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  1. Hi Dena. This is a situation that I would be very very wary of ! Some years ago I was in the throws of buying a static caravan - again from a private seller on a site in Northumberland. The van was a 5 year old top of the range 2 bed Pemberton Montreux and the site fees were owing and the caravan was about to be locked down by the site owners. Had I been given 'a heads-up' I would have been in a better bargaining position on the sale price of the van. The site fees were some 4 months overdue at the time of looking at it and access was only given as a concession that the whole of the sale went through the site office so that the heavily overdue site fees could be recover by the site owner therefore leaving me with unpaid debts at handover.
  2. Clearly another example of someone not knowing what he/she was talking about and they are being paid by us when we take out insurance . A serious case of much needed retraining - they are a liability for the company that employs them never mind the 'Duty of Care' aspect of their employment towards their employer.
  3. You can get petrol for 99.9p/litre without any spend at Tesco.
  4. The fact that the towing vehicle could not possibly stop the 3 tonne monster behind it in an emergency is illegal never mind being just plain reckless. Never mind the likelihood of towing up or down an incline.
  5. Hi John. I went out the other day a bought the Astonish on the basis of what was said on here and on what I had read on the label - I did after using the Cillit Bang product that is labelled as specifically for dealing with Black Mould;BOTH failed miserably. I now will resort to the HG Mould Spray.
  6. The man should be put in isolation in padded cell with his only contact being robots and perhaps a closed circuit mobile phone so that he can drive himself nuts with his inane tweeting and diatribe utterings form his garbage fuelled mouth. This man is a liability to the rest of world.
  7. Hi J P. If like me you were born in 1945 then your pension is your pension and most definitely a benefit as they now seem insistent on calling it. Never loose sight of the fact that past governments were simply the custodians of our monies and as such should have been making wiser investments - so that both parties could enjoy a better return for the future.
  8. Successive governments have shown that they would have had difficulty 'ring fencing' a couple of sheep. Not least of all the supposed Road Tax/ VED/Road Fund that just disappears into a huge black hole crawling with sticky fingers striving for a share.
  9. Hi Craig. I personally think that you ought to book into the same analyst that Donald Trump will be using when he has received the world wide protest regarding his latest mouth open brain dead suggestion that came out of his mouth the other day about the use of bleach - AND NO he was not joking. If it wasn't for my meagre private pension which is dished out over a twelve month period I would be attending a soup kitchen. State Pension falls a long long way short for most people of even a moderately paid job.
  10. I have not personally looked at all of the post but if it was my choice then I would go for the refund simply because in the current climate they just might go bust and then - where are you then ? The prospects of being in a long line of creditors would not thrill me one iota.
  11. Hi Scorpio. On balance albeit and with a considerable amount of hindsight would that really have been such a bad thing The American Nation have got exactly what they voted for A friend of mine that lived in Canada for many many years before coming over here and settling down again in the UK was warning me about the antics and loud mouthed claims and seemingly endless wealth of trump albeit having mostly lost the money that his father had created whilst he was busy screwing up his own chances with his open chequebooks !! The man owed that much money that the banks and financial institutions could not afford to declare him bankrupt because of the implications. A great deal of this was of course denied and declared 'hearsay' by a a man that changes his mind and direction of movement more times that he allegedly changes his his underwear.
  12. I have only been out for an odd prescription and an occasional trip for essentials. I cannot get a haircut because my particular barber has closed and it is now 16 weeks since it was last cut. Others in the area I have not used in the past and besides I have been going to the same barber for 50 years - the present owner was a Saturday boy when the shop was his grandfathers and the it became his fathers.
  13. Probably not in the slightest - after all they are paparazzi without cameras !! They don't need cameras and fast cars for causing stress.
  14. Simple tools like screwdrivers and pliers when in the wrong hands can still bring about a hospital visit. One should not use any type of tool - powered or otherwise unless one knows what one is doing and is competent with them.
  15. and general house maintenance (avoiding the use of power tools). Hi Gordon, Why so ?
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