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  1. AWanderingLancastrian

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    Caravans are not driven - they are towed by vehicles. Motorhomes are driven.
  2. AWanderingLancastrian

    Decent microfibre cloths?

    Hi all. During a recent "sorting out " exercise I have temporarily mislaid my very first and all time favourite Microfibre Cloth. It was bought some 12yrs ago whilst on vacation in KIngston,Ontario,Canada;when I was given the grand tour of a few of the big names such as Walmart (ASDA) and Office Depot (Office World and several others including Home Depot (B&Q). I bought my very first Microfibre Cloth from Canadian Tire (no I have not spelt it wrongly). It was marketed under the name of Spontex and could be machine washed at 60* and came as a 300mm x 300mm bound edges cloth,the same product was also sold under the name of AquaPur but came as a 300mm x 400mm bound edge cloth. They very closely resemble suede. I have found that they absorb water best when wetted and squeezed dry before being used.
  3. AWanderingLancastrian

    Ozio the final straw.

    Hi GpS. Yes,but that would not absolve the manufactures nor the dealers of the issues that surround issues such as the Ozio one and all of the issues in the past that Elddis/Buccaneer have had in the past and whilst under the protective corporate banner of whichever company offered up a protective shield that protected them from the many issues/complaints that they just sat by and took absolutely no responsibility towards. One of the most simple fixes that I believe has still not been addressed is the internal door handles issue and the small Allen Key grub-screw that was forever coming undone. I even tackled David Whitehead (the homologation manager) on the subject when they had one of their factory open days some years back ( 2012 I believe). Their then Bling Bling show van had the issue which I actually showed him in the presence of a group of eager caravanners. A very simple fix that their current stock could have been modified by a local small engineering firm/self employed model maker ahead of instructing their supplier to implement the necessary modification at source. There needs to be a united stand led by The NCC in defence of all of the manufacturers retail dealers before the shoddy workmanship and the sterilised hands of the manufactures can be taken to account and held responsible for their misgivings.
  4. AWanderingLancastrian

    Ozio the final straw.

    Surely in the light of all that has been discussed and the repeated number of failures that have transpired with this and other examples there is clear evidence that yet another manufacturer of a product that comprises of many sourced parts/components is taking absolutely no responsibility/blame in the marketing of their finished products. They are sitting pretty in their executive offices with more than adequate salaries and purporting to be squeaky clean and absolutely free of any backlash from the buying public. The dealers whilst all are not exactly saints to the caravanning fraternity are expected to be the 'fall guys' in all or most aspects of bad decisions by the manufactures in their quest for profit and cost cutting exercises that ultimately will only breed the ever so easy to do - Bankruptcy. Look into other industries for similar examples of absolute greed and stupidity - indeed look no further than Carillion and their antics and the many many fall guys that they have roped into their over bloated empire.
  5. AWanderingLancastrian

    Black mark for Tomtom

    I no longer have a need or the desire to drive abroad and therefore will not have a need for a SatNav or anything that remotely resembles one. If I need an up to date view of a location then I can use Google Maps or one of the other Mappinging options that are open to me to use. Being that I will be in the UK and have an excellent car radio then I will rely on the traffic announcements and the RDS system for ongoing announcements.
  6. AWanderingLancastrian

    Black mark for Tomtom

    That is all well and good but a great many individuals do not know where they going - That is why they buy SatNavs SatNavs are only a form of computer and it is a well known fact that they are only as intelligent as the fools that programme them I personally have never used one,don't possess one and furthermore I am really old fashioned - I can read road maps and when going into a strange location I not only take a map/street guide with me but I have an actual a brain that controls my mouth and It in turn will ask for any help that is required
  7. AWanderingLancastrian

    M6 service station parking

    Hi Graham. I thought that that was the specific roll of a Moderator whilst at the same time looking for coded innuendos and the occasional disguised expletive
  8. AWanderingLancastrian

    Volvo V90 Towball - Too High

    Sorry,this was a typo that was totally missed and should have read (page 6 and page 8) I do not have a clue how the Emoji got there as it is a completely separate and deliberate command.
  9. AWanderingLancastrian

    Volvo V90 Towball - Too High

    I have spoken with a technical chap at the NCC at 10:00 hrs this morning and they now have a more recent publication than the one that I referred to earlier. It can be found at :-- http://www. thencc. org. uk/Our_Industry/publication. aspx The information has changed a little on Hitch Height :-- The height of the centre of the coupling hitch should lie in the range of 385mm to 455mm above ground level with the caravan laden and level front to back. The towball information is as was but with additional info :--- The height of the centre of the towball should lie in the range of 350mm to 420mm above ground level when the car is laden. Most manufacturers define this height with the car at full load, which can mean the towball will sit above this height range at more normal loading conditions. Note that for cars with dynamic ride height adjustment, the suspension must be at the normal running level before taking a measurement of towball height. I was informed that the Hitch Head and The Towball both come under two entirely different EU rulings/Directives and he would not engage in converstion regarding what made little sense in their older publications (page 6 and page 😎 including the one that is currently the subject of my provided link and quickly/abruptly passed over the new/latest publication and told me of the forthcoming one. There is going to be an updated publication in time for distribution at the Birmingham Show in October,this will take into account the changes in the driving license rulings/laws.
  10. AWanderingLancastrian

    Volvo V90 Towball - Too High

    Hi Ern. I also experienced issues with Volvo UK many years ago when I had my much loved and immaculate old 1997 Volvo V70 T5 CD Automatic. I am aware of that but the information was also provided by the NTTA. I have always towed with the figures provided on page 6. All measurements are given with the outfit hitched and ready to go. The reference to the caravan being level is that which was always the recommendation albeit the caravan is better slightly dipping down but never inclined upwards. The NCC have re-issued the guide several years on the trot without any revisions/amendments/corrections. I will attempt to contact them tomorrow and have this clarified.
  11. AWanderingLancastrian

    Volvo V90 Towball - Too High

    As promised - the scans of pages 6&8 of the NCC Guide :-- The Caravan Towing Guide
  12. AWanderingLancastrian

    Volvo V90 Towball - Too High

    The degree of nose down is quite important as if it is excessive then the weight transfer on braking and especially when on a decent can really cause stability issues.
  13. AWanderingLancastrian

    Volvo V90 Towball - Too High

    Sorry but you need to get a copy of the guide that I mentioned in my post as they are clearly one in the same. I will scan the respective pages later if I have the time.
  14. AWanderingLancastrian

    Volvo V90 Towball - Too High

    The centre of the ball and the centre of the hitch head coupling are one in the same (ball into socket). The reference in the NCC Guide although contradictory as I pointed out are both talking about with the caravan hitched-up.
  15. AWanderingLancastrian

    Volvo V90 Towball - Too High

    Does the Volvo 'intelligence' really know what the correct height at the centre of the ball should be ? (read my very recent posting on this subject). Can you send me a link to the EU regs please ?