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  1. AWanderingLancastrian

    State of Italian Bridge - worrying pictures

    I certainly hope that in time the Milau bridge does not suffer the same fate. Is the concrete cancer/deterioration down to the Italian workforce that presumably were employed in the building/construction at the time of the construction ?
  2. AWanderingLancastrian

    Is there such a thing as a good petrol towing vehicle.

    Hi Ben. Volvo V70's have never let me down. I had seven of them over a period of 12 years. They ranged from a 1997 V70 T5 CD Auto that was eventually sold with 240,000 miles on the clock through several with the Geartronic gearbox including two D5 SE's. Service History is essential and evidence that the cambelt has been changed is vital.
  3. AWanderingLancastrian

    A sad litany

    Hi again Sda. The MoT and the missed/omitted errors/issues can be reported to the appropriate department via The Citizens Advice Bureau. They can/will initiate a totally independent re-test and where appropriate the will cause for an investigation into the MoT Testing Station/Operative.
  4. AWanderingLancastrian

    A sad litany

    Hi Sda. When was the MoT carried out on the vehicle ?
  5. AWanderingLancastrian

    Cruise Control

    Hi GpS. Here in Lancashire here are many 20mph areas and especially around schools and also within areas that are designated 30mph areas that just simply get ignored. The local 20mph areas are accompanied with the mandatory sign (limit within a red circle). Surely the mandatory 20mph limit should be covered by the camera that is already in place where the limit is otherwise 30mph and can be timer controlled or manually switched On/Off by the school.
  6. AWanderingLancastrian

    Vacuum cleaner

    Hi GpS. Which specific model as there appear to be several.
  7. AWanderingLancastrian

    Hymer Group takeover

    It is not much different for many places that have not been invaded by the Yuppie Set with their high flung ideas and must have attitude funded with other peoples money and credit cards.
  8. AWanderingLancastrian

    Hymer Group takeover

    The site is on the Southwest edge of the township of Consett and surrounded with rolling hillsides on three sides. It is a huge site and doubtless worth a huge amount of money. Could it be that a developer would build a new and scaled down site for the future building of the Buccaneer range !! Vanmaster in Wigan are in a new'ish modern factory and seem to be doing OK.
  9. AWanderingLancastrian

    Drivers to lose licence if they fail roadside eyesight test.

    That only applies to vehicles registered after 1st September 2001. So the question is :-- which plate will they be required to read ? Will it be the plate on the Police vehicle or their own vehicle plate or will there be a selection of them and most importantly - what colour background. __________________________________________________________________________ The law states that driver's must be able to read a clean number plate You must be able to read (with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary) a car number plate made after 1 September 2001 from 20 metres. Pre 1 September number plates were a little larger and should be read from a distance of 20. 5 metres. __________________________________________________________________________
  10. AWanderingLancastrian

    Hymer Group takeover

    Hi Geoff. Remember the old adage :-- The bigger they are the harder the fall. Also the hole that is created is often a massive sink-hole.
  11. AWanderingLancastrian

    FREE MOT’s at Halfords!!

    Interpret the information on the Government's website as you wish but I am perfectly happy for my car's MOT history to be in the public domain - warts an' all. Hi Gordon. With respect I am inclined to disagree with you on this one. Recently my brother in-law bought a 2006 Audi A6 Diesel from a private seller via an on-line site. The car was given a glowing report/description and that the cam-belt had just been changed along with a service. It came with a modicum of paperwork and an MoT pass until 15th August 2019. Within a couple of hundred miles the car ground to a halt - the AA reported a Cam-belt failure and huge consequences/costs. The tale of woe alerted me so I did some research with his agreement. Previous MoT's were not available at the point of purchase. It transpired that the car had a history of MoT's always carried out in early March and had passed with no advisories in March of 2016 & 2017 but failed on 14th March 2018 at 156,609 miles with windscreen wiper issues and a Supplementary Restraint Warning System warning light issue (5. 4. 2) and the Central Rear Seat Belt locking mechanism (5. 2. 5a) will not secure or release but when presented on the 16th August 2018 at 164,977 miles it passed with a mention of under-trays fitted !!! This vehicle had covered 8,368 miles during that 5 month period - Why were there no flags raised by the MoT tester and reported/queried ? Where had the car been to cover that mileage ? Was there a failure by the computer in not picking up on this piece of glaring information or are they not programmed for detecting such information !!
  12. AWanderingLancastrian

    FREE MOT’s at Halfords!!

    Repeated advisories year after year are surely silent alarms as to what else might not have been attended to. Daubing grease and under-seal over under body parts and brake hoses is a thing which often gets an advisory but will also gain the owner of the vehicle a PASS.
  13. AWanderingLancastrian

    Long A frame, why?

    Hi Ian. A longer 'A' frame is known to promote better towing than the shorter ones that are often associated with many caravans and some regular trailers. Fleetwood Caravans were often found with longer 'A' frames. My old Fleetwood Colchester 1850 (Twin axle) was one such example. Many of the foreign built vans have longer 'A' frames,Adria is one example - they bought out Fleetwood after they got into trading difficulties some years ago. You have actually answered your own question albeit all model variants tow more stable and are able to hold a straight line better with less of the 'tail wagging the dog' - which can promote a snake.
  14. AWanderingLancastrian

    Looking for someone to store my static caravan long term

    Hi Mb. I see that you are based in Essex. There was/is a mixed site at Roydon that I used for several years. It is by the river/canal and just over the railway crossing approaching from Ware.
  15. AWanderingLancastrian

    Rogue Dealers

    I could not take my case to court as I was the second owner. Back in July 2010 I became the second owner of 2001 registered Elddis Crusader SuperSirocco that became the subject of a great deal of research on my part in order to discover the reason behind a crack that appeared below the nearside forward window at the right-hand lower corner. The caravan looked 'As New' having seemingly only ever having been used during the Summer and for very brief periods and then put into storage. As I was the second owner and the van was long out of any manufactures warranty and the supplying used caravan dealer (also An Elddis/Explorer Group dealer) was on the brink (unbeknown by me at the time) of a mega bankruptcy with many branches being affected. The issue began to show within a very very short time of a reconfiguration/new model introduction which meant that the entrance door was moved forward of the axle/axles position. This affected certain twin axle and the longer variants of the groups single axle models. I was reliably informed by three separate Elddis dealership workshop personnel and several smaller caravan repair specialists that the issue was not new and the truth of the matter was that only a very small number were repaired under warranty manufacturers. There was clearly and unequivocally a design/manufacturing fault/issue that was being ignored and continued to be ignored - then in 2012 the whole of the production went over to SoLiD. There were many individual posts and umpteen replies on the subject of 'the cracks' in the aluminium panels - one in particular reached 400+ replies/observations but nothing stirred the conscience of the manufacturer to even consider a contribution to the many that kept being reported. I finally had my caravan repaired at at repairers in Huddersfield at great expense simply to save it being seen and valued as little more than scrap.