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    STERLING 554

    I small tip never put Vaseline on any of these O Rings it will damage them for sure, Olive Oil, or Sunflower oil or any natural oils are ok...I know i got the Teeshirt
  2. I wanted a cheap option of putting a Wifi Reverse Camera on my Sprite Alpine 2 so i went onto *leabay, and looked for the one built into the Rear Licence Plate Holder, "EU Car Plate Camera" , Item Number 12308555314 , I think it was about £12.00 ish... which the camera swivels up and down Then a again went on *leabay bought a 5" monitor Car RearView LCD Monitor, Item Number 143093675446 which was about £14.00 ish, which has two video inputs... And then I bought a 2.4 Ghz Wireless Transmitter+ Receiver again from *lebay, Item Number 273804191235 about £7.00 ish.. Wiring was done as follows, I wired the Reverse Camera + 2.4 Ghz Transmitter into my van reverse light... Live to Live, Earth to Earth, not forgetting to plug the camera feed into the transmitter In the car i wired the Monitor + 2.Ghz Receiver together Live to Live, and Earth to Earth and plugged them into the 12v cigar socket, so once I put car into reverse, the camera switches on and displays on the Monitor, not forgetting to plug the receiver feed into the Monitor White Socket then you just need to put something behind van and adjust camera up or down to get into red zone on monitor display at a distance that suits you, all should work, mine did, picture quality if fine if you have no inside interference in car do not place monitor need speakers etc etc
  3. Many thanks to all that have contributed to this topic , the best option, looks like James Donald although I might also try g7oer's version also...
  4. I would use a iGO Primo Truck Version on any standalone GPS, unit, then you can setup for total length of Car and Caravan, Width and Weight, that way the Truck Version will not take you down any country lanes, remember you are not driving Caravan but upwards of a Articulated Vehicle, mine is set for 38 FT Long and 8 FT wide with a weight limit of 3.5 Tonnes Something like this is good it comes with Truck Maps Installed, and you can tailor to you Car + Caravan Sizes !!! https://www.*bay.co.uk/itm/VETOMILE-704-7-TFT-LCD-Win-CE-6-0-Truck-Car-GPS-Navigation-with-Europe-Maps/283400507609?hash=item41fbfc90d9:g:arUAAOSwzrlbWBZs
  5. Hi g7eor That is the kind of solution I was looking for putting the number plate frame onto van with a hole in centre of the frame for the camera power feed . and with the number plate hiding it, then fishing + positive and - negative going to nearside reverse light, how difficult was what you described fishing the wires out ?? did you use something to do that.. It was my intention to leave the transmitter as you also described to protect it, did you allow aerial to poke outside the box from stronger signal ??
  6. Hi pfr I never thought of that option, I presume you mean the fuse board inside the van, and then that brings a further question, if doing that, how do I hide the camera wires without going through the rear panel as the number plate frame and camera are attached to the rear panel ?? And thank you for reply...
  7. Hi Guys As title i have purchase a Number Plate Reverse Camera the camera comes already attached to number plate holder My problem looking underneath rear of van, the back ABS panel appears to be held at the bottom with a line of screws.. I am trying to get behind the panel and route the camera wiring to the offside rear light to pick a reverse power feed and earth, but cannot see how to do this I could drill a hole centre of where number plate sits, but I am not sure what sits behind the Rear ABS panel or how I can gain access to wire camera up... Can Anybody shed light on how to achieve this?? Regards huey45
  8. Hi if really pushed for space when making up a double bed, as suggested they lift out I used to leave mine at home when I toured my Swift Challenger 400SE, its suprising how much junk you acquire in them. .
  9. Hi Guys Recently bought the above, but noticed the gas strut is missing there seems to be some holes in body and lid but appear to be damaged, can anybody supply a close up pics of attachment points so I can see what im supposed to be working with, before i purchase a replacement strut ? Thanks in advance for any replies. ..
  10. Hi Guys I have not long had the above, and noticed the control panel for hobs, grill and cooker is loose on the right hand side, causing a uneven gap when viewed from the front My initial look was to loosen and remove the (4) screws that holds the hob to tops of workbenches but after having done so it was difficult to lift, not knowing what was underneath, pipe connections etc etc, I didn't want to yank it and maybe causing further problems, has anybody had this problem, if so is there a strip down I could follow to rectify the problem ?? Thanks in Advance
  11. Hi Zen/andrew2762 I just got the van on Thurs this week got lot of catching up to do with it hence my question the open flap and flush looks similar to my Challenger, but without doing further research it could be manual or electric, im not that familiar with Baileys
  12. Yes im intrigued also, i asked the question thinking if the toilet was electric maybe something was not working, we can all be clever, and if you took time to read my question, "it does not state in the 2001 brochure" !!!
  13. Hi All I have the above, can anybody tell me if its Manual or Electric flush, there is nothing declared in the 2001 year brochure, my previous caravan a 1996 Swift Challenger 400SE had a Electric flush surely Baileys have moved on since a 96 Swift ?? Thanks in advance
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