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  1. 1st part of the year paying 13p + 5% vat 2nd part of the year paying 15p + 5% vat (must have change plan or supplier) £20 + 5% vat admin
  2. https://www.asgardsss.co.uk/caravan-site-storage Not cheap but very good quality. I've one at the static and one at home
  3. That was the best offer. It's against a £52k motor home , the 1st dealer offered £16k (Glossop) , the 2nd £16.5k (Vehicles4Leisure) and the 3rd and best was £20k against the same motor home. I think the problem is that they are selling everything on there plot. The deal I'm doing is with Preston Caravans , and they have almost no stock and speaking to them they have pre-sold a lot of next years stock so I guess they don't have to work to hard for sales
  4. I paid £28k for my van 2.5 yrs ago , I'm trading it in and I'm getting £20k trade in , which is the best from 3 dealers , therefore £6500 for 4 years use seems good to me
  5. Have a look at Towsure site and put your car details in , I;m sure when you get the details up look to the bottom of the page and it says "Bumper needs cutting - Yes/No"
  6. No and Yes , we were planning on going over to Spain (Benidorm) early January , but have decided to go later mainly because Brittany Ferries not running for a few months in the new year , so booked ferry to Bilboa March 22nd drive down to Benidorm for 2 or 3 months By then it should be an improved situation with possible vacinations available
  7. Have a look at Caravans In The Sun. we were looking at buying in France and where very impressed with this company and very good and quick at replying to any questions you may have
  8. Looking at booking ferry to Spain for end of March and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to let me use your Brittany Ferries Voyage Club Membership Number Cheers Paul
  9. https://www.aldi.co.uk/bio-laundry-sachets/p/064265127362600 I don't do laundry so I'm not to familiar with the complexity's of all these chemicals , very much a black art Therefore could someone with far more experience than me confirm the above short cut is the correct thing to buy Cheers
  10. Cheers Townie , tried the Aeros this morning and a great fit. Ordered a set
  11. Thanks for that , me dad has a set of Aeros , I'm nipping to his tomorrow to see if they fit Cheers
  12. Hi ,, could anyone help ,, I've changed my tow car and bought a 2018 L200 and the towing mirrors which I used on my Discovery sport are to small to fit. Is there anyone with a similar L200 series 5 and if so what tow mirrors do you use Cheers Paul
  13. Had mine 2 years been to Benidorm twice pulling 1800kg caravan and it has been perfect. No oil used , no warning lights , comfortable , pulls up and down hills no problems and av. 24 mpg towing (brim to brim checked) and I don't hang around 60-65 mph towing. Like everything else the people how have problems shout the loudest , owners of cars / caravans which perform with no issues just get on with just using them. I have no issues with recommending them , I find it strange that a DEALER would knock his product.
  14. https://www.yellohvillage.co.uk/?&gclid=CjwKCAiA98TxBRBtEiwAVRLquwYEbM2zkZPNmpEzFM2hzjtrPOcFGPwAqwwtERloooWrLTkrWSF0exoC_pYQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds We have used this company a number of times with our grand kids. Good quality and the prices are good and they cover all parts of France
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