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  1. The police do sometimes drop serious clangers !!! Way back in 1994/5 I was driving along Manchester Old Road through Openshaw on route to Audenshaw with my then lady friend after having spent an evening drinking a quality red wine which had acted as a catalyst and set her off in a rather obnoxious mode. I decided at circa 22:00 hrs that she must go home from my then home in UpHolland. I drove this road regularly and moved out so as avoiding a sunken manhole cover at the crest of a bridge. within seconds there were blue lights and noise everywhere from a following white transit van. I was pulled over and given the perfunctory inspection as was my immaculate Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia Auto Estate,then promptly issued with a HORT1. It showed me as unaccompanied and on Ashton New Road. The next day I rang into the traffic headquarters and pointed out the errors of judgement that had prevailed and suggested that the officer should be refreshed on his knowledge of the major city routes and be tested at SpecSavers;this was after respectfully pointing out that the officer might have been suffering with a defective sense of smell and had completely missed the fact that the interior of the car smelled like a wine tasting party had been getting conducted within. Nothing more was done about my HORT1 and
  2. I would have taken images with my mobile phone including one of the registration number and gone ASAP to the nearest police station.
  3. Why do you ask ? Are you ?
  4. I have intentionally kept out of this one - until now. Surely the ability to handle,absorb,and process alcohol and the point at which it is clearly detrimental the handling of a motorcar,motorcycle,power tools or anything other than sitting and doing absolutely nothing is very much dependant upon the age and physical/mental well-being of the individual. I am one of those individuals that have been pulled over and breathalysed after having enjoyed a very pleasant and social evening in the early part of 2000 in the company of people with the same interest from circa 16:00 hrs until circa 22:00hrs. The initial pulling-over was done by a local bobby in a panda car that was three car behind me on the basis that I was hesitant in pulling away from the traffic lights without actually seeing what it was that created my hesitancy - a driver in front of me that was having "difficulty" in finding the gears in his rather beaten-up Vauxhall. I was stationary and indicating my intention to filter left at the junction. Within in minutes there was a traffic officers car with blue lights and all of the customary noise immediately behind the panda car. After the usual (I am told) questioning and conducting the test I was bid a good night and safe journey and drove the remaining 42 miles on my way home.
  5. Hi limecc. Have you give-up your passion for Fleetwood and taken up restoring the older Bailey offerings ?
  6. Hi Ern. The topic was on on 'Fuel price variation' and as most caravans are towed by cars or car derived vehicles and if you look back through my contributions to the topic you will see that I have contributed in that aspect An On board computer is a little bit of motor manufactures bit of kit that performs porky pie telling info - I have never yet found one that gives REAL WORLD fuel consumption figures and we probably never will albeit there is supposedly some legislation that is in the pipeline that should bring an end to the deceptions surrounding fuel consumption figures.
  7. Dear God that is £6.955 per gallon !!!!!!! What is your Real World fuel consumption.
  8. Hi again B G. Is this because your on board computer is set for giving MPG ? Hi Ern. Does this also apply to your car/vehicle ?
  9. In the old days but just into metrication the good old fashioned yard stick grew a little and became the dual stick - yards and inches on one side and centimetres and millimetres on the other;indeed the current modern version is a flat aluminium item that has both on both sides.
  10. Hector. I also think that you have misunderstood my comment - the 199.7 was pence per litre not £/litre !! I always used all metric or all imperial :-- yards and inches or meters and millimetres albeit if the project was small it would be cm and mm.
  11. Hi BG. With respect - I think that you have misread or misunderstood my response ! I also buy litres because the nearest gallons pumps are now totally defunct ;I then divide the litres by 4.5461 and that produces gallons. Shouldn't that be 1000kgs of bricks ??!!
  12. Hi Stevan. During all of the time in my trade since metrication was introduced/imposed (one or two insisted in total communication in metric) I have used both and often mixing them in my work quite simply because when needed working in cm and mm was easier especially as on a retractable steel ruler the metric system was on the base line which is where I was marking out ready for cutting. I also use industrial sewing machines and have taught machinist in industry the skills needed. I was involved in everything that the traditional Upholder (Upholsterer) was expected to carry out. I extended my work to include contract furnishings,motor trimming - traditional and modern,aircraft and marine work and including heavy draperies and regular window curtains and stage curtains and back-drops. I have even trimmed the inside and outside of royal carriages. It was hard flooring and carpet work that was largely responsible for buggering my knees ( one replaced and the other is pending).
  13. Gallons are reality litres ar kidology,It is belated protest against the impositions from Europe. I personally still convert the litre price to gallons and that is how I view my MPG not kl/litre I have just filled-up/brimmed my SLK230 Auto and paid 199.7/litre or £5.44p gallon.
  14. Hi ll. Back in the days of having my 3 litre Capri I was towing a single axle Ace Viscount 4/5 berth and it would romp up and over Shap on the M6 Northbound on route to the lakes like it had the rear of the caravan on fire !!
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