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  1. Difficult with 6 berths on a single axle.
  2. Possibly - but there could be a number of reasons maybe just the glue has failed. Get a good damp meter and go over the van thoroughly or get a mobile engineer to do it. Without solid evidence you just don't know the true situation. If damp, walk away.
  3. You are correct Gordon. It an Avondale Dart 556-6.
  4. I have a 6 berth, single axle van with a MTPLM of 1300 kg. The tyres specified in the handbook are 165R13 94N and these are what are fitted. I have noticed that Load rating 94 equates to a max 670Kg tyre load. For the single axle this equates to 1340Kg, which is only 40 kg above the MTPLM, which to me is too close for comfort (20Kg per wheel) and well below the recommended 10% safety margin. . For the tyre size specified, I am struggling to find any tyre with a load rating of 96 or above which will provide a decent safety margin. Before anyone asks "how much does your van weigh", I don't know yet but am investing in a Reich device to find out. But I would be happier with a bit more of a margin on the tyres. Can anyone recommend a make or supplier of tyres which would satisfy my needs?. Thanks
  5. I have a somewhat difficult question which I hope someone may have an answer to. I was looking to try to replate my 2004 Avondale 556-6 to give me a bit more payload. I have had it just over 2 years. I contacted the dealer who I purchased it from and they said basically the van was too old and a replate was no longer possible. Given that Avondale are no more, is this a forelorn hope or does someone know a way to do it. Very appreciative of any help given.
  6. Yes I have the same setup. I ran the fridge with the fans disabled and then measured the probe temp. (53c). I then set the fans to run continuously and measured the temp after about an hour. (38c). I currently have the fans set to turn on at 48c. which is between the two temps measured above. The hysterisis is 2c so fans are off at 46c and on at 48c. Has dramatically improved the fridge operation and cycles well when hot but fans are off when cooler. 23c is too low in hot weather, the fans just can't cool enough. Operation on gas produces slightly higher readings. By the way I am measuring the actual fin temperature not the air. If measuring the actual air temp at the top vent then readings will be different as they will be affected by ambient air. Fin temp is more constant.
  7. What if you don't own an iphone or ipad?
  8. TinShack Thank you for your offer. PM sent.
  9. I am in the process of fitting a couple of fans to help cool our caravan fridge in this hot weather. (Dometic 6270) The fans will be thermostatically controlled with a manual on/off over-ride. Straightforward install but I have a couple of questions for those who already use such a system. 1. What do you sense with the temperature probe? Is the probe just in the vicinity of the cooling fins so sensing the air temp behind the top vent or is it actually between 2 fins thus taking the temperature of the fins themselves. 2. What temperature is the trigger point set at. Obviously the air temp will be lower than the actual fin temp. I know that the max chill performance of these absorption fridges is about 30c below ambient. Appreciate any guidance I can get.
  10. I have a 556-6 (2004) and agree with Jaydug except for reference to the zig unit in the overhead locker. Mine does not have that and there is no voltmeter either just a couple of switches behind a small door fitted under the OS front bench seat. The one nearest the front of the van (green led) turns on the 12v (whether or not mains is connected) and the rearmost one turns on the pump (red led). Breakers for various items (fridge, heater etc) are below the switches. Lights and the heater fan always run off 12v. so don't leave the heater fan switched on after using the heater on gas unless you want a flat battery. Don't ask how I know. The only stupid question is the one you do not ask. Always happy to help as I've got to know my van pretty well over the past 4 years.
  11. To answer points raised. Yes we do go off grid, hence 12v is the default option. I have an inverter but its a cheapie and not too efficient so a bit heavy on the battery. Yes we could plug into the radio speakers-if we had a radio. We use the radio stations on the TV usually.
  12. Thanks. I'll check it out at our local Aldi.
  13. For a few years now, we have been using a cheap 16" Currys TV in the van. It worked off 12 v and was fine until I made a schoolboy error and managed to burn it out. So in the market for a replacement 22" unit which also must work off 12v. There are some makes which highlight 12v input for vans etc and others which are mains powered but via a 240/12v adapter which you can then cut off for permanent 12v operation. (This is how the Currys set worked for years) I've read up on Avtex which are a bit out of my price range and Cello which have a number of negative reviews for poor sound and limited viewing angle, although this is no doubt subjective . Difficult to tell if other makes work via an adapter or direct mains without seeing them. Been into Currys and other High St retailers but smallest size is now 24-32 inches, nothing smaller. . What make/model do you all use and can anyone recommend a 22" unit with a decent viewing angle and sound. Then need to find a retailer. Thanks for any help.
