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  1. Hi Argyll. I had the same problem with a caravan that I had a few years ago after some low-life helped him/her to my rear light cluster - I used a regular suitable size plastic Rawl plug with a dab of silicone behind it.
  2. What is the aspect ratio (footprint to tyre wall height ? The lower that it is the risk of damage is greater under normal driving conditions and when towing the pressures will need increasing by several PSI all round and that will make the ride very harsh and further increase the risk of rim damage and splitting and possibly chunks being broken off. What I am stating is fact and not just hearsay,ask any reliable tyre/wheel business in your area that is worth his salt.
  3. I wouldn't hold your breath if I were you Desperate times breed desperate measures
  4. Hi again Dave. I used that 'B'route several times last year when I travelled from Bescar,Scarisbrick over to Formby Radio (Auto Electrical Services. Going into Ormskirk from any direction can be very much a 'Hit & Miss' affair with the A570 (St Helens to Southport road going right through the town centre with multiple congestion spots including traffic light controlled junctions. This is one market town (Thursday & Saturday) that local knowledge very definitely pays dividends especially when it involves parking and not getting an horrendous shock upon ones return.
  5. So, okay, someone might say have a look at the statistics to how often cases like this occur. They would say its only a TINY percentage of the overall figure. I bet they would change their attitude if something similar happened to THEM. This is very very sadly so often the case when the 'THINK TANKS and the politicians make/take decisions on our behalf and so very often there is POUNDS - SHILLINGS and utter NONSENSE involved
  6. Hi Dave. I know the area like the back of my hand including the woes of the route from Formby to Ormskirk and believe me your SatNav needs ditching. There is a direct 'B' route from Formby (the lights at Tesco) that comes out on the A59 almost at Christ Church,Aughton leaving only a short distance before the start of Holborn Hill which terminates at the small traffic island next to the fire station on Aughton Street which runs straight into the town. It would be very interesting knowing the route that it sent you once on the M58 !!
  7. Most by-passers in the country are either 'A' or 'B' designated routes that simply relieve congestion in towns and cities - they are not Motorways that would require a hard shoulder. There are a great many 'B' roads in the UK that are hideous death traps but they will never see a hard shoulder being constructed/laid.
  8. The current government is not going backwards on this one. Virtually from day 1 of the brain-dead thinking and announcement that there would be a rolling programme of these hideous death traps be rolled-out the driving public's opinions just simply did not count. By the time that the figures were being disclosed and TV programmes were being aired the monies that had be spent on the continuity of achieving the predetermined miles of completed routes was nothing short of enormousness - NO GOING BACK seemed the only outcome. There are pockets of the country that are screamin
  9. Spoken like a true pragmatist. My sentiments exactly. The only real advantage of using the caravan shower albeit infrequently was that it avoided traipsing back from the shower block in the wind and rain when the weather became more suited to ducks and gun-dogs.
  10. Perhaps it has something to do with making a mess of someone else's facility and let them clean it up or they have cleaners for that.
  11. Hi Dena. This is a situation that I would be very very wary of ! Some years ago I was in the throws of buying a static caravan - again from a private seller on a site in Northumberland. The van was a 5 year old top of the range 2 bed Pemberton Montreux and the site fees were owing and the caravan was about to be locked down by the site owners. Had I been given 'a heads-up' I would have been in a better bargaining position on the sale price of the van. The site fees were some 4 months overdue at the time of looking at it and access was only given as a concession that the
  12. Clearly another example of someone not knowing what he/she was talking about and they are being paid by us when we take out insurance . A serious case of much needed retraining - they are a liability for the company that employs them never mind the 'Duty of Care' aspect of their employment towards their employer.
  13. You can get petrol for 99.9p/litre without any spend at Tesco.
  14. The fact that the towing vehicle could not possibly stop the 3 tonne monster behind it in an emergency is illegal never mind being just plain reckless. Never mind the likelihood of towing up or down an incline.
  15. Hi John. I went out the other day a bought the Astonish on the basis of what was said on here and on what I had read on the label - I did after using the Cillit Bang product that is labelled as specifically for dealing with Black Mould;BOTH failed miserably. I now will resort to the HG Mould Spray.
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