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  1. We all not the effects of ASSUMING anything - it is well documented and many many times it creates embarrassment for the one that assumes and often a damned good laugh for others.
  2. I did not know the specific particulars of that building or anything about the ExCel Centre.
  3. The design director at Elddis when they were owned by the Constantine Group did and his model range of choice was the Avante range.
  4. This situation is beginning to look like mass burial sites and lime being spread on the bodies !! Mortuary's and undertakers are going to be under immense in a fairly short while - me thinks. Perhaps we are not really 'all in it together' then - are we especially when one has a retreat that can be made use of. I wonder who will be taking him there and who will do the cooking.cleaning and general chores during his self imposed isolation from the Duchess.
  5. Could this be an example of deserting the ship ('firm') before it becomes deluged !! Private medical schemes are not blessed with Holy Water.
  6. When the shoes collapse on a car it is usually caused by the handbrake not being applied often enough or not at all. It causes the friction material (the lining) breaking down and leaving the unprotected metal shoe making contact with the inside surface of the drum. The scoring of the drum/drums may not be as bad as is being suggested and possibly an extra little earner for the operative.
  7. Hi Paul. I have always been under the impression that subliminal advertising had been banned. I am beginning to wonder with all of the deaths in Europe and the mortuary's along with the undertakers around the world whether they will bring back mass burial pits and the use of lime.
  8. Hearing is one thing having it in black & white is totally different. With the utmost respect they actually are and will continue being so whilst they flout the advice and even the 'now' instructions about not going out unless necessary and especially the maintaining of the distance between one and other. This is the one time when we really are all in it together unless of course you have joined the corpses !!
  9. This could be a ploy with the police waiting nearby with their HORT1 pads in one hand and the statuary fine book in the other and issuing fines for inappropriate journeys !!
  10. If the totally ignorant and inconsiderate part of the population persist then it probably won't be long before bodies will be getting scooped up off of the streets like in Soylent Green.
  11. I think that there is a good case for a helping of poetic justice when someone displays such a self centred and ignorant attitude such as "and I stand to get some of my money back I will agree to stay at home! ". If he and or his family become infected or worse still go the way of so many would he still have the same attitude ??
  12. Why are there currently two people that have posted confused images on my post ? Surely they are not some of those that are out there without any thought for other that are complying with the advice that is well publicised. Surely there is nothing confusing about my post - tell'em how it is !!
  13. This is typical moronic thinking as well as being totally selfish,ignorant and self serving. They should be identified by their individual registration marks and issued with an eye watering fine and if they try ducking it then send the bailiffs in and let them suffer the wrath of genuinely disgusted people that are complying with what is the sensible and decent thing to do in these trying times.
  14. Ah ha. A self appointed judge,jury and executioner by all accounts. What happens when all of the real lousy,totally selfish and ignorant drivers are then banned off of the road but carry on driving nevertheless - jail them. Perhaps the government could create huge jails/detention centre with the help of Chinese Builders and equip them with huge TV screens as part of an enforced retraining programme that will wash their brains of bad driving habits !! Was the highlighted red area of your post (above) a typo that should have read further training ?? It would appear that you and several others are quite happy to be tarring everyone with the same brush. Yes Andy,a driving licence is a privileged and it should be earned and maintained but please do not create impossible disciplinary procedures by creating wild non police-able resolves.
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