muddy lanes and farmers fields that produce mud lik
  6. Hi again to you all out there. I visited the Sky Community as suggested by Griff (Thanks Griff). I had a visit this afternoon by a Sky Engineer - he immediately changed the Q box after acknowledging that it was miles out of sync. The system appears OK at present - we will see !! Seemingly it is a well documented on the Sky Community as being a 'Software Issue'
  7. Hi Stevan. Perhaps the ability for making and maintaining cars/vehicles without the extortionate costs might be a good place for stating !
  8. Hi to you all. I have recently changed over onto the Sky 'Q' box system and having been having issues with the synchronisation of the sound and the visual of the mouths moving - despite having spent a very very long time with a Sky advisor on line and over two phone call after my cordless phone battery died and they rang me back - the 'Fix-it@ time lasted 1.75 hours but the next day it had gone belly-up again. Has anyone experienced the same issue. Fifteen years of the old Sky Box and then the Sky + HD system without a hiccup - technology for you !
  9. The Kyron was a Mercedes Benz ML with a different suite of cloths. I wonder what effect that will have on Mercedes Benz unless of course they source their engines and running gear from elsewhere.
  10. Hi beejay. the product comes Bone Dry in a tubular shaped lidded container that is vented at the opposite end to the lid. I have mine now for some 8 months and there have been absolutely no signs of damp either on the product or inside of the storage tube. The 'Care Instructions' are in small print (1 of six languages) on the container. The absorption rate of water after washing/rinsing the car is amazing - I am sure that is as equally affective on a caravan body/windows.
  11. Way back in 2006 I went over to Canada (Toronto/Kingston) for a one month long visit with Ms AWL the then Ms TheTravellingRooster, One of the visits that was conducted was to Canadian Tire and whilst there I was introduced to their Micro Fibre Auto Cloths/Towels that were well established in the car detailing world. They appeared like and felt like Mole Skin and did a really fine job of buffing up after applying my chosen car polish of the day (Mer). The absorption rate of water was OK but nothing spectacular but there again I did not by them for their absorption rate.
  12. Hi Griff. As I recall Elddis/The Explorer Group even suggested at one point that the affected caravans were being hauled/towed by inappropriate vehicles. Their own videos showing the various caravans on test and being towed over surfaces that in reality one would never encounter and certainly not at the speeds that were being shown on the test track - this was used for testing commercial vehicles and was extreme in some examples for a caravan never mind the tow-vehicle. The damage on my SuperSirocco also included the floor being pulled away at the front just behind the 'A' frame
  13. Hi Griff. The problem/issue actually first started showing itself a year or two after the model range interiors were revised/changed in the very early 2000's albeit the issue was with the NS Aluminium panels splitting at the lower rear corner of the forward window opening. It began showing on the twin axle models and then on the longer variants of the single axle variants. I was the 2nd owner of of the 2001 Crusader SuperSirocco and the dealer that the caravan was bought from went spectacularly bust not long after late summer 2010. I was probably the most vocal on the forum in
  14. Hi to you all out there. I am lucky and prudent enough that I can still run two older cars,one petrol - a now 138,000 miles 2001 BMW 330i Touring Auto and one diesel - the recent acquisition of a 115,000 miles Mercedes Benz C220 CDI Estate Auto. I am 75 yrs young and see either one or both cars being the last time that I will invest money in a change of car. I live in open rural countryside in West Lancashire were the bus services are both limited and quite abysmal in real terms. The nearest bus stop is a one mile walk away albeit the local unmanned railway station is with
  15. Hi Mick - Give us a clue !!! and who were you responding to ?
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