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  1. There are legitimate,registered and fully insured Caravan Hire businesses out there that offer hiring as a short term experience for a prospective caravanner wanting to dip his/her toes in the water. This can often save a massive bump to earth and substantial expense saved by buying and then moving it on a potentially huge loss when the early aspiration are not realised.
  2. Why did the member insert a ? What was confusing about my post other than I never mentioned Camera Phones other than in paragraph two when I stated the obvious that an awful lot of people really struggle with and spend good money on a resolve that does not work.
  3. As a camera user for longer than I can remember (way back in the middle 60's) I quite naturally use the Eye Level View Finder (EVF on a Fuji digital ) as one would have done with a conventional 35mm film camera. The downside of using the digital screen on the back of the camera (Fuji FinePix S4500) is the potential for glare as is also the case with camera phones (no the anti-glare screens are a waste of time/money). The use of the EVF screen is a considerable help in steadying the camera because of the close bodily contact as apposed to holding it out at arms length and experiencing a rather quite stressful shoot despite the anti-shake programmes that are built into many cameras. My Nikon F-801's and Nikon F80's are somewhat heavy especially when equipped with telephoto lenses and both have the view finder system.
  4. Hi Jaydug. Personally I would have been back in touch with AXA and told them in no uncertain terms that unless they remove that condition I will invoke my period of cancellation without penalty and go elsewhere. Indeed I did just that last year with one insurer in particular and within a few days the policy/condition was removed. When the renewal was due I realised by searching the comparison sites that it was a wise move and that I had potentially saved myself money and a load of hassle had I waited until the renewed policy had been put into place.
  5. In my experience the practice of Automatic Renewal is totally underhanded and not always fully disclosed until the deed is done. I have exhaustively scoured the various insurance websites that only give minimal support especially during the first 14 to 28 days from the inception of the policy and make it impossible to speak with human voice thereafter - the worst that I have ever (to date) come across is G******l A******t. Another money maker is the adjustments to ones policies and possibly the biggest ripoff is the registration plate change-over when retaining a personalised plate after a swapping cars mid stream of a policy period. I have burned a few pairs of ears over the automatic renewal situation in the past few years. Also,now that the public is becoming more and more savvy about the various underhanded tactics and not least of all the 'new customer gets the best deals and stuff loyalty';I wonder what their next move will likely be !!
  6. Hi John. Maybe it was 'disappeared' in error when it should have been something by someone else and the error was discovered and magically it reappeared.
  7. Hi GpS. Now I have always believed that you were retired and that is how you can spend so much time on Moderation Duties
  8. God,I would be hard pushed to cover that distance in my car of the day - a Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia X Estate Automatic. What about 'Pit Stops' ? Even the best bladder in the world could not hold on for that length of time.
  9. If the OP has got one for 4.5k, sounds very reasonable. Not if is a bundle of trouble on twin axles it isn't. Have you read the Opening Post ? The caravan would appear to have sold under a total misapprehension.
  10. Rub the cuts of the key with a soft pencil (HB) and insert it into the lock a few times,that normally does the trick.
  11. My two 3 series BMW' (330i Touring & 325 Ci Convertible) have that built into the dash panel.All of the exterior lights can be seen in any event from the car when using the large windows in most Supermarkets for reflective purposes.
  12. Hi Paul. That is what is written on the rear of most trucks and HGV's. If you cannot see me in the mirror - then I cannot see you. I believe that it was/is expressly aimed at cyclists that likely believe that the drivers have crystal balls on their dashboards.
  13. Several years ago I bought some Milenco Grand Aero from a CT member that lived in St Helens at the time. I was towing a 2001 Elddis Crusader SuperSirocco behind my 2005 Volvo V70 D5 Geartronic and the standard arms did not give a totally legal rearward view - the very rearward corners.silver trim was not clearly visible. As a result I purchased some appropriate aluminium tubing from B&Q and the mirrors then performed perfectly well. I never had an issue with them regarding stability and security and indeed do still have them in a purpose made box that allowed me to just remove them and fix them on with minimum adjustment and drive away.
  14. Hi Cliff. I can both empathise & sympathise with you on this issue. My Sky Catch-up TV and The Movies Channel connections is also affected and needs the Boost Box to function. In the area that I live and completely unknown to me prior moving into the area the mobile phone signal was at best 'utter garbage' - I am an o2 account holder and have been since the days of BT Cellnet (1980'ish). They only wanted to SELL me a Boost Box for £150.00 plus carriage. When I challenged them and 'not politely' either they relented and sent it it totally FOC. The mobile phone numbers have got to be registered and only three will be covered by the booster. Other networks surely will offer a similar facility/service but tailored for being truly mobile and not just in one location.
  15. This is looking more and more like the precursor to a new form of a Great Depression 2019 style
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