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  1. Are they not offering you the option of attending a speed awareness course? Dave
  2. I would suggest you use the M5 to junction 27 and then take the A361 to Barnstaple. After approx. fifteen miles between Tiverton and South Molton is the log cabin picnic area. Plenty of parking here with van on the back. Although it means a longer drive before your first stop it is well worth it as it is a far nicer place than the motorway services. The toilets are not the best but the log cabin cafe is excellent value and you can savour lovely views of Exmoor from here as you are quite high up. Your journey then takes you on to Barnstaple where you take the A39 towards Bideford and on to Bude. Time wise you are looking at approx 50-60 minutes from junction 27 to Bideford new bridge. We make this journey on a regular basis solo and with our van. From Bideford on the A39 Atlantic highway will take you approx 45 minutes to Bude. This section is quite windy from Hartland to Bude so will be the slowest part of your journey. Hope that helps. Dave
  3. Any Caravan dealer worth his "salt" will stock them. Dave
  4. Or last caravan was purchased from Highbridge caravans. The procedure there was as follows. When we arrived they quickly looked at our part exchange van and then directed us to where our new van was parked where we parked alongside to enable us to transfer things across and for them to switch our battery and gas bottles over etc. We had a good look around the outside of our new van and then went into the office where all the paperwork etc was gone through and where they took the money via our debit card. We were then given a full handover of our new van and where we had another good look over it. I personally was quite happy with this arrangement and was similar to what we have experienced before at other dealers, Davan, Mendip and Chelston. We may have been lucky but had never found problems with any of our four new vans at handover time. If there was a major problem in my opinion any good dealer worth his "salt" would do an immediate money back transfer via the debit card system. It's always been a similar arrangement when we have bought new cars in the past, we have seen the car when we arrived to pick it up, done the "money thing" and then been given the "grand tour" by the dealer of the new car. Dave
  5. Have stayed there so here goes. From the entrance of the site it is all downhill to the bottom. There are no pitches at the top but there is a grass area on the left that acts as the late night arrivals area. Travelling downhill from here you pass a few non electric pitches and after 300-400 yards you arrive at the wardens office. Just past the office there are small pitching areas to the left and right [some hardstandings on left and the toilet block is just below these areas on the left. Opposite the toilet block is an area with the laundry block and this area also caters for smaller outfits. Behind the toilet block is a very private area [grass pitches]. Continuing down the hill there is a small area on the right [grass] and a few hardstandings on the left of this road. You then arrive at the lower area of the site where there are lots of hardstandings and grass pitches and a further lower field that is grass only. This is a more open type of pitching area. Please note these lower areas are 200-400 yards from the toilet block and it is all uphill [not like climbing a mountain but still noticeable] The wardens office is a further two hundred yards up this hill. From the top to the bottom of the site is approx half a mile or so. The dog walk is quite extensive and runs up the hill alongside the road but within the trees and takes you to the very top of the site. [Doggie heaven!] but the views fro here are quite something. The Childrens play area is extensive and is at the lower end of the site on the right hand side. Although a very sloping site all pitches are level. When you arrive on site it is better to walk into the areas around the toilet block for a "reckie" as access is tight and turning hitched up not possible. The lower area can be driven around as the roadway is circular. Hope that is of help. To sum up an excellent site in a lovely location, the access road from the mainroad is a little tight in places so watch your arrival time, if you do arrive before twelve you can park at the top on the grass areas and walk down for a "reckie" of the site. Well worth doing this as some of the pitching areas are really secluded and nice and private with just room for a few vans. Dave
  6. Was recently approached at a motorway services by an AA rep trying to sign people up. As soon as I mentioned I had CC Mayday cover, his only comment was," we can't beat that it is the best out there"! I think that say's it all. Dave
  7. I believe the 90 on the ID plate signifies van built in 1990. I had a 1990 Bailey and it had a similar number. Its' a long time ago but thinking back I thought the Alko number was stamped on one of the side "members" of the A Frame. Dave
  8. I would say its' mainly down to travel distance. Its' the same every year down here at Easter. Having said that the weather down here has been dry for a few weeks now although we are not likely to face any water restrictions unlike some areas due to the rain we had in the Winter months. We were in Woolacombe for the day today 19c and very sunny as its' been for several days and the forecasts good. We looked in at Willingcott CC site and the wardens were hard at work preparing for tomorrows opening. They have had no trouble grass cutting and ground conditions were perfect, this site also has many hardstandings so the club have all "angles" covered. . If weather stays the same for next couple of weeks I would recommend this site to anyone and its' a comfortable ninety minute tow from junction 27 of M5. Thats' my bit done for the Devon tourist industry! Dave
  9. You say the mcb and main switch on the dist board in the van both stay on but the power "disappears"? We had a fault on our Stellar after running the fire on the 2kw setting. I found the spur switch behind the bed locker flap [there are two, one for the forthe fire and one for the water heater] was faulty and had been overheating. Contacted Highbridge caravans and they posted me out a new spur switch which I fitted myself [explained to them I was an electrician by trade]. All has been well ever since, they did say this was not the first they had seen go faulty, my van incidentally was a 2010 model. Dave
  10. Not true. Have a swan neck bar on my Citroen C5 and the parking sensors work perfectly. Dave
  11. Like any mechanical device where human input is required things can go wrong. I have lost count of the number of times over my years of caravanning where I have seen outfits leave their pitch and within fifty yards or so the van has come off the ball! This was simply due to operator "error" and not a failure of the hitch/ball. It can not be beyond the realms of possibility for a detachable bar to detach due to being fitted incorrectly. I have had Westfalia, Bosal and Witter detachable bars and each requires some measure of dexterity to fit and when you add the human element anything can happen. Dave
  12. The CC email seems to be the norm now. Received one four weeks ago for our first trip this year. Dave.
  13. We live in Bideford near Barnstaple and have tried both routes mentioned. Although a longer distance the quickest route from Newton Abbot is the A380, A38, M5 to junction 27 and then take the ND link road A361 to Barnstaple. The A377 is quite a windy road and not as Caravan "friendly". Dave
  14. Our dearly remembered Golden Retriever Dusty! Enabled us to travel all over the UK to places we would never have contemplated visiting without our caravan. We continue to caravan with our 16 year old Border Collie Louis who still enjoys walking and keeping us fit! Dave
  15. Thats one of the reasons we use CC sites. We do like pitching on grass in the summer but at all other times hardstanding definately has its advantages and the CC type of hardstanding certainly suits us. Dave
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