  14. I too have had a kojack fitted to my Avondale. I relocated the drain points a couple of inches to the rear to give clear access to the jacking point. Motor mover is at the front of the wheel so does not interfere. Made life much, much easier when lifting the van and is worth it to me.
  15. swaggy

    SOG System

    I have seen a "SOG ventilation system" for the caravan toilet on a mate's motorhome. . It provides passive external ventilation for the cassette as well as running a fan when the blade is opened to provide negative pressure to the bowl area which, it is claimed, eliminates any odours. It is also stated that as no chemicals at all are used in the cassette then the waste is more environmentally friendly for disposal where a chemical point is not available. I have a C200 manual flush but variants are available for many different types of toilet. Has anyone had experience of such a system? I'd be interested in your comments.
  16. As someone who has a disabled wife (with a badge) and uses disabled spaces regularly whenever we shop together, I can appreciate how annoying this situation could be to a genuine person requiring a disabled space. Many times I have seen fit men and women brazenly using disabled spaces without a badge in sight and often straddling the lines, thus taking up two or more spaces, and usually the closest ones to the store entrance. This forces the genuinely disabled to park further away because of their selfishness. Having a caravan on the back obviously made an association in peoples minds hence the abuse from a position of anonymity. Also using disabled spaces just highlighted the grievance in some peoples minds, especially if they have done something similar in the past, I do not condone your actions, especially leaving the car and van there, unattended even for a short time but vile abuse on Facebook or other social media is also unacceptable. People are usually much braver on Facebook etc than they would ever be face to face. Others, who only have the details posted, will then pile in with their own moral indignation. Put it down to experience, move on and learn from it. There are much worse things that can happen than a bit of criticism on Facebook or other social media
  17. Aahh Senior moments. Will we ever grow out of them?. You've only been camping 50 years - still a young'un. Don't worry about it, glad we could help. That's what we are here for.
  18. Just had a thought. If the lower half of the pole has been pulled off with the clip still fastened, the plastic clip is left behind on the inner pole. See if the clip will slide off the pole, if it does that's what's happened. You are missing the lower half of the pole. Just tried it.
  19. Looking at the pics in Post 1, these are the side poles with the D shaped end which fit into the curved horizontal top pole. They do extend as that's how the canopy is tightened. There is only a couple of mm difference in the diameters as I'm looking at one of my poles now. Is there a plastic insert with a hole in it in the bottom of the pole? If so they do extend.
  20. Plus 2 I have the same canopy and that's what they do. The inner pole is likely corroded and stuck in the outer.
  21. I use one when towing. We use it to carry the bulky, but not too heavy, items, like tables, chairs and anything we don't need immediately to set up. Heavy items like awning and tinned food/drinks go in the car. This saves me unpacking it immediately. Once empty I take it off and store it behind the caravan (makes a handy storage box for pole bags, windbreaker, peg bag/hammer etc). I then have no height issues to remember. Before anyone asks, it is secured with a security leash to the chassis. I also carry a small set of steps as I can't reach it otherwise. Don't really know its there with the van on the back. Works for us!
  22. We are currently in the 2nd week of a trip away in Norfolk with our 8 yr old grandaughter. Its the one 2 one attention they remember. Let them help with the "caravan jobs" (water, waste etc,) walk, climb trees, fly kites, explore, spot wildlife, anything different from when at home. Despite more than 60 years age difference, everybody wins. We (and they) love it and she sleeps like a log every night.
  23. I have exactly the same van and found the sides under the rear bunk. Very simple construction with a hinge in the centre which enables them to fold when not in use. If you need dimensions etc, myself or someone else can post them. An hour's work or so to knock a set up.
  24. I am assuming that a 240v hookup connection is not available otherwise I am sure you would just use that. So Matelodave 's suggestion is the easiest and most stable to cope with 12v load variations.
  25. Yes I know that would be a solution but I'm trying to help out a friend and it seems a shame to dump a perfectly good container for the want of a handle.
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