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  1. The reason I ask is that we normally use a 390 porch awning but last one didn't fare too well in the last lot of winds. I have 4 awnings sitting around all designed for 2/4 berth vans and our van is a large twin axle Tabbert wanted to know if one of the smaller awnings could be used without lots of modification.
  2. Probably been asked loads of times, but in theory could an awning of a smaller size be fitted to a larger van (excluding a porch awning)
  3. Has anyone used a smaller awning size on a larger van (apart from porch awning) ?
  4. We had a Hobby before our our present caravan (Avondale Dart) and it was the best van I have ever had. So much space, excellent build quality and always a pleasure to stay in. We did have the odd weird look when we were touring on some sites and at one Park Resorts site I overheard a member of staff saying "oh great, another pikeymobil". Some sites will blatantly state they don't allow "Traveller type" vans and others will ask what make of van you have on booking, this is normally a ruse so that if you say Hobby, LMC, Fendt etc they will then make out that they don't accept twin wheel vans.
  5. We had same problem with our old Hobby the draw basically fell apart after a journey where I forgot to check it was shut properly. I had to re glue the whole thing back together using Gorilla glue. Was stronger after than it ever was before.
  6. We bought our 635 Hobby earlier this year and so far have had no problems on any sites, having said that, we have 2 disabled children which is the main reason we got the van plus we tow it with a disabled adapted Pegeout Minibus so probably the sites wouldn't want the backlash of turning us away lol
  7. caravanrescuerob

    Grand C-Max

    Tows ours, and our daughters 5 berth vans like a dream. No wobble or power issues whilst towing
  8. Tows ours, and our daughters 5 berth vans like a dream. No wobble or power issues whilst towing Click here to view the towcar review
  9. We have now started accepting caravans that are maybe too far gone to repair, that we can trade with selected caravan breakers in return for the odd usable van that we can re-home. So please if you hear of any let us know, no mater whereabouts it is we now have members who can collect in most areas
  10. Many thanks for that, we welcome any donations as it's nice to give a family a van with everything they need to get started We do have members down your way Lexie
  11. We have group members right across the UK who can collect unwanted caravans and accessories and deliver them to waiting families As long as they are either usable or easily fixable here is no preference as we match each caravan with suitable families of all sizes so anything from a trailer tent to a 6 berth is great
  12. Hi new member from just outside Dartford Kent and founder of Caravan Rescue, a group who source unwanted and no longer neededcaravan & accessories and re-home them with families who for whatever reason can't afford the freedom caravanning can offer. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter
  13. Hi all I am the the creator of Caravan Rescue, a group originally started on Facebook to see if we could possibly bring the vast amount of unused/abandoned caravans, together with families across the UK who would appreciate them and give them a new lease of life. After starting the group for less than a month we had already given a father and his disabled son Freddy our 1st donated van ( a lovely little 2 berth Swift ), and collected a Raclet trailer tent from another member. We have members spread out far and wide, many of who are willing to keep a eye out for these caravans, and most of
  14. I run Caravan Rescue, a group of caravan owners who got together on Facebook, after chatting about all of the caravans we had seen sitting in gardens, driveways, dealer, and storage yards that were going to waste and how they could be used by by families who for whatever reason don't have the financial means to experience the freedom that caravanning can offer. We have only been running for a few months and have already given a father and his disabled son Freddy the 1st of our donated caravans (a 2 berth Swift). and are currently working on another donation of a Raclet trailer tent, which w
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