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  1. I definately prefer it, felt safer with people around me as getting older too. Enjoy it while you can. We off too next week for South France. We do Channel tunnel, so hope no probs.
  2. I would stick with camping. Many apartments on complexs are deserted, not a soul about. Also, if u dont like 1 campsite you just move on to another. Cant do that once you rent an apartment you are stuck with it, good or bad.
  3. bolerogirl


    ANTSTOP BAIT STATION. I purchased a pack of 2 of these from amazon. Absolutely marvelous. Put it down where u see lot ants andthey dissapear in no time. Lasts months. I never go away in van without one.
  4. Just wondering if this campsite is busy at the moment. Wondering if we need to book for mid August onwards or just turn up. ? Do any owners or wardens live on site out of hours? Is it patrolled at night???
  5. Does anyone have a dyson AM09 fan? Do you recommend it for van? Any recommendations for good fan for abroad instead of air conditioning unit?
  6. kampa still too wide. Cant really cut them down to size. Our last van had one fitted and was perfect size but dont know where they got it from?
  7. Can anyone tell me where I can get a shoe organiser for wardrobe door of van max 40cm wide?
  8. Forgot to ask if dogs are allowed on the beach and what is the weather like in that region in September?
  9. thankyou so much Paul for the information. Enjoy your holiday, sounds great!
  10. Would you recommend this site and any tips for best pitch for motorhome. Is it suitable with a dog? Thinking of going end Aug thru September. As elderly, security paramount. All suggestions greatly received for Sth. France campsites with beach. Is it necessary to pre-book? Thanks
  11. can you tell me what satelite dish you now have and would you recommend it for Europe? can you tell me what satelite dish you now have and would you recommend it for Europe?
  12. Would you recommend Roquetas Mar campsite facilities etc?
  13. is there plenty places to walk the dog and are they allowed on the beach and at bars etc? Also, any probs with stray dogs? Thanks for all the replies
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