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  1. http://www.windbreakleisure.co.uk/wp/ Not cheap but fantastic piece of kit , we have used this system for the last 3 years and it has never moved. We have a dog so it makes him secure on site. First couple of times putting it up takes a little time , but now we can have it up and secure in 10 mins Again it is not cheap but we have had it 3 years and it looks in perfect condition so there is years of use left in it Paul
  2. Crusader Strom can be up-plated to 2000kg free of charge when buying new
  3. Picked our storm up new in June. Since then we have used it alot, 6 weeks in Spain plus a few weeks in this country, away on Tuesday for 2 weeks. It towed from home to Benidorm and back with no issues behind a Discovery Sport. I tow at or above the speed limit and under any conditions it behaved perfectly We have had NO things fall off or break or stop working, the bed is great, the bathroom is again just right, I'm a big lad and have no issues with the shower, the front lounge is fine it has just enough sockets and USB sockets and all seem to be in the right places Overall we are more than happy, we actually went to buy the Buccaneer Cruiser but could not justify the extra £5k for a slightly wider van and self leveling You will be really happy with the van
  4. Well done , , looks great, you can now shut to door while on the throne
  5. Was in Benidorm last month staying at El Raco and they have a storage area. Asked about costs and it was 1euro per day which is very reasonable but it was outside so would need a caravan cover
  6. This what happened to mine. I greased up the screws on the plate so it was a easy remove and would clean the little filter every month and it never happened again. It would only take about 10 mins
  7. No , , under the fixed bed is a 40l (i think) cold water tank. Also outside is the conventional aquaroll set up so you have the option of using approx 80l of water. The problem is that it takes up about a third of the space under the bed and I can live with the conventional aquaroll set up. It looks a simple remove but Im just wondering if I'm may cause any issues with the water system ?
  8. This afternoon picked up new Storm, spent this afternoon packing chairs, tables etc Found that under the bed is the large internal water tank which is taking up space which I could use. Therefore looking at removing the tank as it can be set up with external water supply and if on serviced pitch then again the internal tank would not be in use. Has anyone removed this tank, had a quick look and I think it is a simple remove, one pipe needs blanking and then everything else, tank, pump, etc just needs removing. Am I missing something or is it a simple remove ? Cheers Paul
  9. I asked a similar question a few months back for my daughter who is post 97 license and the answer I got was the MAM of the car 2100kg (Ford Kuga) could pull a max of 1400kg MAM caravan. And it is the weights on the plate which count Hope this helps
  10. Just out of curiosity I checked my SANEF tag invoice for last October when traveling from the Span to Calais using motorways all the way through France cost 177Eur Details of your Trips and the related Tolls (including TVA) Date Network Entry Exit Class Tolls* (EUR) Tag No 2500 04/10/17 10:12 ASF A9 38 NARBONNE-SUD A9 LE PERTHUS 2 13. 40 30/10/17 16:43 ASF A9 43 A9: ESPAGNE A9 43 LE BOULOU (O) 2 1. 10 31/10/17 13:08 ASF A9 43 LE BOULOU (F) A7 VIENNE 2 65. 70 31/10/17 19:49 APRR A6 VILLEFRANCHE-LIMAS A26 LIMITE APRR / SANEF 2 48. 10 31/10/17 19:49 SANEF A26 LIMITE SANEF/APRR A26 REIMS NORD (ORMES) 2 16. 00 31/10/17 22:10 SANEF A26 REIMS (COURCY) A26 CALAIS 2 33. 10 Subtotal for Tag No 2500 177. 40
  11. Cheers , , just ordered a set Again big thanks
  12. Hi everyone , , just tried towing mirrors on new sport and the rubber band is to small to fit around the mirror. What make do other people use on large 4x4 mirrors cheers Paul
  13. Poor deal for buyers, less choice and Spinney a poor company. Bought brand new motorhome from them last year, told lies during the buying process and then during 1st year service while getting warrenty work done or not as the case was. Flintshire always had a positive rep. with caravan/motorhome buyers, hope they don't destroy that
  14. gradyp

    Sub 3500kg Laws

    Thanks Brecon , , sometimes you just need someone to tell you your right, my wife never tells me I'm right Thanks Paul
  15. Hi all , , just a quick one, this is for my daughter and son-in-law, both passed there tests after the 1997 cut off point of driving sub 3500kgs I'm just checking my understanding of the law. They current drive 2016 2. 0 diesel Kuga which I believe has a MAM of 2100kgs, if this is the case does this mean the max caravan MAM is 1400kgs Thanks Paul
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