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  1. Try this site. ..... http://www. whattowcar. com/ I have used it several times. Regards David
  2. Thank you everyone for your help. ..........its been really useful and I am glad I found this forum. ..... Plan of action is to follow up on the web link http://www. camping-municipal. org/ as posted above which is very good. Plan route and find campsites along the way. Much better than roughing it in a service station carpark. .....Being military I could handle it but not sure my family are up to it. .....not quite the Bear Grylls type just yet. Once again thank you all for the help and advice. ....its been amazing and now the wife is already planning a LONGER journey to the Med
  3. I have done some soul searching and should have read some of the previous forums, but then I am a bloke who does not read anything before unless time prevails. Plan route then look for municipal camp sites along the way. ...email them and get quotes or book overnight stay. .....job done. Think this is what the follow up replies will say. .....still any help is better than guessed help i suppose.
  4. Good evening all, ​Need some advice. ......My family and I are once again embarking on yet another caravan camping holiday to France and this time venturing further south along the west coast. My question is. .....we are getting the ferry to Roscoff and travelling south to Cote D'Argent and are thinking of doing the journey over a couple of days due to having children that don't travel to well for 7 and a bit hours solid. Where are the best places or are there any safe places to stop overnight? I have heard and read mixed reviews about security issues etc etc and not sure on wha
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