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  1. If it’s the same as on our Coachman, try switching it off with the button on the key fob. If it has been switched on from the fob (possibly accidentally) that is the only way to switch it off again, can’t be done from the switch in the caravan.
  2. They are definitely better, partly because there is a shaped ‘top’ to them to allow heat from the Alde radiators through. On our Vision I took them off & cut down some red wall plugs , pushed them into the existing holes and refitted the screws which helped
  3. Most likely the light was switched on by the button on the key fob, possibly by accident. Then it can only be switched off by the fob, the switch inside will do nothing. It is a weird thing but has been like that on every Coachman we’ve had.
  4. We also have an Acadia & I agree that it would be better if there was some Indication on the control panel but surely if the alde panel is on then the control panel is obviously switched on?
  5. I think there are several co-pilot apps, one of which is for caravans. I would be interested in it if it worked with Apple CarPlay but, last time I checked, it is only the ‘standard’ car app that does that.
  6. According to their salesman on the Coachman stand at the recent NEC show the Highbridge special edition uses the upholstery from the Laser range. The Wanderhome special edition uses the same upholstery, we ordered one at the show & got a much better deal than offered by Highbridge. It’s a long trip for us to collect it (around 250m) but will be our third from them & 5th Coachman.
  7. I have had a Tucson Premium SE with the 185bhp engine for just over a year & almost 10000 miles and it is probably the most comfortable and capable tow car I have driven ( it’s pretty good solo as well). We we are currently in Spain with our 1550kg Coachman, for the second time with this car. We have had no issues or problems from new. I previously had an XC60 (older model) for 9 years which was also very good but, in my opinion, the Tucson is a better car & much better value for money.
  8. Interesting topic. i was just reading this and thinking that (assuming your van has a motor mover) it might be possible to take a suitable fused supply from the switched side of the motor mover isolation switch & connect it to the side light circuit (granted this would take a bit of investigation) so that the side lights would always come on when the motor mover was switched on. this has only just occurred to me after a late night so feel free to tell me why it can’t be done!
  9. Worthing is nearest but as far as I can establish Littlehampton is the only one of those that does LPG but not somewhere we would normally be passing. Thanks anyway, I have not given up on the idea, just still researching it.
  10. Thanks, I had seen that before as well but i am still researching the filling options locally, which are few & far between at the moment.
  11. I was looking for a 10kg bottle really but no one seems to have any stock. I did contact Safefill a while back but they were not being specific about when they would get more stock which is a bit concerning. I also asked if they were going to be at the NEC in October, they weren’t going and were unable to tell me who might have any stock so I gave up at that point. I like the idea but there seems to be a lot less filling stations in the South East than further north & I am reluctant to invest in a bottle (even if they were available) if there is no support.
  12. I was interested in buying one of these but their website says “Awaiting New Stock” for every size and has done for about three months now. Makes me wonder if it’s worth the risk, assuming they ever get any more stock, of the company going bust & not having any support.
  13. I like my cars to be clean but that doesn’t leave any time to waste on photoshopping anything!
  14. We are going a similar route for the fourth year in January but using Portsmouth - Caen crossing. Never had particular problems with wind but we did get delayed about 5 hours because of snow near Teruel on the A23 in 2017 so keep an eye on the forecast.
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