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  1. No it wasnt raining as we came back, but it has een raining hard for the last few days
  2. Hi All, Just picked up the van from storage, got it home and the bedding and mattress are wet!!!!! The window was dripping from underneath onto the bed. The van was serviced in May and there were no problems with damp in that area. Busy drying everything out but I'm off to France soon and really could do with getting this sorted. Ant suggestions please. Gillian
  3. This story seems to have a happy ending. Richard (my better half) has just realised that the warrwnty on the van runs out in March, hence the yshould fix it. He has booked it in to be sorted and hopefully everything will have an a happy ending. Fate must have decreed that we go for our first ever winter outing and discover the problems just in time to get them sorted. Usually we go out at Easter ( when the warranty would have run out!!). Thanks for your suggestions. at least we were able to more fully explain the problem to the dealership, and now have a good idea how to test what is
  4. Just tried all the settings. The 500w, 1000w settings are working. Its only the 2kwone that isn't working. Richard thinks that some kind of resistor has failed . Does this mean I need to call the engineer?
  5. Thanks, I do use a local engineer, got a feeling its the same one.
  6. I'll have a go at all three settings this evening and thanks to 5* for the suggestion. My better half! will love that. Get back to you later.
  7. Hi all We have been caravanning both at home and in the UK for 22 years now and presently have two vans, one permanently sited not too far from home and one that we tour in. There are just the two of us these days, although the daughter (nearly 24) sometimes joins us (especially when we go to France). The Jones
  8. Just got back from our first winter outing ever, Quickly discovered that the electric heater had a problem. the green light is on where you switch it on at the wall and the fan will run ( can hear it). The heater seems to be trying to get warm but not as is not really working correctly. Usually it soon gets the place warm and you can feel the heat leaving the vents immediately. Has anyone had any similar problem ? or got any suggestions as to a solution. The gas heater was woking fine but as it was so cold this weekend we usually like to leave heater on low overnight and do'n't like t
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