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  1. Exercise in old age

    Hi LhD. Nice to see you active againBACK. I don't know about you but I am still riding both of my bikes at 72 years young - one is a Flat-bar Hybrid and the other is a road race bike with dropped bars. I am looking forward to being the oldest cyclist in Bescar,Scarisbrick,Lancashire and as long as I can get my leg over the saddles and turn the cranks and still retain balance I stand a chance into my 80's.
  2. Ozio . ..opinions

    Hi again Durbanite. There is always a huge difference between people that write about products for the magazines without decent and constructive field tests being conducted and those that actually know about them and more to the point have a technical knowledge of how they work or perhaps how they are supposed to work. I would liken the findings to leaving Feedback having bought a product from off of E'bay and praising it to the hilt within the first few days of ownership and then finding that OOPS that was not such a brilliant idea and being totally unable to retract public view and leading others to find out at their individual cost. That said - there are polyurethane foam fillings out there that do perform as intended but often at a higher cost both in financial terms and in terms of below the expected comfort/longevity in use before they need some serious replacement.
  3. Barclays Dump Kaspersky - what choices next

    Well folks - what is the real reasoning behind the Barclays decision to dump Kaspersky - I wonder ? Some time way back in 2005 when AVG - which I was using and had been using ever since I first plunged into the murky depths of home computers a few years earlier announced that AVG was no longer going to be FREE and then an outcry brought about an ABOUT TURN I looked at what was available and was immediately warned against the folly of Norton and the total inability to remove it from the computer because it left GHOST FILES. I elected for BullGuard albeit business people that I knew were using PANDA at the time,more recently there has been increased interest in AVAST and AVAST FREE also appears to be an option. I have now been with BullGuard for 12 years+ and have the protection package for three devices and I am about to renew my subscription for another year with the confidence that it does what it says it will do.
  4. BT router

    BT and there various hubs have been a continual mystery none more so than during the last four or five years and especially since the rolling-out in my area of their "Superfast Broadband". The all come from somewhere in China as does the latest HUB 6 which is specifically for BT Superfast Broadband. Superfast it might have been - to the service cabinet but not even remotely stable and or reliable - my findings,the remaining distance to the bungalow is on the original copper wires that are now 10+yrs old. That said I had a dedicated new cable from the original incoming main terminal installed last year simply because repeatedly reported issues could not be resolved - it was fine for the usual three/four months period and then it went down the tubes again with continual freezing,black screens,Google Chrome NOT Responding and absolutely abysmal download speeds. I am now on the very latest incarnation of HUB 6,indeed I had TWO delivered on the same day and left on the top inside of my Green Wheelie Bin. It was still out because of a failed collection. In the last 5 years I have had several HUB 4's,three HUB 5's and now the alleged SUPER HUB 6 . I ended up with two when their system failed during the cancellation of the first replacement albeit that one had a RETURNS BAG in the bottom of the box and the second one did not - a phone call was initiated - I await.
  5. Jaguar XF 3. 0 litre Sport Brake

    Hi again stagger. I was unaware that your car was actually a diesel variant.
  6. Towing a longer caravan

    Hi bubble. Honk is the man to talk to unless of course he is lying low being that it is a weekend.
  7. Jaguar XF 3. 0 litre Sport Brake

    Hi stagger. What is the 'Real World' consumption ? I suppose like a great many the figures are those presented to you by the OBC or as is often referred to as Kidology within modern Technology. This can be calculated by using the conversation of 4. 5461 litres per gallon.
  8. Airstream, I was shocked.

    Hi Ancell. Yes,most certainly - lest we forget. Indeed,my late paternal grandfather told porkies to join-up at 15yrs old - he was a big lad and well built. Indeed when he was laid out he was over 6' in his shroud. He was a steeplejack before he retired and ended-up locking after the clock on the tower at the old Walton Hospital,Liverpool. During one 'outing' he stopped a bullet with his cigarette case that was in his battle-dress breast pocket and proudly still had it when he died aged 81yrs way back in 1966. He also carried a lump of shrapnel in his left temple that was to dangerous to consider moving in those days.
  9. Airstream, I was shocked.

    Hi John. At that sort of money I think that it is more likely to appeal to Ex USA military/airmen that have a big fat pension and have settled down here with one of our young ladies from the days of them being 'Over here'.
  10. Is it because of the caravan

    Both the older type overhead signage and the manual distribution of traffic cones leave a great deal to be desired. Some 10+years ago I was driving on the M4 motorway travelling West Bound on route to a wedding in Somerset having spent the week working in Surrey and choosing to travel over a Bank Holiday weekend straight to the venue rather than return to West Lancashire and then drive on the M6 Southbound with all of the well documented issues of the day. Both the overhead signs and the traffic cones were restricting traffic flow to a 50mph in two lanes and then down to a single lane and on a few short stretches only the hard-shoulder was available. This went on for mile after mile after mile - indeed for best part of 12 miles and with absolutely no signs of work going on and no vehicles/plant and or machinery being visible along the whole stretch. Eventually I reached a slip-off onto a traffic island that straddled the motorway and rang the Highways Agency only to be told that everything should have been running running as normal and should have been implemented on the late Friday shift - SORRY. The most annoying thing these days is the multiple lanes that are Guarded/Protected by the variable speed cameras that very little heed is payed to them and especially by by some very knowing HGV drivers. Is there a subversive communication channel/code that we do not have access to or knowledge of ? Could it be European Registered trucks that are being driven permanently with TWO FINGERS in the air ?
  11. Hitch lock while towing

    This topic has been under discussion many times as I recall and not just by newbies. It is very much a 'Marmite' type subject for all of the reasons on both sides of the hitchlock subject. I personally have towed with both an Alko fitted and not fitted albeit I was towing a twin axle caravan which if there was a blow-out there would in my opinion a great-deal less of an issue with a potential loss of stability and a total upturn of caravan and or my car.
  12. Blown air heating in a static

    Hi Graham. I stand to be corrected here - but I don't think that Honk actually lives in his static and as far as size goes I think that his is not/was not a particularly large one. I was fully retired and lived in my Pemberton Montreux and had the benefit of two Winters experience and it was little or no different to living in my current bungalow but as I stated " I had a regular domestic Combi Boiler system and 7 individual radiators fitted plus a tall heated towel rail and believe me I would not wish to have to rely on blown heating with supplementary heating as back-up.
  13. Blown air heating in a static

    Hi Cj. In 2011 I was in Northumberland on an 11 month site with a fully winterised and double glazed 39'x12' Pemberton Montreux that had a regular domestic Combi Boiler system and individual radiators fitted and believe me I would not wish to have to rely on blown heating with supplementary heating as back-up. I was on a site where the electric was billed on a six-month basis and was very very cheap to use and the huge gas bottles had got to be purchased on site. I suppose it is subjective in the long run - are you living there or is it just a Summer Retreat and what size is the static and how well is it insulated ?
  14. Towing with an automatic car ??

    Hi C M. You are aware that most 'Factory Fitted' towbars are actually fitted at the dealerships. That does not necessarily mean that they also get kitted out with extra cooling equipment.
  15. Ozio . ..opinions

    Hi again Durbaite. The fabric as a choice was a wise one on several counts - as the interiors sag/collapse the leather would have suffered irreversible damage because of the inevitable creasing that would have been present because of the interiors collapsing. Unfortunately,a lot of Chenille fabrics are made of synthetic fibres and the lighter tones tend to grey-out after several cleaning procedures.